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The Letter is a horror visual novel game with seven playable characters, animated backgrounds & sprites, and engaging quick-time events.
The Letter is a horror visual novel game with seven playable characters, animated backgrounds & sprites, and engaging quick-time events.
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Update #38: This is NOT a drill! The Letter's Release Date!!

Posted by Yangyang Mobile (Creator)

[Monthly Update #18: June 2017]

He'ya gang, this is it! It took us two years to get to this point, and now we're proud to announce The Letter's release date!!

Save the date: 07.24.2017

We will prioritize Steam release first, followed by and Humble Store.
We will prioritize Steam release first, followed by and Humble Store.


Almost everything on our side is set. All chapters are scripted, and almost all of the assets are finished (except for the achievement icons of Chapters 6-7, which'll be completed next week). 

For this month, our team will be focusing on QA and finishing the game's voice acting. We will release Chapter 6 and Chapter 7's early access approximately 1 week before the 24th. In line with this, we'd also like to thank all our beta testers for their patience and dedication in testing our (buggy) builds, and for helping us make the game better! :) We're extremely grateful for everyone's feedback! 

*Special mention to Teófilo, our benevolent overlord, Shawn Heatherly and Nayru for going the extra mile in testing the game! Thank you for having our back, guys! ❤

Moving Forward

After the PC release, we will work towards mobile release and fulfillment of rewards. Please give us a few more months to sort them out. Rest assured that we'll keep you guys updated with our progress even after the game's release. :D

Support our Thunderclap


Thunderclap link:

Everyone, please lend us your strength! We just made a Thunderclap campaign to honor the game's release date, and we'd really appreciate it if you sign-up! By doing so you'll increase the chance of our game being discovered by more people! So please, help us spread the word around! :)

We need at least 100 sign-ups, but the more the merrier! The campaign will end on July 24. Let's rock the world on The Letter's release!! \o/

The Letter's Website

We're really proud and excited to show our brand new website for the game! :D Check it out here:


For our media friends, we also have a Press Kit available on the site! Everything you need to know about the game is there!

Toycon & GameCon PH

Last June 30-July 2, The Letter was at Toycon PH! We had a wonderful time there and we'd like to thank everyone who dropped by our booth! ❤

Special shout-out to the little kid who enjoyed the game very much! He kept on coming back and managed to reach Zach's chapter!! XD

Our humble booth at Toycon
Our humble booth at Toycon

We will also be at GameCon PH this coming July 8-9! See you there!! :D

Chill with us at YYM's Discord

Join our channel: :D
Join our channel: :D


Channel link:

In case you don't know, we've resurrected our Discord! :) Please drop by and say hi! All YYM members are there, so there's a chance that things will get a wee bit weird, but we're nice people overall! XD

If that's not enough to convince you, we also have special The Letter emotes that you can spam all day!! (Zachary and Marianne's are underway)


And here's us having the time of our lives.
And here's us having the time of our lives.

Patreon + Project Yuri

Support us @
Support us @


And last but certainly not the least, we've also made a Patreon account! If you liked what we did with The Letter and would like us to continue making more quality visual novels, please consider supporting us there! :)

With The Letter nearing its release, a few of us in the team has actually started another project, which we call 'Project Yuri' for now. It's a GxG romantic-comedy, and we've been posting early concept arts of the game in our Patreon page. 

From horror to ecchi. We're definitely in the right direction!
From horror to ecchi. We're definitely in the right direction!


Design not final. Will still be improved :)
Design not final. Will still be improved :)


That's it for our June update! We'll be back approximately 2 weeks from now for more major announcements, and expect another update on the 24th!!

This is it gang!! We're really, really, really almost there!! Thank you for being with us in this journey! :)

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    1. Yangyang Mobile 2-time creator on

      Thank you Crystal! This wouldn't have been possible without you all! ❤

    2. Crystal Nehler

      I'm stoked. Been waiting on this for a long time, but waiting gladly.

    3. Yangyang Mobile 2-time creator on

      Thank you so much, Christoph!! I know it's not your intention, but I suddenly felt pressured when I read your comment! I really hope we can deliver! (•̀o•́)ง We did our best and we're also excited to share to all of you the final game! Hopefully the long wait's worth it! ^^ We look forward to your feedback!

    4. Missing avatar

      Christoph E on

      Honestly the VN-release I'm the most curious about this year. No matter what I will think of the end product, it's been a fantastic journey following you guys from a relatively cheap-looking Unity mockup to one of the highest-quality VN presentations I have seen yet. And kudos for adding some guys into the story, I'm really getting sick of the hidden VN rule to have a cast full of kawaii female characters. In general, the demo felt super fresh and different from all other VNs - I'm so excited how it will be in a full version :).

      So big thanks for all the enthusiasm you put into this project and keeping the supporters in the loop. I hope the novel will reflect that as well and manage to get some publicity (even with a perfect product this could be the hard part).

    5. Yangyang Mobile 2-time creator on

      Aww, thanks Dave and Teo! :D Oh, and don't forget to sign up on our Thunderclap campaign as well! Thank you! ❤

      We're so close!! AAAHHHH

    6. Dave Asher on

      Also the website looks really neat :)

    7. Teofilo Hurtado

      Oh my God... It's here! It's really here!
      I'm sorry for the radio silence during the last few days due to personal issues, but rest assured I've been beta testing like crazy on Steam.
      Words can't describe my happiness right now.
      The final countdown starts NOW!