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A groundbreaking 
love letter to 8 bits!
A groundbreaking 
love letter to 8 bits!
A groundbreaking love letter to 8 bits!
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Home Stretch and...It's PAX Time Again!


Shovel Knight Progress Update

We can see the light at the end of the tunnel! Shovel Knight is essentially complete, as we continue to polish and fix bugs that crop up. These little changes have made huge improvements in these final days. It’s so close! As production winds down, we’ll have a stable candidate for each version of the game for submission: and then we can announce a final release date! Stay tuned, and enjoy this icy screen shot:

PAX East Is Upon Us! 

One year ago, Shovel Knight made its first playable debut at PAX East. Our Kickstarter campaign had not yet ended as we watched Shovel Knight storm castle Pridemoor and defeat King Knight countless times. Now, one year later, we're prepared for 2014! We’ll be in Boston, April 11th to the 13th, at Booth 997! We’ll have Shovel Knight on TVs and on the 3DS, in case you wanted to experience the portable stereoscopic magic. Be sure to stop by our booth to say hello, play through the final version of the game, and pick up some all new buttons or a shirt! Or we could just talk about video games. Everyone here is way behind on their gaming backlog though, so try not to spoil anything, especially about Dark Souls II! 

Shovel Knight Shirts Now Available! 

Yacht Club Games is happy to announce that we have our first merchandise available through a partnership with Welovefine! From Star Wars to Marvel to Adventure Time to... Shovel Knight! Check em out, and cover your body with what’s sure to be GOTY 2014! 

 Kickstarter Collaboration Alert: Hex Heroes! 

Check out this new Kickstarter by our friends over at Prismatic Games! If you are a Wii U owner, and love party games, Hex Heroes is tailor made for you (it’ll be on PC too!). And guess who’ll be making a cameo appearance? 

Not only will our beloved Blue Burrower bring Shovel Justice to the playing field, you’ll also find that Juan from Guacamelee, Lady Faye IV from Rogue Legacy, Subject W from Paradise Lost: First Contact, Max from Mutant Mudds, and Rusty from SteamWorld Dig will all be joining our hero in this quest for Party RTS ( Par-tee-ess ) action. And that list is still growing! 

On top of that mountain of awesome, Grant Kirkhope, composer of the amazing music found in Banjo-Kazooie, Donkey Kong 64, and Perfect Dark (among other classics) will be composing the music for Hex Heroes! We are really excited about this project and think you should be too! Check out their new video over at their Kickstarter page, and let’s make Hex Heroes real! 

That’s all for now, everyone! Hope to see you at PAX!

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    1. Ben Lorenz on May 5, 2014

      Yacht Club Games on April 1

      @Tarcisio Nascimento and Liu Xiyuan: You guys aren't going to have to wait long! It'll be soon I promise!

      So, how is that final bug testing and certification process going.... ANY hope of making a formal release date announcement? This is getting old - I'm losing a lot of hype I had for this title.

    2. Missing avatar

      Tom Sauer on May 1, 2014

      @ James c.

      This was the first ever kickstarter project I back too :)

    3. James Cobb on May 1, 2014

      Thanks for the response! This is the first KickStarter I've backed and expect big things. NO PRESSURE THOUGH.

      Please update soon? Just an estimate of a release date would make waiting easier.

    4. Yacht Club Games Creator on April 28, 2014

      @Chronon: the steam price will be $15 but if you want to change your platform, you can send an email to and they should be able to sort you out!
      @J. Sutherland: We'll have an update for you to unearth soon! (har har har)

    5. J. Sutherland on April 28, 2014

      Any chance of an update this week YCG? I'm dying to dig into this! (ho ho ho)

    6. Chronon on April 23, 2014

      15€ would make sense too.

    7. Chronon on April 23, 2014

      Hmm, I was wondering what the Steam price is gonna be. 10€? I could update my pledge for a Steam code if you don't mind =P (Only have the 3DS version now which makes me unable to play multiplayer >.>)

    8. Yacht Club Games Creator on April 22, 2014

      @Travis Parton: That's really great to hear! Hopefully you can find a street pass group local to you where you can meetup and trade shovel duels late into the night!

    9. Travis Parton on April 15, 2014

      Thanks for being at PAX guys! This was awesome, you guys are awesome and I cannot wait. Streetpass feature is already sounding like my favorite streetpass feature ever.

    10. Yacht Club Games Creator on April 8, 2014

      @Nick DeMichele and Zombie_Socks_96: Happy Birthday, and to celebrate, we are gonna let you guys have the day all to yourselves without being distracted by pixelly shovelling :)
      @Ohaiguy: That's awesome that you know a bunch of people who have orders in! Once we release battle mode, you guys will have to have a tournament or something!
      @Scott Barrett: We are packing and getting ready RIGHT NOW!!!!
      @Keith Alan Kamikawa: Both the 3DS and WiiU versions are shaping up really nicely! You won't be dissappointed! As far as buttons...maybe?
      @BladedFalcon: That might be a little early for us, but have fun in LA!
      @James Cobb: Hey James, just like last year, we'll showing off a specific demo for PAX attendees. It won't have the whole game and we are locking away some of the systems that don't make sense for a demo. There will still be things to see for the first time once the game is officially released! Part of the fun of going to a convention is being able to talk to developers and see what they are working on, even if it's not released yet. Keep in mind, that attendees also run the risk of finding bugs causing them frustration and ruining their play session when they play a game that isn't out yet! We love you guys and can't believe the support you gave us that has allowed us to make this game! The wait won't be for much longer, I promise!

    11. James Cobb on April 5, 2014

      I hate to be a negative nancy, but it's a little irritating to see that even with the delay, you guys will be going to PAX and letting other people play the "final version" of the game before paying customers and supporters can...

      Either way, can't wait to play. It's been my most sought after title of 2014 and I'm sure you guys will have done a great job. On the edge of my seat everyday waiting for the word that the game is out!

    12. BladedFalcon on April 3, 2014

      Yay! glad to know the game is almost done! Can't wait!

      Incidentally, I have a trip to LA on the 17th, so if the game were to come out before that, it'd make the perfect thing to do while on the airport and flight! ^^ Crossing my finger so that can happen! (:

    13. Zombie_Socks_96
      on April 2, 2014

      My birthday is April 15, just saying cause this game sure would make a great birthday present *wink wink*

    14. Keith Alan Kamikawa on April 2, 2014

      CAN. NOT. WAIT to play this bad boy on my 3DS XL with that 3D craaaanked! Afraid I'm going to double dip and snag SK on my Wii U too! Have fun at PAX, wish I could be there. PS. if you can save some PAX buttons to sell, I know I'd buy um

    15. Missing avatar

      Scott Barrett on April 2, 2014

      Can't wait to see you guys at PAX East!

    16. Ohaiguy on April 1, 2014

      Can't wait for release guys :D Everyone I know who's ordered the game is super psyched!

    17. Nick on April 1, 2014

      If SK launches before my birthday I'll be a very happy man. It's April 29th btw, make it happen YCG! ;)

    18. Yacht Club Games Creator on April 1, 2014

      @Tarcisio Nascimento and Liu Xiyuan: You guys aren't going to have to wait long! It'll be soon I promise!
      @Gregory Nazarian: Can't wait to see you there!

    19. Zero Liu on April 1, 2014

      +1 Tarcisio Nascimento

    20. Gregory Nazarian on April 1, 2014

      I'll be stopping by the booth at some point! I can't wait to give the game a shot. Also, those shirts are pretty awesome.

    21. Tarcisio Nascimento on April 1, 2014

      I won't even bother reading these anymore unless it says "Shovel Knight Released!" or something among those lines