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A T-shirt with the final stats of the project on it. Simple as that!
A T-shirt with the final stats of the project on it. Simple as that!
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This is also not a Kickstarter shirt



Three years ago I launched a project called This is not a Kickstarter shirt (the name is inspired by this classic shirt, a high school favorite). Five hundred and thirty-two lovely humans from around the world backed it, and in return they got a T-shirt that they helped make.

Since then I've come across the shirt in the wild a handful of times. I met a woman in London two years ago who was wearing it. And just two weeks ago I met a woman at Kickstarter's Block Party who was happily wearing it:

See how happy she is?

Meetup CEO Scott Heiferman even wore the shirt while meeting Mayor Mike Bloomberg. Celebrity-approved!

It's 2014, and it's time to get the band back together again. The project will work the same as last time: the final stats of this project — as determined by you — will be printed on a shirt that we all get. 

The shirts will be printed on very soft, Alternative Apparel organic cotton shirts. It comes in two colors: white and green.

Like what you see? Want to join in? Then back this project! Thanks!

Risks and challenges

This is the second time running this project, and I feel confident that it will go well. My first go-around the biggest challenge was stuffing and mailing envelopes, as this update showed:

This time I will be getting help with shipping and mailing to ease that pain. I expect this to go swimmingly. Fingers crossed!

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