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A fresh new sex comedy from the creators of COLMA: THE MUSICAL; starring Lynn Chen, Parry Shen and Sheetal Sheth. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on October 3, 2011.

A fresh new sex comedy from the creators of COLMA: THE MUSICAL; starring Lynn Chen, Parry Shen and Sheetal Sheth.

Richard Wong
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UPDATE: Thank you to everybody that helped us reach our initial goal of $10,000!  Through everyone's support, we've been able to get through a good amount of post-production - and now we are preparing for a very important pick-up shoot.  With just a couple weeks left in our campaign, let's see if we can raise $15,000 - every dollar we raise will go toward travel and production costs for these key scenes just in time for the fall festival deadlines.  Thanks again!

Like you don't think about it.

The Project: Calling all friends and lovers - help us bring YES, WE'RE OPEN to a festival near you! The fourth feature film collaboration between director Richard Wong and writer H.P. Mendoza, YES, WE'RE OPEN was filmed on an ultra microbudget over 16 days in the San Francisco Bay Area. Motivated by the script's refreshing fun take on love, sex, and weird food, this project could not have been possible without the combined efforts of an awesome cast, a stellar crew, and an incredible community of supporters.  Currently in post-production, your contribution will help us complete a strong rough cut just in time for major film festival submissions this fall, as well as publicity costs. For more information, feel free to contact us at yeswereopenfilm (at) gmail. Thanks for your support! 

Yes, We're Open | @yeswereopenfilm 

The Story: LUKE and SYLVIA are the very models of modern individuals in a metropolitan relationship. Enter ELENA and RONALD, the free spirited polyamorous couple who are hellbent on getting LUKE and SYLVIA into bed. A fun slice of liberal San Francisco life told as a sex comedy, but much more sophisticated than a bedroom farce, YES, WE'RE OPEN throws our unlikely heroes Luke and Sylvia into a hotbed of sex, jealousy, politics, sexual jealousy, sexual politics, sex and sex. And if they all play their cards right, there might even be some sex somewhere along the way.

LYNN CHEN (Sylvia): Lynn Chenis best-known for playing "Vivian Shing" in Sony Pictures Classic's feature film SAVING FACE, a role she won the "Outstanding Newcomer Award" for at the 2006 Asian Excellence Awards. Since then she has appeared in over a dozen films, most recently starring in WHITE ON RICE, THE PEOPLE I'VE SLEPT WITH, and the upcoming SURROGATE VALENTINE... more info

PARRY SHEN (Luke): Ever since Parry Shen’s breakout performance in MTV Films’ BETTER LUCK TOMORROW, leading a group of over-achieving honor roll students into a downward spiral of crime, Parry has continued to showcase his wide range from Columbia Pictures’ comedy, THE NEW GUY to the HATCHET horror franchise. Currently working on Secret Identities, Vol 2: Shattered and his new animated pilot, THE DIM SUM GANG... more info  

SHEETAL SHETH (Elena): Sheetal Sheth burst onto the scene with raves in her debut film, playing the lead in ABCD- a risky, memorable, and controversial role as a promiscuous young girl struggling with the ties of family and tradition. Since then, Sheetal has developed a reputation as a consummate professional with an unmatched work ethic and critical eye when choosing projects.  She has starred in over 15 feature films; her latest films include THREE VEILS, STALEMATE, and REIGN which teamed her with Oscar nominated DP, Jack Green and director Kimberly Jentzen... more info

RICHARD WONG (Director) is a Spirit Award nominated director and cinematographer who has worked on independent films such as Wayne Wang’s SNOW FLOWER AND THE SECRET FAN, THE PRINCESS OF NEBRASKA, FRUIT FLY, and COLMA: THE MUSICAL. COLMA: THE MUSICAL was also Wong’s breakout full length motion picture directorial debut, and it earned him a nomination from the Gotham Awards for the Best Film Not Playing at a Theater Near You Award, a nomination from the Spirit Awards for the Someone to Watch Award, and a special citation from San Francisco Film Critics Circle... more info

H.P. MENDOZA (Writer) is an award-winning writer-director, and singer-songwriter based in San Francisco. His screenplay and music for 2006′s COLMA: THE MUSICAL won him and director Richard Wong the Special Jury Prizes at both Los Angeles and San Francisco’s Asian American Film Festivals. He was also listed in 2006′s Top 15 Creative Talents according to UCLA Asia Pacific Arts. In 2007, he teamed up with Wong again to create the experimental film OPTION 3 for which he and Wong received a Technical Achievement Award from the L.A. Asian Film Festival. For 2009, Mendoza donned the director’s cap and created FRUIT FLY, a film which won the Audience Award at SFIAAFF as well as the Best Picture award at the Fort Worth LGBT Film Festival. In 2011, Mendoza plans to direct three feature films, back-to-back, one of them being a horror movie called I AM A GHOST... more info


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