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Explore a mysterious planet controlled by the psyche of the main character. Metroidvania (PC, MAC, LINUX, PS4, PS Vita, Wii U)
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April update: New features

Posted by Yanim studio (Creator)


We would to update you about Red Goddess development. We're tuning and polishing Red Goddess to make it more fun. This means that we're paying attention to detail, getting everything perfect, there are still a few more finishing touches required before launch. However, we regret to inform you that Red Goddess will be delayed, Red Goddess for PlayStation 4 in late June 2015, while Windows, Mac and Linux PC and the console versions for the Xbox One will arrive in December 2015. The Wii U and Vita consoles will arrive on 1Q 2016. We've released a new video to show you this new features: 

 We've improved the following features: 


We've implemented this new power in Divine character, from the very beginning of the game, to do it more dynamic it consist in to shoot a small fireball to destroy obstacles and stun the enemies. Once stunned, Divine will be able to possess them to move and explode their bodies like a bomb, doing a magical explosion with area damage. The player spends mana to use this power. It means: 

-->spend two blocks of mana

-->Players recharge mana:  in magic fountains or executing combo moves fighting with enemies as fear or rage persona. .


We’ve implemented the store. The player can collect the coins to ugrade life and mana bar. It’s not essential to the game but upgrade the power is highly recommended! :)


We've finished the map and also now there is a fog and hidden unexplored sectors. 


Player have to explore the world and find the Memory Crystals to open the Doors, but you will need to earn new powers to access all the zones (like metroid style).


+We have added voice-overs for the narrator character,

+We do more dynamic navigation, because we've introduce the option of to jump out ALL the dialogues and Narrators voice doesn't force the player to walk slowly. 

+When the player loses all his lifebar, the player return to the most recent checkpoint. 

+And finally, we have introduce new features in the beggining of the game, improving the platform gameplay. 

And now we're improving AI (Artificial intelligence) as well, so in the video is wip yet, we'll update you soon!

 The object of Red Goddess is to experience a series of adventures in an imaginary world, through a young goddess whose skills and powers grow as time goes on and she recover the memories. We would like the players to become immersed in a story and we’re working on. The team wants to deliver the best possible game at release, rather than a game they're not 100% happy with, and will use the extra time to add voice-overs for the narrator character, as well as a number of bug fixes to make for a well-polished experience. Yanim Studio takes this matter seriously and will continue to update everyone as soon as we can. We would like to apologize for the delay and inconvenience that this has caused.

New screenshots as compensation for the game being delayed:

Main Menu screenshot
Main Menu screenshot
Tutorial rocks
Tutorial rocks
Magic Fountains
Magic Fountains
Charge the mana bar
Charge the mana bar
Slow motion
Slow motion
Shoot the fireball
Shoot the fireball
Red Goddess Cover
Red Goddess Cover

 We're very grateful with your support and we would like to receive your feedback, we've improved many features with your comments, please send us your suggestions. We'll update you soon, Stay tuned!

Yanim Studio Team

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    1. Yanim studio 2-time creator on

      @Sebastian @Tracey @Zoned87, we're going to try there is not much difference, Unity is also a very powerful 3D game engine as well. We'll adapt to Wii U Console and its specifications. So we're going to work in. :)

    2. zoned87 on

      Nvm didn't read the post they were using unity!

    3. zoned87 on

      @Tracey Corson - I doubt "very differently" they will probably just downgrade the Wii U and Vita versions to unreal 3. Given its a 2.5D sidescroller you will probably barely be able to tell the difference.

    4. zoned87 on

      The game is looking great shame about the Wii U version getting pushed back but I can wait.

    5. Josh Wise on

      Alright! I can wait until then.

    6. Tracey Craig


      It will be as UE4 is not compatible with Wii U, therefore will be very different graphically.

    7. zebastiane on

      Sad to read this as I backed for the Wii U version. I will get my game after Xbox One which was not originally planed.
      And when I see this

      “2. Wii U and Vita, we're going to port to Unity and adapt all the graphics, lights.. we need more time because it's a different engine with graphic capability changes, the programming language is different also, so we have to do much work, but we knew that and we're going to do with staggered releases.”

      I have the feeling that the Wii U will be an inferior version.

    8. Yanim studio 2-time creator on

      @All: We update you about the staggered releases: Actually the game works in PC of course (smooth with a good PC), so we could release first in PC, but we are working on the optimization of the game. Red goddess needs it, to running well and smoothly with low PC configuration. So we decided to do optimization first with PS4 standards (this is the first kit we have). Once we had a smooth PS4 optimization version, than we could work into a PC version (with all the adjustment and graphic options). Doing, at first, a PC version would not include the optimisation we are working on...
      1.We're porting to PS4 and with Unreal Engine 4, it's so easy, when this port is ready we'll adapt to PC (Windows, Mac an Linux), the problem is that PC needs more adjustment and optimization for the requirements each computer.
      2. Wii U and Vita, we're going to port to Unity and adapt all the graphics, lights.. we need more time because it's a different engine with graphic capability changes, the programming language is different also, so we have to do much work, but we knew that and we're going to do with staggered releases.
      3. Finally, we're going to release staggered, because it's easy to get more financial help with the sales, it's so expensive to develop this game and we're funding now with our money.

      We hope you understand this reasons, it's quite difficult and very hard for us.

      If somebody wants to change platform choice, we'll send you your choice,please send us one message.

      We would like to apologize for the delay and inconvenience that this has caused.

    9. Missing avatar


      Thanks for the update, guys. It might help to explain the reasons for the staggered releases. I take it the Wii U and Playstation Vita versions are going to need more adjustments than the rest, and that it's currently being developed on PS4 with the intention to port it to everything else, hence being able to deliver it there while you make it work on the others?

    10. Josh Wise on

      Dammit! I want to support you guys so badly but yet I feel like I made a mistake backing this game. I'm sorry but you guys don't know how a Kickstarter works. You want to release it for PS4 first and then PC versions. OK! No problem but then you favor the Xbox One to be the second console release. Then you delay the game for PS Vita and Wii U to next year instead?!

      How can you guys do this to us? We didn't back for Xbox One version. We backed for a PC, PS4, PS Vita, or a Wii U version of this game. You guys are tossing the game around and not caring about your supportive audience that you received since the funding of this Kickstarter. I can understand about how long it takes for porting a game to a platform but this isn't they way we backers wanted it to be.

      I am just finding it hard to like you guys. I won't be able to enjoy this game anytime soon and was really looking forward to playing this game this year. "You got other games to enjoy while you wait right?" Yeah I do but I thought this was the one I was really going to enjoy as soon as you guys finish it. But for hearing a delay of this game and order of platform releases makes it feel not so satisfying.

      I'm sorry but I am not too happy about this. I wish for answers for these decisions you guys have told us. Maybe then I'll understand but you already upset a majority of backers.

    11. Chris Skuller

      I'm alright with this so long as I'm able to switch my platform to PS4. In the original campaign, the PC was listed as releasing earlier than the console version. If I knew the PS4 was going to enjoy an entire 6 month grace period, I would have picked that.

      On a side note, could you give us an update explaining why the PS4 version is releasing SO much sooner than anywhere else? It almost seems like maybe you signed a contract with Sony to give their system a timed exclusive.

    12. Jeremie Lariviere

      Very cool update, thanks!

    13. Luigi T. Guevara Olivastri on

      Omg so Wii U will take so long? Why is that? Why is the reason? I just read delay, but why?

      I'll recommend to really take a Survey for the backers and take action with the result. It will sucks if the 50% of the backers are waiting it for PC or Wii U first than PS4 and so you're gonna delay it soo long for the main of your backers.

      I guess the best option will be PS4 (keeping your estrategy) > PC > Wii U > the rest ... That's my opinion. But Don't delay the game for Wii U (I'm looking for) 1 Y (we're just the first week of Q2) This is really bad.

      I'll like to read another update with more info about the delays and why you're taking that action. Others projects does, so why you don't?

    14. Ghislain on

      I agree that the PS4 version to release before PC is not the best logical move. I can understand that many player have a PS4. For me that only have a Wii U. That originaly on your first attempt on kickstarter for this project, the Wii U was the only console to receive the game. The wait is gonna be very very very very long.

    15. Nekoi Nemo on

      "will be delayed, Red Goddess for PlayStation 4 in late June 2015, while Windows, Mac and Linux PC [...] will arrive in December 2015".
      So PS4 gets it in reasonable time and everyone else gets screwed, huh?
      Welp, now i'm kinda regretting baking this game. Too bad it's too late to back out now.