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A straightforward, always-free tool to instantly create simple and beautiful Craigslist ads.
A straightforward, always-free tool to instantly create simple and beautiful Craigslist ads.
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Recent updates

Thanks for all the support!

We've been incorporating a lot of your feedback, thanks everyone who has sent in suggestions! 

We created a quick video as well that you can share with your friends and colleagues:

Once again, a huge thanks from the Biddenly team for your help in bringing beautiful Craigslist ads to the world!

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New Updates!

The Biddenly team is moving right along with upgrades and bug fixes!

We now tell you immediately when you are about to make an error and when there is information we need that you have not filled out.

Other v1.2 Bug Fixes/Updates:

  • The website is wider format to accomodate those on larger monitors
  • “Available date” and “open house date” field have been simplified. Simply click the field and the calendar will drop down, allowing you to click on your desired date.
  • The map image on your listing now links to the corresponding Google Map page

We are still working hard to fix any remaining bugs we’ve found so thank you for your valuable feedback and we encourage you to keep e-mailing us with bugs or suggestions at INFO @

To login and use Biddenly head over to:
password: kickstarter23

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Biddenly beta v1.1 is live!

Track our progress on our blog:

A huge thanks to our Kickstarter backers and we are asking that give us feedback on what parts of the service we can improve on. E-mail any bugs or suggestions you find to and we will look into it.

Also, we are now granting broader access to our beta. Please share this service with others that might find it useful! We’d love to get more feedback to make Biddenly better.

To login, visit and access the beta by typing in the password: kickstarter23

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You've been granted access to the beta


For backers only. If you're a backer of this project, please log in to read this post. beta is now live!

Thank you so much for your patience and support on this project.

As of today, we’re opening up the beta version of our site for you to try. For all our awesome Kickstarter donors, we've messaged you individually with your login details to start using immediately.

We’re still excited about this project, even though we’ve been humbled by the amount of work it took to get here. It’s truly amazing how much work it takes to build something when you’re trying to make it simple.

We’re not stopping here. We’ve got a few more things up our sleeves, but a lot of where we go next will come from you. So please try our site, and let us know what you think! You can send us feedback directly at

Thanks a million,
The Biddenly team

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