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Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Wed, April 9 2014 7:31 PM UTC +00:00
pledged of $50,000pledged of $50,000 goal
0seconds to go
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Wed, April 9 2014 7:31 PM UTC +00:00

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    1. Yanim studio 2-time creator on

      Hi everyone! thanks for your support! Stay tuned!

    2. Xeon Xai

      Can't wait for the relaunch.

    3. annag

      This could be such an awesomely different game. Please continue development! So few games involve such nifty female characters, much less as the protagonist, and especially not in such a cool psychological way. Good luck, and please keep us informed!

    4. Vintson Knight on

      So can we setup a paypal Donation plan for the project on your website before the evil bank takes my money?

    5. Victor Cerezo ~ vEK on

      Siento que no hayais llegado a esos 50K... :/
      ¡Mucho ánimo y seguid intentándolo!

    6. Missing avatar

      Eric Phillips

      You achieved so much of your total, please don't lose heart! The game looks amazing, and I'll definitely be back on the next round. Good luck!

    7. Kjetil K. Dypfest aka Kientero on

      I sure will back this the next time it's up again, that's for sure!

    8. Rene Alcantar on

      I'll be back as well. If i could leave a suggestion it would be to lower the Early Bird pledges from 1K to 100.

    9. Missing avatar

      Tonin Sambeat on

      I will be back as well! :D

    10. Ghislain on

      I will keep a open mind for the relaunch of this game.

      In the mean time, my mind will be clouded and ill while waiting to see Divine !

    11. Eric Russo on

      I'll definitely be back the next time around, as well :)

    12. Pat Reitz on

      Bummer on falling short, but at least it was a strong showing this time. I'll definitely be back for the relaunch too!

    13. Permafry_42 on

      Definitely will back this again when it relaunches! I know it must be tough to have gotten so close, but know that even this unsuccessful kickstarter will hopefully help you raise awareness about the game. I'm certain that when you try again, it will be a huge success! Best of luck to all the developers!

    14. Antonio Garcia

      @Josh: I'm sure that will be part of the equation. PC, Mac and Wii U as part of the main goal so that Wii U owners can back this from day 1.

    15. Josh Wise on

      When you guys relaunch this game, could you have this available for Wii U for part the funding goal? That will bring in a crowd. :)

    16. Missing avatar

      Taylor Epperly on

      So close... Please keep us updated on your plans.

    17. Xeon Xai

      Hopefully next time we can reach 8000 backers.

    18. Josh Wise on

      I will back this again.

    19. Yanim studio 2-time creator on

      Yes sure, we'll let you know with the update system... 800 people believe on Red Goddess, we're very proud!! THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE BACKER!!

    20. Pascal Bolwerk on

      I will back this again!

    21. Aurora García on

      This is not the end, don't give up, we're sure next time the project will be successful because just look, so many people believe in it! :)

    22. Antonio Garcia

      Indeed! There's 800 of us in here who believe in Red Goddess, and we'll be back once a new campaign is up.

    23. Brett Morehouse on

      Fortunately, you can use the Kickstarter update system to tell all 800 of your current backers to come back and join the fray. I'll be sure to see you next time, especially if Wii U is a primary launch or reasonable stretch goal ;)

    24. Yanim studio 2-time creator on

      Definitely we're going to relaunch.... Because we've the most wonderful community on the world!! Thank you so much for your support!.

    25. Claudia on

      Yeah, please make an update with a mailing list, so we will be able to jump in for the next try at the first day and help as much as we can!

    26. Yanim studio 2-time creator on

      Ok is finish....

    27. Yanim studio 2-time creator on

      @Brett @Aaron We are so excited for your support we will put mourn... Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts

    28. Dave, Shadowrunner on

      Well, I think you should plan for a relaunch soon. We will all back your project again and you will reach your goal next time without a doubt.

    29. Brett Morehouse on


      I'm with ya :p

    30. Aaron Greenberg on

      @Brett .. but I wanna play NOW! :D

    31. Brett Morehouse on

      There is a Kickstarter approval period, and Yanim Studio should probably take some time off to (a) relax and (b) come up with a plan for the next go-round.

    32. Yanim studio 2-time creator on

      @Aaron you're incredible!! lovely family...

    33. Yanim studio 2-time creator on

      @Brett @Alexander @Xeon, thank you so much for your kinds words and support!!

    34. Aaron Greenberg on

      @Alexander a few weeks? I want to see a new project tomorrow! :D

    35. Xeon Xai

      The next time around, I hope it makes it. I want to play it on my PS4 or PS Vita.

    36. Missing avatar

      Alexander Lindström on

      @Brett Think many people thought that and didn't pledge. I hope Yanim Studio will revive this project in a few weeks, making more things clear. GO!

    37. Brett Morehouse on

      I'd love to see this on the Wii U, but it doesn't look like it'll succeed this time around =(

      I was on the fence for a while because I didn't see the update about Wii U becoming a primary console. Thought it was a stretch goal for the longest time, so I was worried about throwing in my support.

      Still, better late than never. I'd love to see you guys go for it again because the concept looks great...and I see 11k in 18min kinda on the hard side...

    38. Yanim studio 2-time creator on

      $39,334... 795 backers!! 23 minutes to go....78% funded....

    39. Antonio Garcia

      49 minutes to go with less than $11,000 left! we can do this!

    40. Yanim studio 2-time creator on

      Hello Aaron, we've seen that you've increased SO MUCH your pledge, we're very very very very very grateful Thanks for your generosity! We're so excited for your confidence in our project! Kindest regards!

      Yannick Puig

    41. Aaron Greenberg on

      Oh! look someone made a $1000 Pledge. You should too!

    42. Claudia on

      YEAH! But I do not remember the name ... but he had a tree as an avatar. ^.^

    43. Antonio Garcia

      @Claudia: And from someone else, right? ;)

    44. Claudia on

      Followed the advise from Fictiorama Studios to pledge. ^.^'

    45. Antonio Garcia

      Less than $12,000 to go... with 98 minutes left! :o

    46. Yanim studio 2-time creator on

      2 hours left to go! Please a miracle ;)

    47. Yanim studio 2-time creator on

      @mydream, thanks for your support and good luck with your project, you deserve it! take a look; https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1135787020/mydream-3d-creation-and-exploration-rpg

    48. MyDream on

      everyone please support red goddess! We are upping our support. This looks like an awesome and very unique game!!!

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