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Where the drawn swords of the rising sun meet the tagged walls of the concrete jungle, Yancha Digs gives you samurai skate culture.
Where the drawn swords of the rising sun meet the tagged walls of the concrete jungle, Yancha Digs gives you samurai skate culture.
Where the drawn swords of the rising sun meet the tagged walls of the concrete jungle, Yancha Digs gives you samurai skate culture.
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rewards on the way...

What's good skate army? Just an update to tell you that we'll have your rewards shipped by the end of next week. Recently, Yancha Digs has been busy both promoting itself and looking for ways to increase our production efficiency. So basically, before we could make the rewards, we had to engineer a little something to help us print decks MUCH faster (see photos). It's basically a skateboard printing press in which we can switch out the frame for a different design for quick printing. Because that took a little while to design and build, we must apologize on the tardiness of the rewards. But we promise we'll have them completed and shipped by the end of March.

We've also been working on advertising here in Sendai and reaching out to other websites/projects/businesses that share our interests and are looking to do some cooperational promotion. There's a LOT we have to do in terms of Yancha Digs, but please keep in mind that both Malcolm and I have full time jobs that take up most of our time during the day. That being said, again we apologize for the slowness of the rewards but they're on their way. And the more this business venture grows, the more time and money we'll be able to devote to it (I've made a vow that if it gets big enough that I will quit my current job to work on Yancha Digs full time- that's the hope!!).

In any case, please please please help spread the word and let's make this gnarly idea a real success! We can only do it with your help! Thanks for everything.

Much love,

Yancha Digs

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hey everyone! thanks to your help we're fully funded and makin' moves. the website is now live so we've got designs, decks, hoodies, and tees, ready to buy, and constant blog posts, and always more to come. working on getting more rep here in sendai, contemplating and strategizing the move to the states, and working on getting a skate team together. dig us at and tell all your friends, share on facebook, twitter, etc. and let the world know how we get down.

your rewards are on the way! we'll let you know when we've shipped! big up and respect!

a big up for the support!

first of all, a big THANK YOU to everyone who contributed and helped us reach our project goal and beyond! because of your help, we're confident Yancha Digs can grow as a business. of course, please continue to support and spread the word! we're crazy appreciative and we look forward to using this funding make new opportunities for this awesome venture. long story short, we're psyched, but more than that, we're thankful!

secondly, regarding the rewards, when the deadline, march 11, hits, we'll make a survey/message/update asking for shirt sizes (or board sizes if your reward is a deck) and shipping addresses of all those who contributed. the faster you respond to the update, the faster we can get your reward out to you. we of course will get them out to you as fast as possible, but keep in mind, they will ship from japan, so even if we ship them soon, it might take a little time for it to reach you. customs may hold on to them for however long to do whatever it is they do, so that's pretty much beyond our control. but we appreciate the patience and the support!

thirdly, for those interested to know that your money is going to good use, we are currently in the planning stages to do business with some skate shops in the Tacoma, WA area. this means we'll be expanding as a business beyond the website and beyond japanese borders, into the states. i've also got plans of my own to hit up boston with fliers and shop visits to promote Yancha in the summer when i go home to visit. still not sure when the Tacoma plan will come to fruition, though we'll be able to make it happen in the near future, but we'll of course let you know via our website,

speaking of the website, it hasn't been publicized with the exception of this kickstarter, but we'll also be launching the finished, fully functional and ready to buy from website VERY soon! so if you've come this far with us, let's go a little farther and spread the word (on facebook, twitter, your own blogs, etc.) about the site and about Yancha Digs! we're hopeful this can be a big thing and we're working our hardest to make it so.

we've also got plans to recruit both japanese and american skaters for our skate team. we've already got some GNARLY skaters here in sendai who dig us and are looking for our sponsorship. for now, the plans are pretty sketchy but we'll be working on it in the near future. again, check the site for news.

on another hopeful note, a supporter, friend, and teacher of Yancha Digs said she will recommend us to a documentary filmmaker in NYC whose making a film about artists in post disaster Japan. hopefully, this will get us more exposure, and as always we'll keep you updated. we appreciate the help and support!! thank you!

that's all for now, but always get at us at for updates, new designs, new plans and ambitions, blog posts, etc. the Yancha Digs skate army is growing!! ヤンチャディグスの出撃だぞ!!

the website is here. CAAAAAN YOUUUU DIG IT?!?! (as yelled in The Warriors)

Yancha Digs is on the come up! Get at us at our new website The website isn't fully completed yet, with our completed bio page soon to come and more graphics and badassity on the way, but the site is fully functional and can be used to purchase Yancha Digs goods from both the States and within Japan!