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A groundbreaking 
love letter to 8 bits!
A groundbreaking love letter to 8 bits!
14,749 backers pledged $311,502 to help bring this project to life.

True Final Shovel Knight Release Date is June 26!! Box Art Reveal! Digital Instruction Manual out NOW!

Posted by Yacht Club Games (Creator)
June 26th!!! Mark your calendars! Tell your friends! We have official word from Nintendo and Steam that Shovel Knight will be released and playable on the 26th of this month! Get ready for the greatest 8-Bit inspired adventure game to sweep you off your feet and deliver pure fun directly into your soul. We’ve worked 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for more than a year to bring this game to you; we’re extremely proud of the result, and we hope you love it just as much as we do. We hit some snags along the way and we’re sorry that we couldn’t deliver it sooner, but, hopefully, it will prove more than worth the wait! For all of you backers who have been following the adventure since the beginning, we have a few more surprises today too! 

As an important note, this release date of June 26th for Shovel Knight 1.0 is for the American region on Nintendo’s eShop for Wii U and 3DS. This includes USA, Canada, and Mexico. We’ve been working through localization and ratings specific to the European region. Hard working developers and publishers who have come before us have helped improve this process and so we have been receiving great support. We hope that we will have good news to share soon. The PC/Steam version will be an international release. 

Final Box Art Revealed!

Check out the super rad box art for Shovel Knight! Imagine this box sitting on your shelf, behind the desk of a rental store, or waiting to be rescued under a stack of games at a garage sale! 

Those of you who backed for $50 or more will be receiving a real Shovel Knight box in the mail dates for this yet as we’re notorious for missing them and are without firsthand experience shipping out this volume of physical things! Just know that we’re working as fast as we can to get those rewards out to everyone. In the mean time, enjoy it digitally, and get ready to see many, many variations on it based on whatever platform you ultimately decide on to play Shovel Knight! 

Digital Instruction Manual out NOW!

Now that the game is complete, we can instruct you on how to best play it with this handy manual! And may we say it looks gorgeous?! Just check out a couple of these spreads (click the links for juicy high rez):

We tried our best to have it match the character, tone, and fun of the game, while simultaneously staying true to what made NES manuals unique, informative, and enjoyable. For those of you who have never seen an NES instruction manual, we recommend browsing through the following collection:

Super Mario Bros. 3 is a good starting point for seeing how much love went into the few pages that made them up. For those of you who pledged $15 or more or pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition, login to the Humble Store to download immediately! We hope it keeps your shoveling spirit satiated on the lead up to the game’s release (and for the distribution of the physical manuals, which will be entering production soon!). If you’re spoiler sensitive and want to approach the game completely fresh, then you might want to be careful reading the manual. Just so you know, it reveals the story’s intro, the subweapons you can discover, and some of the places and people you’ll visit and see. Nothing too mind bending, it’s what you’d expect from a manual, but if you’re overly sensitive, be careful! Also, be kind to others and do your best to keep the contents of the manual to yourself! 

The steps for downloading the digital manual through the Humble Store will be much like the steps needed to obtain the full game once its released. Consider this practice for the big day! You can read more about Humble Store at our Humble Store FAQ.

If the manual seems blurry or has visual issues, then we recommend changing the zoom or downloading it to your desktop and viewing it in a dedicated PDF viewer such as Foxit Reader or SumatraPDF

Did you miss out on the manual and now you NEED to have one? We are working on a few ways to get them into your hands, so stay tuned!

E3 2014!

With 3DS systems in hand the Yacht Club team be wandering the showfloor this year in search of soon-to-be Shovel Knight players. Wave us down if you see us, as you can likely find us near the Nintendo side of the show. We may be revealing a cool thing or two about our game there as the show goes on. Keep your eyes peeled to all the coverage! That about wraps it up for today. While we were waiting in silence, you all kept in contact! Keep letting us know what you think on Kickstarter, Twitter, Facebook, our website, handwritten letters, whatever works best for you! And keep checking in with us this month as we’ll be doing more reveals and all kinds of interesting things!

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    1. Kevin Cameron on

      I backed at $25 but don't remember getting a code for the digital manual or coffee table book. Will there be a way to get the codes again?

    2. Missing avatar

      Joseph Giblin on

      I got my code, but I was under the assumption that code would be for both Windows and Mac OS X...the code on Steam only works for the Windows version. Is there is a Mac OS X version of this game?

    3. Yacht Club Games Creator on

      @Makay Finley: haha don't feel like a dummy! It's a little bit of a strange process! We'll make an announcement once they are ready but you'll get your code through the humble store. If you put your email in this link: it should bring you to the page that will eventually have you Shovel Knight code!
      @mrfatso ~ Defender of The Goat: That brief playthrough is awesome! Thanks for the link!

    4. mrfatso ~ Defender of The Goat on

      here's jim sterling playing shovel knight.…

      I cant wait to play this game on my 3ds

    5. Makay Finley on

      I feel like a dummy for asking, but I'm having trouble finding the info elsewhere: Just to confirm, the North America Wii U eShop codes will be sent out to the backers on the 26th? Or am I supposed to find my Wii U code in the humble store somewhere :l

    6. Missing avatar

      Andreas Andréen on

      Thank you so very much for responding, I immediately found it after seeing your comment. I'm not very used to Humblebundle even though I remember buying a bundle or two in the past. The manual looks amazing and I'm very glad that I backed you guys on Kickstarter. Thank you guys for existing and making a hopefully great game. Hey, if not, the manual is pretty awesome.

    7. Yacht Club Games Creator on

      @Karen Flood: As always, thanks!
      @Cameron W.: It won't be a midnight release since that's not usually how 1st party likes to do things, but we'll let you know the exact hour it comes out soon.
      @Justin Holmes and Andreas Andréen and anyone else trying to get their manual: Your Humble library should look something like this:

      See at the bottom where it shows all my "other puchases" Shovel Knight should be listed there until the game comes out.

      If you don't see any of that, you may need to resend your key to yourself to make sure your redemption key is all set up.
      If NONE of that works, then please contact the humble support team here: !

    8. Missing avatar

      Andreas Andréen on

      Just signed up on Humble Bundle using the same email I used for the survey. Is an email with links for the manual going to get sent to my email-address?

    9. Missing avatar

      Andreas Andréen on

      I read the entire Humble Store FAQ and I still don't understand how I am supposed to get my Shovel Knight manual. When I search for Shovel Knight I don't find anything

    10. Justin Holmes on

      Were we supposed to receive an email about the instruction manual? I haven't seen anything like that and I can't find anything like that on my Humble account.

    11. Cameron W. on

      Will it be a midnight release?

    12. Karen Flood on


    13. Yacht Club Games Creator on

      @Princess Erimemushinteperem: Definitely looking forward to that! But that will be part of a free update after the release of the main game.

    14. Princess Erimemushinteperem on

      Gender swap stretch goal?

    15. Yacht Club Games Creator on

      @Anonymous and everyone else who helped us get through the past year and change: Thanks!!!!
      @Nathan Maloy and everyone else asking about the European/australian/non- North American release: We haven't forgotten about you and have a couple things going to make sure that the world plays shovel Knight as soon as possible. We are starting the effort for localization and have already been in the process with NOE (Nintendo of Europe; which is also the first step to many other regions around the world) to get the game ing your hands. It's happening, and we are doing everything within our power to make it happen as fast as possible!
      @Hmmm: It's more real than real is real; super-real, you might say.
      @WhiteZero: geez....I don't know how we missed that. We spent hours pointing out misplaced commas and capitalization errors but we missed something so glaring. Thanks! We'll try to update it soon.
      @Quinn DiPasquale: If you are looking to change your platform, you can always contact the Humble guys: . and they may be able to help you out!
      @BladedFalcon: Thanks mr. falcon, I can't wait to get that shiny box into your hands!
      @Henrique: As I mentioned above to Quinn, you should email the humble support team:
      @Robb Alvey: That's amazing because I'm imagining you writing that comment from the top of some roller coaster somewhere. Thanks man, you are the best.
      @Michael Wootton: now you have to share all your presents with that guy!
      @Ryan Hicks: There's always some crazy calamity that could delay it, but I'm really not seeing that happen. Also, you shouldn't keep your squeals inside, I hear it's bad for your liver.
      @x_epted: Thanks for staying with it! It's certainly been a long journey but we're glad to have you and people like you with us.
      @Philhouse: Check above for the info I can offer on the worldwide release
      @Cameron W.: Hopefully!
      @Zombie_Socks_96: Noooo. but wait, you can download it from anywhere since it's all tied to your account! Just take your WiiU with you!
      @Stephen "Stoibs" D: I hope it's a good thing, too! haha.
      @giga-ganon: you'll have to contact humble for the specifics, but the pc code will work internationally! The 3DS code is still being cleared and translated.
      @James Huffman and Stephen "Stoibs" D: No delay! The PC/Steam version will be released June 26th for everyone!
      @Régis Fontenay: Localization is still underway and since certifications for NOA is a completely separate effort than NOE, we are still working through that process as well.
      @giga-ganon: Sorry about the confusion! I should have been more careful with my phrasing, you are right. We are doing everything we can to make sure that the EU release happens as soon as possible to coincide with the initial release as much as possible. Appealing to all of our generous backers at once is difficult as a 5 person team so please be patient with us in the implementation for all of this.
      @Jussi Saarikkomäki: yes they are. We worked with a very specific template to make sure our boxes look and feel like the real deal.
      @Rodolink: We totally agree. Hopefully this becomes more of a trend (again)!
      @Wayne Griffin: I'll have to look into getting that info about the style of game people would want. I'm really glad the manual is able to capture that sense of the past of reading the manual in the backseat while driving back from the gamestore!

    16. Wayne Griffin on

      Thanks for the great news and congratulations! This was the first Kickstarter project I backed; you set the bar high. I look forward to hearing what your next project will be. On a related note, could you please reveal the results of the survey that asked what style of Shovel Knight game people would want (Super Shovel Knight, Shovel Knight 64, etc.)?

      At the risk of sounding like an old gamer, I remember when every game I bought came with an instruction booklet that thanked me for buying that game. I miss that... Just like the old days, I will be reading this booklet until I can actually play the game, imagining the possibilities.

    17. Rodolink on

      Beautiful instruction booklet ;_; I remember when games used to have one...
      i miss them very much u_u

    18. Missing avatar

      Tabari Durham on

      Congratulations Yacht Club Games!

    19. Zane

      Well just in case some didn't notice it, the PC version is still hitting the 26th internationally. Just the Nintendo version outside of the US, Canada, & Mexico will have to wait on localization.

    20. Yksinpelaaja on

      Is it safe to assume that the game box dimensions are also NES standard?

    21. Feenie Von Karma on

      >Release date June 26th!
      >Not outside Americas tho

      That was like you kissed me then punched me in the mouth! :(

      It looks rad though.

    22. Missing avatar

      Alexander Moon on

      As others have noted; What about Europe!? We're people too, you know! ;)

    23. giga-ganon on

      that's from a friend, not me, since i'm gonna have the PC version! But you said you wanted to be faire with every backer by releasing it on every platform at the same date.... but it's not really fair for european backer who backed it for 3ds or wii U...

      don't worry i'm not angry or anything, i'm glad that the game finally comes out, but you shouldn't make that kind of statement (being fair with everyone) when it's not really the case! But i'm not gonna complain, since if you wanted to be 100 % fair, we would wait even longer to have it, haha

    24. Régis Fontenay on

      "Out on June 26th!" YAY!
      "for the American region" :-(

      As a European backer and someone working in the industry, I am wondering when you say you’ve been "working through localization and ratings specific to the European region". Does it mean you're still waiting on receiving European ratings and that localization isn't finalized yet, or that everything took a little longer and that final submission is already under way?

      Anyway, can't wait to play the game :-)

    25. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      I'd assume we will get our steam keys closer to the 26th

    26. James Huffman on

      So... What's the expected delay until PC/Steam?

    27. giga-ganon on

      So what about the code we're gonna get through humble bundle in europe? do they wait until the game is released here? (too bad for us, fortunately i bought a pc and 3ds version)

    28. F. E. on

      We silly Europeans :(

    29. Mischa Magyar on

      Wow! I was so excited...
      ...until I read that I have to wait for the Nintendo release in Europe... :-(

      But still there's hope! :-)

    30. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      You guys nailed it with the manual.
      Was reading the update, saw the image and immediately was reminded of my Snes Mario All Stars booklet, then continued reading and laughed that it was exactly what you were going for. Nice.
      Release date seems to co-incide with the rumoured start of the Steam sales.. not sure if that's a good thing or not.

    31. Antoine on

      And the physical box looks cool !
      I eagerly awaits!
      *start counting days*

      Also like some asked: does the others country will also have the launch the 26 June ?

    32. Zombie_Socks_96

      YAY release date......NNNNNNOOOOO!!!! the release date is when I am out of state!

    33. Cameron W. on

      well it took a friggin year and a half, but hopefully it was all worth it!

    34. Ohaiguy on

      AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Congratulations :)

    35. Philhouse

      Awesome to know that it's ready to go! Congrats on making it. Glad to be a part of it too.

      I'm in the same boat as Nathan below though - how is the Australian eShop release heading?

    36. Missing avatar

      x_epted on

      Congratulations, everyone! Everything looks fantastic!

      I've been checking on the status of Shovel Knight nearly everyday for the last few months, so of course a release date is immensely exciting. It goes without saying, but all of us can't wait to play!

      And, I just wanted to say that I believe you guys made the right decision to delay the game to work on it more -- not only for us fans, but for yourselves. This was your game, and I'm sure none of you would have been happy or proud if you released a game that you felt was incomplete. Things like this are what make me excited for the future of Yacht Club Games. Again, congratulations and thank you!

    37. Ryan

      Not to sound bitter but I believe it when i see it >_> *squeals on the inside*

    38. Qaantar

      Awesome news, congratulations!!

    39. Michael Wootton on

      Awww now me and Shovel Knight will have the same birthday!! :D

    40. Robb Alvey on

      YES!!!! This news made my night!

    41. Sam Sorensen on

      I haven't stopped being excited about this since the Best Friends Zaibatsu told me about it!

    42. Nick on

      Congrats YCG, looking forward to playing it!

    43. Chris Niejadlik on

      @Yacht Club Games - you guys rock!! HUGE congrats!!

    44. Henrique on

      Congrats, guys! I can't wait to play it!

      By the way, I know it's late, but is there any way I can change the version of the game I'm getting? I pledged for the 3DS version, but now that I have a Wii U I would like to get the game for it.

    45. Solitaire Shamus on

      Please, KickStarter... Give me a "love" button!

    46. Brian Ash on

      Actually crying, I've been waiting so long for this and I'm so horrifically excited

    47. Anthony Gallichand on

      Hey guys!! Let's jump in the HYPE TRAIN!!


    48. DeafTard on





      I LOVE YOU YACHT CLUB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    49. Sukrit Chaijiraphant on

      Congratulation Yacht club Game!