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Update #4

Fall Winter 2010 VIDEO LOOK has been released!


My goodness already! The video is too massive to be uploaded to Kickstarter - but check it out

and if you like to tumbl check it here

Going strong everybody! Thanks for all the support.


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    Welcome to the super secret VIP Mailing list! You'll be able to get advanced notice on all limited edition items and special pieces

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    Yeah! We'll send you a one of a kind inspirational sketch directly out of Molly's notebook.

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    We're honored that you're so willing to join the team! You and a date will be invited to our New York Fashion Week presentation and party where we will showcase the new line.

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    Okay now it heats up for real! You will receive a customized fascinator head piece from the new Fall line! (and an invite to the Fashion Week show)

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    Wow okay this is great. For those who have wanted a hat, and wanted to help our company grow, with this pledge you will receive a hand blocked hat off of the Yestadt Millinery Classics collection and we'll post a picture of you modeling it on our super blog! ( And get this! Molly will personally bake you a batch of cookies and send them directly to you!

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    Welcome to the true millinery experience. We will customize a hand made hat perfectly tailored just for you. To celebrate this experience you will also get drinks on us at (one of the cities of the moment establishments) And we will name a hat in your honor in the next collection! Think of the glory!

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    This is pretty rad. We were able to keep two hats from our super exclusive collaboration with Henri Bendels. Only seven of these were ever made - so the opportunity for two of them is pretty rare. You'll also get a hat named for you as well as drinks on us and an evening of hangin. Glory and amazingly rare hat opportunities.

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    Besides several moments of spiritual harmony, you'll get everything above PLUS a private consultation on your own custom hat plus a craft workshop complete with food and drink pairings.

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