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Greedy financiers and corporations have robbed us and played with our money: Now we can play with them–using this deck of cards.

Greedy financiers and corporations have robbed us and played with our money: Now we can play with them–using this deck of cards. Read more

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Greedy financiers and corporations have robbed us and played with our money: Now we can play with them–using this deck of cards.

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#OccupyWallStreet Playing Cards

You’ve been robbed by the banks, foreclosed on, and stuffed into a locker full of debt, but you still can’t pick the perpetrators of the country’s financial collapse out of a lineup?

That is all about to change thanks to the #OccupyWallStreet Playing Cards. Now, you can identify the bad guys and make the citizen arrests we desperately need.


This deck of handsome, professional quality, poker-sized playing cards contains images of America’s most hideous Robber Barons, Wall Street financiers and tax-dodging, wage-crushing Corporations. It also features facts and background on how these notable members of the evil 1% have done our nation wrong. It’s a study guide, a novelty game, and a tool for getting to know who we’re up against all in one.

All donations go directly to the cost of printing the cards, delivering them to you, and distributing hundreds of free decks to occupiers WORLDWIDE. When you donate to make this project happen, you get rewarded not only with your #OccupyWallStreet playing cards -- which will be mailed in time for the holiday season -- but with a sense of pride having helped spread the message of the 99% far and wide.

The genesis of the Audacity of Greed deck was the corporate welfare project of the Job Party, started in 2010 to demand a 21st Century nationwide jobs program.  The deck was designed by Just Hit Send. The images of all 52 cards are available for download at the Audacity of Greed website (they are also listed below). When we at the Yes Lab saw the cards on the AoG website, we couldn’t believe they weren’t in print, so we asked if the Job Party would be game to team up with the #OccupyWallStreet movement and Occupy the Boardroom to have 10,000 decks printed.  They were.  Now, we just need one thing: your help to raise the $16,000 it costs to print and distribute them to protesters around the world.


  • A of Clubs - Rupert Murdoch
  • A of Diamonds - Bank of America
  • A of Hearts - Goldman Sachs
  • A of Spades - Wal-Mart
  • K of Clubs - Charles and David Koch
  • K of Diamonds - Citibank
  • K of Hearts - Lloyd Blankfein
  • K of Spades - John Paulson
  • Q of Clubs - Stephen Schwartzman
  • Q of Diamonds - Steve Cohen
  • Q of Hearts - Ray Irani
  • Q of Spades - Angelo Mozilo
  • J of Clubs - Pete Peterson
  • J of Diamonds - David Rubenstein
  • J of Hearts - Kenneth Lewis
  • J of Spades - Vikram Pandit
  • 10 of Clubs - Morgan Stanley
  • 10 of Diamonds - Wells Fargo
  • 10 of Hearts - Jamie Dimon
  • 10 of Spades - Henry Kravis
  • 9 of Clubs - Boeing
  • 9 of Diamonds - Bloated Defense
  • 9 of Hearts - AIG
  • 9 of Spades - General Dynamics
  • 8 of Clubs - Stanley O’Neal
  • 8 of Diamonds - Merrill Lynch
  • 8 of Hearts - Robert Rubin
  • 8 of Spades - The Mars Family
  • 7 of Clubs - Kerry Killinger
  • 7 of Diamonds - Ken Thompson
  • 7 of Hearts - Edwin Crawford
  • 7 of Spades - Brian Roberts
  • 6 of Clubs - David Cordani
  • 6 of Diamonds - John Strangfeld
  • 6 of Hearts - Pfizer
  • 6 of Spades - Mark Bertolini
  • 5 of Clubs - D.L. Blankenship
  • 5 of Diamonds - Verizon
  • 5 of Hearts - Big Oil
  • 5 of Spades - Exxon Mobil
  • 4 of Clubs - Arianna Huffington
  • 4 of Diamonds - General Electric
  • 4 of Hearts - Fred Smith
  • 4 of Spades - Dow Chemical
  • 3 of Clubs - Ballner and Bezos
  • 3 of Diamonds - Tom Donohue
  • 3 of Hearts - Big Media
  • 3 of Spades - Larry Ellison
  • 2 of Clubs - Phil Knight
  • 2 of Diamons - Irwin Jacobs
  • 2 of Hearts - Mark Hurd
  • 2 of Spades - Ron Perelman

Original concept and creation by: Job Party


Printers: GM Printing in Queens, NYC small business certified by the Minority Supplier Development Council. They are not a union printer: we tried to find a local union printer but could not for this particular job and turnaround time.


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    Positive vibes! You've sponsored the release of one #OccupyWallStreet deck into the wild.

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    You get one (1) deck of #OccupyWallStreet playing cards featuring the 52 most hideous, most wanted members of the 1%. Study them. Know your enemy. Plus, your donation will pay for SIX MORE decks to be printed and released into the wild!

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    You get two (2) decks of #OccupyWallStreet playing cards. Now, you and a friend can get to know the evil 1% together AND you will have created 10 MORE DECKS for the rest of the 99%.

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    You get six (6) decks of #OccupyWallStreet playing cards. This is class warfare fun for the whole family (they do make great stocking stuffers!). Congrats, you’ve also subsidized the production of twenty-five (25) more decks to be given out to protestors WORLDWIDE.

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    You get fifteen (15) decks of #OccupyWallStreet playing cards, one for you and fourteen for your favorite 99 percents (co-workers? classmates? bowling team?). Thanks to you, seventy (70) more decks are going to find their way onto the streets.

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    You get one hundred (100) decks of #OccupyWallStreet playing cards, enough to a) blanket the neighborhood of your least favorite CEO b) pass out to every member of your local union, or c) start a pretty sweet anti-corporate casino (...not a sanctioned use!).

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    You are the ultimate class warrior. You get three hundred (300) decks of #OccupyWallStreet playing cards and you’ve given Santa -– and all of his unionized elves -– 99% of a day off.

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    You are the voice of the people. You get four hundred (400) decks of #OccupyWallStreet playing cards, enough to gift an entire city’s occupation, and the designer of the deck, Just Hit Send, will work with you to create your very own protest poster, campaign logo, or other graphic design with which your very own movement can be rallied. Content is king. And the time is now.

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