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The story of how a gang of poets and musicians turned a pile of puppets into an internationally touring stage show.
The story of how a gang of poets and musicians turned a pile of puppets into an internationally touring stage show.
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YDRS the movie - PHOTO contest!

Hello YDRS backers.

Our latest update is below. This goes to our mailing list. We thought we would keep you in the loop by posting it here too. 


If you haven't already, please chime in on Facebook about the movie - "What do you consider essential?"


Here's a new "experimental" clip (from the cutting room floor) featuring The Sour Mash Hug Band. We've been messing around with some footage and this is what we came up with - just for fun:


Hello again friends and family of YDRS. 

You'll certainly be hearing from us more than usual during this fundraising campaign. We promise our abundant communication will return to normal when this adventure ends on August 5th . 

A couple weeks ago we wanted your input on the movie (thank you!) now we want your PHOTOS

We know you have pictures of us because we see cameras and phones and all sorts of devices "blipping-off" in the audience ALL THE TIME!

So we're having a photo contest.

It's simple. 

We put the best shot in the Yard Dogs movie.

2nd prize - DVD
3rd prize - DVD

How it works:
- Send us 3 of your best photos - anything that has anything to do with YDRS
- Your best shot will be posted in the "photo contest" gallery on our Facebook page 
- Submissions will be judged by the band
- Anyone can go to the "photo contest" gallery and help us decide by "liking" photos or posting comments
- Get your friends to say how mind-blowing your photo is
- Deadline for submissions is Wednesday, July 13th 
- Winner will be announced on August 5th

How to submit:
- Upload photos to your Facebook page (3 shots only please)
- Tag them Yard Dogs Road Show and they will immediately appear on our photos page
- We'll pick your best one and post it in the "photo contest" gallery on our Facebook page
- Be sure to include a photo credit and where/when the photo was taken
- Or send them to this email (low resolution only please) and we'll post it to the gallery for you

The "photo contest" gallery is here:

We want a blast from the past!



Our Kickstarter is almost to 10k. So we're 38% funded with 37 days to go. 

Our goal is 25k.

We're getting there…


THANK YOU to everyone who chimed in on the movie discussion. 

We would LOVE to hear more:

The discussion has taken some inspiring turns:

"Are there groupies?" - "Little baby hand digs out from under a boxcar with a lightning bolt on his eye" - "Your grand beginnings at Burning Man 1997" - "The carnival of physical existence" -  "When it was just 3 dudes…" - "Costuming!" - "How you folks keep it up and keep it together" …

Thank you for your participation. 

We're learning a lot!

The Yard Dogs





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