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A romantic-comedy visual novel/dating simulator with a nostalgic touch of old-school RPG combat. Lots of plots and backstories!
A romantic-comedy visual novel/dating simulator with a nostalgic touch of old-school RPG combat. Lots of plots and backstories!
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Production Update for February 2019

Posted by Yangyang Mobile (Creator)

Hello Squires! 

While there are some delays, development still continues at a steady pace. Here’s our progress for each department: 

 A. Writing & Scripting: 

We’re finished with the writing’s final polish, and it’s now up to our game designers to actually script the whole content in the game and make sure it is executed perfectly. So far, we have about a whole month of in-game content ready and polished, which we’ll share in our Patreon this March (it was supposed to be last month, but in an unsurprising turn of events, it got delayed).

While our game designers are busy with scripting, our writers will be moving forward with putting voice acting notes for each dialogue so we could send them in for recording. We’re aiming to submit all the documents to our VO director before March ends.

B. Art:  

We’ve experienced another delay in the CG side. Some of our CGs are too complex that they’re taking up way more time to finish than expected. Our initial goal of completing the final polish for all CGs this March might get extended up to April. On the other hand, a new animator has joined our team, so we’re hopeful that the CG animations wouldn’t be severely affected despite the delay. 

We also noticed that our RPG element is lacking a variety of enemies (we only have 3 unique mobs + 1 boss), so we decided to add 2 new bosses into the game. While waiting for the rest of the CGs to be finalized, our animators are currently busying themselves with doing the battle animations for these new bosses.

Here are their concept arts: 

Lastly, we will be finalizing all our character sprites this March, including the plot-important backer characters. There will be 8 new characters in the game, and we’re excited to reveal all of them in the next update! Hopefully we could also announce their voice actors by then!

C. Music:

Here’s a new BGM preview!  

D. Programming:

Our programmers are busy with bug fixing and implementing newly finished assets and features into the game, while making sure it’s stable for testing. Starting this March, we are aiming to release an alpha build with a month’s worth of in-game content every month. 

The builds will be released on our Patreon first for a more ‘private’ testing, then to our Kickstarter Beta backers for general quality assurance.

Exclusive-KS Backer Discord Channel

As promised, all Kickstarter backers will be given an exclusive channel at our Discord server. So far, 400+ backers have been added into the channel. If you’re not yet a member and you pledged to our Kickstarter (or Paypal), please message us your Discord ID (i.e. Mei#1896) so we could add you. 

NOTE: We need your Discord ID, NOT your user tag. In addition, you need to be a member of the Yangyang Mobile Discord server before we could add you.


Q: How will I know if I have access to the exclusive channels?

Once you’ve been added, you should be able to send messages at the #le-kickstarter-lounge under the Love Esquire section of the server. If you’re a Beta backer, you will be given an additional posting access at the #le-beta-lounge

Q: Why did it take so long to setup the exclusive channels?

We waited until at least 90% of the backers have answered their BackerKit surveys. Since we'll be using a script to add everyone into the group (there's no way we could manually add 1700+ backers, lol), it'll be most convenient and less hassle if we already have most of the data before feeding them into the script.

Q: I already answered my BackerKit survey before, but I still didn't get added into the exclusive channels. What gives?

Here are the probable reasons why you didn't get added:

  • You gave your username (i.e. MeiIsLyf) instead of your Discord ID (i.e. Mei#1896). Our script only recognizes Discord IDs, not usernames or user tags.
  • You're not yet a member of the Yangyang Mobile Discord server, so our script won't be able to find you.
  • You gave your Discord ID, but the formatting was wrong. Some backers placed a space between elements (i.e. Mei  #1896 or Mei#  1896, as opposed to Mei#1896 with no spaces, which is the correct format). If you did this, chances are our script wasn't be able to detect you.

For such cases, please message us your Discord ID so we could manually add you.

The Mix: Asian Game Showcase

We’re very happy to announce that Love Esquire is a part of this year’s The Mix! It takes place on March 20, during the week of GDC 2019, at the IGN headquarters in San Francisco! Check out the other games that are chosen here.

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to attend the event physically. But we will be remotely present via Discord to those who would like to drop by and say hi! 

Indie Gem

Before we end today’s update, we’d like to give the spotlight to our friends, Visualnoveler. If they sound familiar, it’s because we mentioned them back in our Update #7. Back then, they were seeking help to fund their game, Destiny Chronicles. Unfortunately, the campaign wasn’t successful, but now they’re back! 

Renamed to Eternal Radiance, the game has already reached its funding goal, and is now heading towards the first stretch goal. Please consider lending them your support!

Inspired by classic action JRPGs, Eternal Radiance is an action role-playing game about a squire named Celeste who begins a journey to prove herself worthy of becoming a true knight. Her quest takes her far from her home, across the continent in pursuit of a thief whose actions stem from a sinister plot. 

Eternal Radiance features an exciting and fast-paced action combat system, and Celeste’s fighting style can be customized to suit your playstyle with a talent tree and upgrade system.

Support Eternal Radiance on Kickstarter! 


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