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Immerse yourself in the future of gaming - PrioVR.
854 backers pledged $322,103 to help bring this project to life.

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September 22 2017 Update

Posted by YEI Technology (Creator)

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PrioVR Dev Kit Update

Posted by YEI Technology (Creator)

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Happy New Year! 2017 Here we come!

Posted by YEI Technology (Creator)

Hello Everyone!

We are continuing shipping the PrioVR Dev Kits out to our backers. We want to thank you all for your continued support and wonderful feedback. 

It has been awesome to hear about the various applications our backers are using the PrioVR for and hope you guys will continue to share with us! 

As we head into 2017 we want to thank you all again for helping to make this happen. Have a safe and happy New Year! 

Yost Labs

Troubleshooting Tips:

  • Make sure you are using the latest version of the PrioVR Utility. 
  • Check all your cable connections. Be careful to avoid unintentionally disconnecting your sensor cables (if all cables are connected correctly you will see the sensors LED glow when the Hub is powered on. if the LED is no longer glowing, inspect your cables and reconnect where necessary.) 
  • Each sensor is marked with an indented direction arrow. Each arrow must be pointing AWAY from the Hub. At any time, you may check to see if a particular sensor has been connected properly by powering on the Hub. When the Hub is powered on, the LED of a properly installed sensor will glow. 

 Additional Resources: PrioVR Quick Start Guide & Set Up Demonstration: 

Please send your questions and comments to for the quickest response.

November 23, 2016

Posted by YEI Technology (Creator)

Shipping: I know everyone is interested in knowing when they will receive their PrioVR Dev Kit, so our team discussed our entire process and estimated how long we thought it would take us to manufacture and ship to our backers. From that information I created a shipping schedule that is more specific so that I can address your individual inquires. To find out more about your specific ship date please send inquires to (I expect to get a lot of questions so if you would please give me a few days to respond that would be awesome.Thanks!) 

Update Schedule: We understand that our updates have been dormant and static in the past and we are working diligently to correct that. Now that we have begun shipping we want to make sure that we do better and are here to answer your questions. We will be providing a monthly update to keep everyone up with what we are doing but please contact us at anytime with questions, ideas or comments at 

Support: A backer of ours (you know who you are) made us aware of just how broken our ticket system is from the customer side. We thank you for being so patient and offering valuable suggestions. We are now actively seeking out and preparing to implement a new ticket system that will hopefully be easier for you to contact us with and for us to manage which should improving our response time. We have also put dedicated people in place to help support your projects and questions. We will keep you updated. Please submit support questions directly to for the quickest response. 


Calibration: The suit does not seem to calibrate correctly: 

  • Are you using the most up to date PrioVR Utility download 1.2.4+? To ensure that you are go to 
  • I have done the box calibration and dance calibration and the skeleton still does not mirror my movements? To completely calibrate the PrioVR Dev Kit it is important not to miss the step of going through the T-Pose. Here is a video that will direct you through that process
  • Note: When putting on the suit after box calibration be careful to avoid unintentionally disconnecting your sensor cables. To ensure each sensor is still properly communicating with the Hub, check if the sensor’s LED glows when the Hub is powered on. If the LED is no longer glowing, inspect your cables and reconnect where necessary.                                

The skeleton seems to drift or does not follow orientation: 

  • Check sensors and cables to ensure you have a good connection. You can do this by switching out the cables or sensors in question with ones you know are working correctly. If you are unable to find a faulty cable or sensor you may want to check the environment for any magnetic interference.   
  • Note: Each sensor is marked with an indented direction arrow. Each arrow must be pointing away from the Hub. 

Sensor LED reference: 

  • Yellow: Firmware Update Mode Blinking 
  • Blue: Idle Mode 
  • Blinking Blue & Green: Communicating 
  • Blinking Orange: Idle (Not connected to Hub) 
  • Blinking Red: Sensor Failure. Contact 

What can I do with the PrioVR Dev Kit? I have taken a lot of questions about what games or devices you can use with the PrioVR Dev Kit. First let me say that the PrioVR is a Dev Kit is designed for developers so the question really might be what do you want to do with it? The PrioVR suit comes with demo games so you can experience the freedom of full-body gaming immediately and our developers have been able to connect with various headsets and devices etc. but the technology provides a wide range of opportunities for any given developer. Visit the PrioVR Dev Kit download page at . Here you will find demo games available for download. Please do not actually download anything until you have your PrioVR Dev Kit in hand to ensure you are getting the most up to date information. 

Who are you? We would love to talk with you about your projects and the potential to work with you. We have been really impressed with the areas in which our backers are utilizing this technology and would love to work with you to help support your ideas. If you would like to discuss your ideas please email

Thanks everyone! 

Yost Labs

November 4 2016: Shipping update

Posted by YEI Technology (Creator)

Hello! We know that everyone who hasn't gotten a PrioVR Dev Kit yet is wondering "when will I get mine?" We are working as quickly as we can to fulfill all our orders. We acknowledge that we have failed to meet deadlines in the past but we want you to know that we are committed to you just like you have been committed to us and intend on fulfilling our commitments to all our Backers. 

Please forgive us for the pace at which we are able to ship as we are a very small company with around 12 people who are to process each order, prep components for product build, manufacture each kit, perform QC testing, prep for shipping, actual shipping, customer support & follow up and addressing any other issues that may arise. PrioVR is only one of the product lines managed by this dedicated staff, so please don't think that your questions or feedback are not important. We may be slow to respond sometimes but every ticket and comment is reviewed by our team and is part of a valuable process that will ultimately make PrioVR a much better experience for everyone.

This has been a long process, believe me we know and we appreciate the crazy patience that you have displayed in the hopes of making PrioVR a reality. Many of you are developers or researchers and have specific ideas that the PrioVR Dev Kit can help to enhance or fully develop and we know you are excited to get your Kit. As we move forward with fulfillment we would like to ask as you receive your PrioVR Dev Kits to continue providing feedback so that we may better the product. We would also love it if you would introduce us to your projects involving the PrioVR Dev Kit as we are very interested in understanding how you would like to utilize this technology.

For those of you who have received your PrioVR Dev Kits here is a video created by our team to help with set up.

To those of you who have not yet gotten your PrioVR Dev Kit, I can not ask you to be patient as you have certainly already done so. I can only tell you we are working as fast as we can and will be shipping every Backers Kit(s) as quickly as we can.

Have a great weekend!

Yost Labs