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PrioVR Development Update

Posted by YEI Technology (Creator)

Hi Everyone

We would like to apologize to you, our backers, for our recent lack of updates. You have been asking about production updates and timelines, and rightly so. In May we announced that we would not hit the original June shipping date. At the time, we didn’t have a specific shipping date, but indicated it would be close to the end of the year. We came to the realization, following the Kickstarter, that there was more to getting the suit to market than we had first calculated. How did we not know this in advance you may ask? The simple truth is we were naive and despite having years of experience selling high-tech sensor solutions to our existing customer base, PrioVR required a radically different approach. When we set our initial ship date we were unaware of many of the additional complications that would arise.

Over the past few months, we have been iterating on the final suit design to make it more manufacturable, more durable and to accommodate a large variety of body shapes and sizes. This last point in particular has sent us back to the drawing board numerous times to find a good trade-off between comfort and adjustability. This is our first time with large-scale manufacturing involving diverse components including textiles. As a small company, we’ve come a long way from manufacturing limited hand-crafted suits in our basement and we’re excited to see the progress we’ve made taking shape in the final product.

The PrioVR prototype used 3rd party Wii nunchucks for the hand controllers but, as promised in our stretch goals, we will be shipping with custom PrioVR hand controllers. This has required an entirely new system to be developed as well as new firmware, a full industrial design from concept to manufacturing specification and component sourcing. Once this decision was made, there was no turning back as we had to remove the original connectors for the Wii controllers from the suit. This has added substantial time over the past few months, but we feel confident the end result will be worth the effort.

We have been pushing hard to make our end-of-year commitment, but we have to acknowledge now that this is unrealistic. We don’t want to incrementally push out our dates knowing that we will have to revise as new complications come long. Our goal remains to deliver a high-quality product as soon as we possibly can. Given what we’ve learned, early 2015 is our realistic estimate. We will absolutely get them done and every one of you will receive your suit. We said we would and we will. Period.

Our community of supporters is incredibly important to us. We thank you deeply for your continued patience and for keeping us accountable. You have provided us with the means to make this product a reality and we want PrioVR to give you the experience you deserve.


Are you going to produce a glove? 

We do plan on producing a glove for PrioVR. Our first priority is to ship suits to our Kickstarter backers and pre-order customers and that is our primary focus right now. Any glove that we design will be completely compatible with the PrioVR suit model that we ship to our backers and will be available as an upgrade. We don’t have any further details on the project at this stage that we can share.

Are you going to support Gear VR? 

Supporting VR input on a variety of platforms, including Gear VR, is certainly something that is very important to us, and we are investigating this, but right now we're focusing our energy on getting the first version of the suits made.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Timothy on

      As soon as I saw the latest "PRIOVR UPDATE" email pop up in my inbox, I didn't even have to read it to know it was another delay, so this was not a surprise.... ...Almost every Kickstarter is the same, regardless of whatever the product is. Ship dates are made way too early on purpose to get more backers. (It's pretty much the reason I did, since I thought I'd have a suit by the time my DK2 arrived, otherwise i would've just waited until the consumer version, which...when you think about it, I kinda still am now). .If they had actually used a 2015 shipping date from the beginning, many people wouldn't never contributed.

    2. David Mulder on

      The shipping delays and your overconfident statements during the campaign (read the second paragraph under the risks and challenges header) are one thing, but the far bigger problem is that you guys are communicating so poorly as well. If you could get that up I do think that your backers would be a lot more happy with your work. I don't know, if it's really that hard to think of stuff to write about then maybe it's an idea to set up a weekly lunch hangout. Costs you guys just half an hour (and it actually can be a lot of fun as well) and you can just discuss the work you do and stuff. Only important thing is to spend a meeting deciding on which topics are 'taboo' if that hasn't been decided yet for conferences and stuff, but that's not a big deal either.

    3. Thomas on

      @Nadim: With any new product, the development prototype is quite far from the mass-produced version.

    4. Missing avatar

      Random Internet Person on

      Thanks for the update, hope we get to see some pictures of how the suits and controllers are coming along!

    5. Nadim Alam on

      Well what a letdown!

      This was not expected at all, ok the first delay was bare able. But during the KS you guys sounded like you were on the ball, knew what you were doing, and almost had the project ready for release. Right now however, you sound like a bunch of immature inexperienced hobbyists, trying to create something that you had no idea about in the first place and hoping that it all fit together!

      Sorry to sound so harsh, but going by your words it doesn't sound like we are going to receive this in the next year even. Im expecting June 2015 if at all!

      You go ahead and say that you have experience releasing products already, to be honest it sounds like quite the opposite right now. You guys should really learn from Project Perception Neuron, yes he is only getting started - but i can almost guarantee that we will get that project released much before this one! Not only your updates have stopped, but so has your progress and demos.

      Please start releasing demos videos of the suit in action more often, so we can see progress coming along.

      Best of luck and we just all hope you know what you are doing!

    6. David Hothersall on

      This is the problem with Kickstarter and technology projects, everything is laid bare and open to scrutiny. In the past when projects were self or traditionally funded these delays and re-designs were hidden from view and when teh product was ready it was launched.

      I think issues have arisen here and I think they've actually responded to the requests of their backers with regards to the fit and form of the suits and controllers so from that point of view I think they've acted responsibly.
      I imagine they've been naive in thinking the step from producing sets of straps and sensors for their professional users to a 'consumer' product was going to be straightforward and discovered the amount of work was 10x what they estimated.

      I agree their feedback could much much better but suggesting they're going to run out of funding is equally naive. If you research(ed) the company they have been around for a good while in this business and I doubt very much that they're surviving just on the monies raised from this KS.

      I'm amazed at the lack of faith displayed by some backers in these sort of projects and if you can't stomach the wait or risk involved in pledging then maybe they should question whether this sort of activity is really for them and they should wait until the product appears in the market.

    7. Missing avatar

      Peter Tiedemann on

      I never expect a kickstarter to deliver on time (especially technology projects), but i do get worried when it is necessary to move the deadline more than once. I can accept the additional delay, but i would very much like to see more frequent updates so that we as backers can feel confident that things are progressing.

      Perception Neuron is probably also going to get delayed, but if not and they manage to deliver before PrioVR, then it won´t look to good as they will already have a glove solution. But i guess you still have the advantage of the controllers.

    8. Benjamin Evans on

      I can understand delays based on production of a product, but seriously if you guys are STILL designing the suit and controllers 3 months after the suit was meant to be delivered, you sound like you will go broke before you can start production the product. Have you factored in the fact that you only have a limited budget to work with? If you only have $300000 to work with it will almost definitely be gone by March next year. You still haven't delivered a road map as promised just some text stating another delay. It inexperience like this that has guaranteed to me that backing kickstarters (especially over $200) is a very big mistake. If i was a betting man Perception Neuron is going to be out before your product is, based on the design being done before they start the kickstarter. Its hard to be respectful when i feel i have been robbed of $400.

    9. USM-Valor on

      People thought this project would arrive on time? Are you new to Kickstarter?

    10. Missing avatar

      Manuel Garrido on

      So i ordered the priovr and didnt add the 15$USD to ship outside of the US because, considering the expected shipping date (June 2014), i knew i would be living in the US at the delivery. If i had known the actual shipping date would be in early 2015 (7-9 months delay), i would have asked myself if backing was worth the extra 15$.

      I hope that, at least you wont be expecting backers on my situation to pay now for additional shipping expenses because of a huge underestimation of shipping dates on your end.

    11. Missing avatar

      Christopher Hawkins on

      Not cool. Just my opinion, but when you set stretch goals, you should have a plan to achieve them in a timely fashion. I'm incredibly disappointed by this announcement, and I would rather have my money back to support other similar projects, than to wait on PrioVR to deliver what they said they would 6 months (plus) after they promised it. I understand that there are sometimes complications, but his is now (for me) in the realm of incompetence. Now I'm just hoping that your product will be (after a long wait) superior to the alternatives. Others have said they don't mind the wait, but I do. If the product comes out to be better than advertised, I'll eat my words. Until then, this will be the last thing I back on Kickstarter.

    12. Missing avatar

      William on

      Transparency is great, and I appreciate the information. Would it be possible for some more pictures and videos of the YEI offices and factory? I'd like to see how everything is going on your end, and while the demo videos are okay, seeing you guys working out the bugs and actually doing anything at all apart from sitting around would be excellent.

      Thanks for your hard work, and thanks for pushing forward VR.

    13. David Hothersall on

      Thanks for the update. I guessed you'd got heavily into revising the project but good to know you're still making progress. Looking forward to this.

    14. Philip Atha on

      Honesty is the best policy, though it may make you feel miserable at first. I for one don't mind, it only means it's going to be a more perfect product. Good thing you guys surpassed your funding goal. It would be a shame if you ran into budget issues due to these setbacks.