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Raising funds to upgrade the Whiskerino server for optimal performance and better enjoyment for all involved. Fund overages donated to charity.
103 backers pledged $2,420 to help bring this project to life.
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Whiskerino is a four month long beard growing "competition" in which users sign up, shave clean, and track their progress of beard growth through the next 120 days. The premise of the site is a misnomer as, overall, the growing of a beard is only a conduit to inspire creative photography and comradery amongst users on

Many users have found legitimate long term friends through the site resulting in an endless amount of exterior creative projects. Short films have been created, photographic essays, documentaries, and countless unknown other endeavors. In short, Whiskerino is a creative endeavor that has also spawned loads of other creative endeavors. It's a win / win for everyone.

All that being said, Whiskerino 2009 has had an overwhelming number of participants sign up this year and the server is incapable of keeping up. We need an upgrade - both to the web server and adding a dedicated MySQL machine. This will enhance the performance of the site and allow for the connections to be made that fuel so many creative minds and projects.

Currently the site is hosted on the Dreamhost PS service and, with the optimum configuration, would cost $500 a month. This is not a cost I can pay out of my own pocket and am reaching out to the community to help pay for this. While this costs sounds high at first it is fairly standard pricing amongst the dedicated server world.

Once the money is raised I will be able to activate the dedicated MySQL server and upgrade the web server. Any additional monies raised will be given to a charity at the end of Whiskerino (Feb 2010).

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