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A romantic-comedy visual novel/dating simulator with a nostalgic touch of old-school RPG combat. Lots of plots and backstories!
A romantic-comedy visual novel/dating simulator with a nostalgic touch of old-school RPG combat. Lots of plots and backstories!
1,682 backers pledged HK$ 557,865 to help bring this project to life.

Jesse Cox joins the party! A taste of Love Esquire's Full English VA!

Posted by Yangyang Mobile (Creator)

Yo Squires!  

We have 42 hours left as of writing, and we only need $5k USD (or $39k HKD) to reach our full VO goal! Thank you so much for your support; you guys are awesome! Let's keep going! $60k is within our grasp!! (•̀o•́)ง 

That said, we want to encourage everyone further by giving an example of what it would be like if Love Esquire is fully voiced. The following are our VA’s auditions for their respective roles. These do not reflect the final quality of the voiced lines in the game, but they should still give you an idea of what our characters would sound like past their one-liners and grunts in the alpha demo. 

Welcome Jesse Cox!

Aside from Kayla Ross (Pamu), we’re proud to announce that Jesse Cox will also be joining our team of talented VAs! He will appear in the game as “Boss”, the proud and high-spirited innkeeper!

Now here comes the fun part: you guys get to name Jesse’s character! That’s right, “Boss” is just his nickname! Make sure you suggest something memorable because Jesse himself will be choosing his favorite! Comment below! 

This is gonna be fun! We look forward to your submissions! :D

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jean Paul Puican Vigo on

      How about: Maximus Donn Gullivan, the don for his employees and Max Dong for his friends.

    2. Timlorde on

      Derek Babochka(Russian word for butterfly).

    3. Jeff Martin on

      Peter Winebrush? (cox red beard?) either or, he should has 3 workers at the bar that help him yet aren't that brave....kind of forming a squad of short

    4. Gerrion on

      Was thinking on "Jale Boss" Jale to mix Jesse + Ale, and Boss because... well, the nickname stuck so much that the innkeeper kept it as his real name.

      Hope you like my idea, Jesse ;-)

    5. Scott Torres on

      I do like Ruston (or Russel) Osler. Though I do think that the name Boss has a certain charm to it. As a great guy who made his tavern and could be well known and liked in his community could be called Boss. Either way, great see Jesse staying involved in the indie scene.

    6. Missing avatar

      KnTenshi on

      I like John Crudo's suggestion (Ruston Osler), though I'll mix in Cabbage's suggestion (Archibald) - Archibald Olster - for a semi-comical possibility. Or maybe Russel Olster - another "Red hair" name.

    7. Missing avatar

      Chloe Gilholy on

      Jesse Sinkeeper!
      As there will be plenty of sinning in this game and he's a innkeeper.

    8. Missing avatar

      Moeqink on

      I shall suggest the name that goes by R u p p e r t

    9. Max Baney on

      Not surprised at all Jesse showed up, dude has the magic ability to get all indie developers to love him.

    10. John Crudo on

      Ruston Osler

      Ruston is "Rust's estate". Place name referring to a red-haired ancestor.
      Osler an occupational name for an innkeeper, deriving from the Old French "(h)ostelier"

    11. OtakuDash on

      For what it looks on Discord, Fergus McCox would totally be a thing :P

    12. Missing avatar

      Audun Mostad on

      Hank Cox proud tavern owner and builder!

    13. Missing avatar

      Rachel H Sanders

      Chap Slick
      Matt Alack
      Trey Fair

    14. Missing avatar

      Melissa Ouellet

      First option: José Xces. It's an anagram for Jesse Cox, I included the accent because it adds more flair. ;)
      Or second option: Van Taberna. Van often means "of " in Dutch and Taberna is the latin word for Tavern, so his name could be " Boss of Tavern " in a roundabout way. XD

    15. Missing avatar

      Derik Slayton on

      This is the name of a street in my area -- "Lockhaven"

    16. Missing avatar

      Sable San on

      Oh I am going to agree with a couple of backers before me, Fujimora Pantsu.... just as a long fan of his, this has to be the name

    17. Missing avatar

      Devin Grever on

      Name Idea, the character he voiced in awesomenauts, Genji. Or just Jesse Cox Prophet of the Space Butterfly.

    18. Dewinter Yageu on

      I recommend: Jeremia McCoxess

    19. Dark Crystal Games on

      Very good update, Jesse us very funny :) Good luck with final hours! :)

    20. Overlord Shadow

      BOSS is actually an anagram for his full name. Barry Octavious Salem Sharpe.

    21. Anna on

      I second Michael McCox.

    22. Madi Jane on

      Name idea for Jesse: Alvin Ulric
      Alvin means "friend to all" which kind of seems fitting for an outgoing innkeeper, just a suggestion! When i found out that Jesse is a VA for this game .... I'm too hyped 👌😂

    23. Missing avatar

      Arnoux on

      I mean, Jesse's last name is already Cox; it's already perfect for this game. Name him Michael McCox and let the innuendo flow free. I only add the "Mc"because I remember how much Jesse liked Marianne McCoullough from The Letter, and I can already imagine his silly voice for it.

    24. Jonathan Silvestrucci on

      How about something like Aldous to fit in with with fantasy setting of the game

    25. Missing avatar

      Chris McNamee on

      So excited to see Jesse Cox joining the team! Since he is the owner of a tavern maybe something like Tipsy McSwagger.

    26. Missing avatar

      David Hammer on

      Dave Hammer would be a nice name ;p John Brown, Lance Sterling, Clutch Thornton, Robb Axton

    27. Missing avatar

      ScareDaddy on

      Charles the smooth tyrant says pick F e r g u s

    28. MoosenHammer

      Trip Rubedo

    29. Miaowkey on

      John Jackson or Jack Johnson

    30. Missing avatar

      DKjapanesefreak on

      A name suggestion for Jesse's character... Dorcas McCox. Picked cause it sounds like dork :D

    31. Cabbage

      Name wise- I sort of want to go for something like Archibald- because it would be funny to hear Jesse say it

    32. Cabbage

      I am SO happy to see that Jesse is going to be in the game. So happy.