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Morally wrong but politically right.
Morally wrong but politically right.
Morally wrong but politically right.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Jaysen on

      Any plan for expansion?

    2. Missing avatar

      Lim Toh Han on

      Hi, I'm backer 503. I've not received mine yet. No one from delivery has contacted me. Please advise

    3. Aaron on

      Hi! Backer 2,222 here. I've replied the survey (really) late, sorry, and I haven't received mine. Just enquiring.

    4. Missing avatar

      Fong Shean Tyng on

      Hello Yong, Shean Tyng (backer 1901) again. I have just received my set today but i only got 1 instead of 3 sets. I have called Playnation and spoke to Kenny. Hope you can help me sort it out. Thank u!

    5. Missing avatar

      Chin Hao on

      Hello, I am backer Hello, I am backer 1,722. Just realised I've haven't received my set till now. Hope I can receive it soon. Thank you! :)

    6. Missing avatar

      Fong Shean Tyng on

      Hello, I am backer 1901. I have pledged 3 sets and I have submitted my response address response late (on 25 April). I set the address as my dad's office and have not received the package. I hope you will still be sending to me or let me know how I can self collect. Thank you!

    7. Keith Chia on

      Thanks for resending the package bro, jin steady!

    8. Missing avatar

      Lim Toh Han on

      Hi, I know I replied late and I'm sorry about that. But nothing at all has happened for the past 14 days. When can I get lah sial?

    9. Missing avatar

      Chua Han Theng (Jason) on

      Hi, I have yet to receive an update on the tracking number for the parcel and delivery status.

    10. Keith Chia on

      Hi I haven't received my set till now, even though I've submitted address and number. Would like an update on this.

    11. Missing avatar

      Jia Min on

      Hi. I have filled up my particulars but have not received the set. Not sure if i am included in the second wave.

    12. Phua Jun Han on

      Hi I filled in all my details but have not received my set yet. Nobody contacted me or anything as well.

    13. Missing avatar

      Joe on

      I am not sure if i have updated the address. Can help me check?

    14. Tan Ah Choon on

      Hi, received my box of 3 but only 2 boxes had the expansion and stickers. Can the creator kindly help me rectify the problem?

    15. Missing avatar

      Yap Kelvin on

      I still haven't receive my order and have no way of contacting delivery uncle.

    16. Missing avatar

      Seah Yew Ngee on

      Kembangan/singapore backer here. No package received even though there's always someone home.

    17. YONG Creator on

      Hi guys, will be sending out an update for international delivery today!

    18. Missing avatar

      Chua Han Theng (Jason) on

      No sign of news or update for delivery to Malaysia and other International backers too.

    19. Missing avatar

      Lok Lok on

      I live in Moscow, Russia. I havent receive any calls or message and its already 18/4/17.

    20. Missing avatar

      Gabriel Leow Collaborator on


      Thank you for your feedback. We will forward your comments to the TaQbin team. On a separate issue, I actually recommend keeping the sleeves on and switching the box to a Daiso plastic box. That way everything lasts much longer!

    21. Jackson See on

      Got my set finally!!!!!
      Gonna take my time to take a look at the cards!

    22. Missing avatar

      Mandy on

      Just to feedback, I got my game on good friday after I had wrote in and called TaQbin to complain on Thu about their inability to deliver on time.

      1st delivery (Tues) I was not in so can't complain, but to fail on the 2nd pre-arranged delivery (Thu) got me angry because I had to stay home from 9am to 8pm, but at 7.30pm (thu) to get a failed delivery notice when no one came was frustrating. 1st call with the customer service tell me only can deliver on Sat because Fri was PH. So I expressed my displease to them, suay to the deliveryman, but they called me back on Good Friday to deliver it to me in the afternoon around 4pm (someone in the house received it because I wasn't at home). So it did appease my anger abit.

      Will find a chance to play the game. Just finish sleeving them and they can't fit into the box. Now thinking if I should desleeve them instead or to buy a new storage box...

    23. Zheng Hong Xi on

      Hey creator any possibility to share the art work for the box? I added card sleeves and the original box is too small to hold all of them

    24. YONG Creator on

      Just a minor update on delivery!

      Ta-Q-Bin notified us that there are a few orders they're delayed on. They will be sent on on Saturday, but that isn't the last day for delivery!

      They will continue shipping out, for failed deliveries, etc. So don't worry, you'll get your game one way or another!

    25. Missing avatar

      Gabriel Leow Collaborator on

      @ Talking Toes.

      We appreciate all feedback and we are sorry to have not been able to meet your expectation. As far as the fulfilment is concerned, there are indeed many areas of improvements that we identified (if we ever do this again). For starters it is actually very expensive to pack every single item and have them sent to our backers.

      After accounting for kickstarter fees, we collect $6.40 from every backer for delivery. However, the cost of the mailing box, packing the product and having it couriered to each backer adds up to approximately $10 each. I have no reason to make this up. at a very early stage, we decided it is worth our while to subsidize part of the delivery fee to get the products to our backers asap.

      For various reasons, we decided to go for the courier route instead of mass mailing it via Singpost, a few of the includes:

      1. We did not have the manpower to mail out 2200 parcels by ourselves.
      2. The product is too large to be dropped into mailboxes and thus have to be delivered to door. that means the same issues of failed deliveries are still going to keep happening.
      3. When we contacted Singpost to assist us for the delivery of this project, they basically directed us from 1 department to another and no one wanted to take on the job. : (
      4. In the event, of any failed delivery or disputes, is also means we will have to go to signpost customer service to resolve. Life is too short for that.

      In terms of delivery timeline, the original goal was to have all our backers receive the product 1 week before the commercial release to retailers. However, what we did not expect was that when our cargo was shipped in to Singapore port, the cargo was held up in the port for almost 1 week as well and we weren't able to start delivery. We had to work a new schedule out with our logistics partner and they very gamely took on the challenge to double the daily delivery quota to deliver as many parcel as they can before the long weekend.

      Along the way, there were a few backers who was not able to pick up the product when the delivery showed up at their homes. Re-delivery will be made to these backers as well as other backers who have yet to receive the product. I need to stress once again, we are committed to send out all the items asap. Delivery will commence immediately tomorrow and we are expecting all deliveries to be completed early next week.

      In terms of the product differentiation between a Kickstarter backer vs general retail, every KS backer will receive the core game + KS community card packs + Sticker pack. On the other hand, retail copies will in most cases contain only the core game.

      While it is true that we did send out some of the KS community card packs to our retailers too, the numbers are extremely limited.

      With the benefit of hindsight, we now know better and will look to prepare for retailers exclusive/add-ons which will be separate items from the KS sets.

      While we try very hard to satisfy the expectations put on our shoulders, one cannot try new things without screwing up some places. We learnt a lot from the experience and if given the chance, will try to improve ourselves for future project. I understand if you get pissed off, but I hope I have done enough to undo a little of the bad vibe.

      Today is Good Friday leh, you have no choice but to forgive us. LOL. Seriously though, we are sorry to disappoint you and will take your feedback seriously.

      Have a great weekend!

    26. Talking Toes on

      I'll be honest. I think 7 bucks delivery is ridiculous, and even when there is no tracking number. You're selling at the same price as what you are retailing now, so whats the meaning of us backing on Kickstarter? We believe in a concept and as early adopters I believe there still should be a slightly better deal. It's my own personal opinion as a avid Kickstarter fan. Slightly disappointing.

      Great idea and concept no doubt but the backend planning could have been better.

    27. Jackson See on

      Tampines backer here. Also haven receive my set and so far no calls or anything leh

    28. Missing avatar

      Lok Lok on

      Im in Moscow, Russia. I haven't received any calls or emails yet =(
      Help !!

    29. Missing avatar

      Desmond Goh Hong Wei on

      Sembawang bo leh:((((( must be because of yishun wall la

    30. Missing avatar

      Mandy on

      Houganh here havent receive? This is the second time failed delivery (first time bo lang at home on Tues) and today I have been at home waiting at the door since 9AM for delivery uncle!!!


      This is very disappointing. Had hoped to play the game tomorrow cus PH but have to cancel session liao.

    31. Tan Xin YI on

      Ok I retract my statements, just recieved the cards and I'm so excited!! You know the feeling when you open a new box is damn shiok! �
      Also, the delivery guy was so interested in the white boxes he was delivering so I introduced him the game. Cool guy for a delivery man. :)
      Thanks for making the game!!

    32. Tan Xin YI on

      Is it cause we Westsiders they think need take passport go through customs to deliver? Haven't seen any delivery guy or received any messages till this day. Cries... Why liddat T.T

    33. Missing avatar

      Leshon Lee on

      Hi I was really excited when my cards arrived! But one of my cards from the extension pack was bent until the white line can be seen in the black background of the card:( hope y'all can contact me back to rectify this problem! Thanks!

    34. Choo Hong Lee on

      Received mine @ Jurong yesterday!

    35. Missing avatar

      Connie Yeoh on

      Delivery uncle really go by mood siahz. Yesterday mrning called me claiming qtat item will b delivered at ard 6pm to 8pm. Now nxt day 8.15am still no sight. Mayb he is looking at US timing loh.

    36. Missing avatar

      Isabelle Tsan on

      Probably one of the suay-est last few backers to be still missing the set. Yio Chu Kang-er here. Why P Kong/Ti Gong (whichever la) no bless me?

    37. Dom Heng on

      Anyone in the west received their sets? Have not gotten any sms nor calls to say delivery is done.

    38. Missing avatar

      Mark Koo on

      Still don't have. =(

    39. YONG Creator on

      Hi guys just hang on tight, the remaining people who've yet to receive their sets will likely get them by tomorrow!

    40. Missing avatar

      ng wan wen on

      Woodlander here and yet still havent receive yet :/

    41. Kartina Yahya on

      Still haven't get... I must be suay. Who ask me live near Yishun

      I double and triple check my add and contact should be correct.. didn't get any sms D:

    42. Wong Yong Han on

      Received it today !!!

    43. Missing avatar

      Paul on

      Mine just arrived - looks great and can't wait to play. Thanks for a great game and kickstarter!

    44. Luke Chua on

      haven't gotten mine either and i got put number as well. Hai. still waiting

    45. Lester Chan on

      Received it on 7th April! Took some unboxing pictures for those who are interested:

    46. Missing avatar

      Jaron Hwee on

      Limbei haben receive yet. Sian . ...

    47. Missing avatar

      Emery Goh on

      Thanks Gabriel for the update, however, something is just not right. Based on your representation if it is because of backers' number, mine was 1032, i should have received my set already. However, this isn't the case. looking at update 16, calculating the number of sets delivered, 1,300++ sets has also been delivered with the remaining 300 plus sets pending delivery. maybe my maths is no good... maybe you should look into it again.

    48. Ivan Lim on

      Phew!!! thanks for letting us know!! I was starting to get worried that my is lost in transit :P

    49. Debby Ong on

      Is it cause the delivery address is Yishun so the Ta-Q-Bin uncle a bit scared. HAHA should have entered my Friend's address :(

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