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$111,237 pledged of $225,000 goal
$111,237 pledged of $225,000 goal

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PrioVR Kickstarter II


Our new PrioVR Kickstarter campaign is now live at

Special PrioVR Relaunch Thank You


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PrioVR Kickstarter Relaunch


It’s almost time! Tomorrow, February 14th, we’ll be launching the new and improved PrioVR Kickstarter campaign at 10am EST (GMT-5). So set your alarms and get ready!

Relaunch Details


Hi all!

We are at CES 2014 this week and want to share details with you about the relaunch. You guys have been seriously awesome, and we want to make sure you get the news!

So mark your calendars; we finally set a date! 

We are going to relaunch on February 14th.

We are going to offer 3 versions of the suit: one upper body and two full body versions. All versions will ship with controllers, so you can shoot things and walk around if you would rather play from your couch.

We don't have exact prices for you yet, but the upper body option should be under $300 and the full body options should be under $400. Assuming everything goes well, we are also looking at a June 2014 delivery date for the first systems.

We are really excited and are going to keep moving forward. Thank you so much for your support and patience over the past few months. We wouldn't have made it so far without you, and we promise will keep you posted! :)

YEI Technology at the Ohio Game Developer Expo


On Saturday, December 7th, YEI Technology traveled to Columbus to participate in the Ohio Game Developer Expo at the Ohio Union at The Ohio State University. YEI Technology showcased their existing YEI 3-Space Sensor technology, some prototype PrioVR input nodes, and immersive demos. 

 Participants were able to get a taste of the fully immersive virtual reality gaming the PrioVR will offer by strapping on an upper body suit consisting of 7 Wireless 3-Space Sensors and donning an Oculus Rift to smash and shoot zombies in a modified Bootcamp Unity demo.

 Participants (of all ages) were able to try out the demos and Oculus.

Participants were amazed to see their character move in the game exactly as they moved in real life. There were certainly a lot of interesting poses throughout the day!

 For more information about YEI Technology or PrioVR, please email or send us a message!