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$51.00 pledged of $200 goal


Maybe it’s my lack of resistance for a design challenge or just good timing, but the Kiddie Version of the Goal Journal is underway.

Yes, I’m launching this project before it's totally ready. Thanks to Kickstarter for the kick-in-the-pants (and I hope you got the pun in my video :-D).

So a Kiddie Version huh?

For those who know me, even a little, know that I have the most amazing nephews and god-daughters, and I’ve worked with kids since my teens. I definitely hold a space for them because I’ve been blessed to have some caring, giving adults bless me with positive life lessons while growing up.

Production from my last Kickstarter. Thanks again for your support.
Production from my last Kickstarter. Thanks again for your support.


While working on the Goal Journals (pictured above), I held the idea of doing something for kids, because I want the amazing little people in my life to be uber successful at their lives. Plus, pursing and achieving goals provides happiness for kids too. Then Kickstarter launched an “All in 1” campaign for March. It was the ideal restriction* for me to move forward with the design of the Kiddie Version.

The Goal Journal: Kiddie Version has no age restriction on it. While I believe that age 14 and over can use the adult Goal Journal, as the parent, it is up to you to understanding where your child is in their development and then incorporate the appropriate tools…and that sounds way more complicated than this journal is. I’m still keeping ‘SIMPLE’ as my M.O. so there will be parental instructions included. I’ve tested this with my nephews ranging in age from 4 to 10. Below is a peak at a couple of the pages (subject to change). I will share more as it develops.

Hashing initial design ideas - keeping it simple and fun for the kiddies.
Hashing initial design ideas - keeping it simple and fun for the kiddies.


One of the biggest decisions that came out of that ‘restriction’ is that it will be a digital product so you can print and work on one goal after the next and replace the sections as needed. You'll be giving exceptional value to your kid whether working on a goal for the month or the school year. 

The projected time line is:

Kickstarter campaign 3/20 - 3/27/17 (only 1 week)*

Delivery of final product by 4/12/17.

We know how quickly kids grow out of clothes, or if their like one of my nephews, you can identify his pants by the holes in the knees. But with this Goal Journal, your child will be growing into the habit of achievement. And remember, pursing goals is proven to increase our happiness. Best. Investment. EVER!

Please comment on the project with any questions you have. Someone else may be thinking it but too shy to ask.

*Restrictions based on the Kickstarter #allin1 campaign can be found here - https://www.kickstarter.com/allin1.

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