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Get a shirt featuring the final stats of this project! Why? Why not?

I'd like to produce a T-shirt with the final stats box of this project on it. Every backer will receive the same shirt, and every backer will help create it with their pledge. Wherever this project's final tally ends, that's what this shirt will read. It's as simple as that.

Here's an example of what the shirt would look like using the final stats for Diaspora:

Despite the project title (inspired by this classic shirt, a high school favorite), this will actually be the closest thing to a Kickstarter shirt in existence. We've never gotten around to designing an official shirt, though we will someday. In the meantime there's this.

The shirt itself is from Alternative Apparel. It's available in a dark or a light heather-grey, and it's very soft. The sizes run a little small — I'd recommend choosing a size larger than you usually select — but otherwise it's a high-quality piece of clothing.

The reward prices cover the shirts, printing costs, and shipping costs. Note the second tier for backers outside of the USA.



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