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A groundbreaking 
love letter to 8 bits!
A groundbreaking love letter to 8 bits!
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Update #26: Shield Knight and More!

Posted by Yacht Club Games (Creator)

Hey Shovelers and Shovelettes! Our office is set up. We are going full steam. We have stuff to tell you. So, it’s that time again for another Shovel Knight update!

Design Hangouts have been Happening!

As some of you may know, our $75 tier allows backers to join us for design meetings and brainstorm sessions. We have done two so far, and we just wanted to mention how well they have gone. We were worried it might degenerate into a chaotic meme-fest, but we have been consistently delighted at the awesome discussions that we’ve all had, and the great ideas the group has come up with! Thank you to everyone who has been participating! If you didn’t pledge for the hangouts, you can at least peep this awesome whiteboard image from last meeting, where we brainstormed some potential mobility for the playable Order of No Quarter!

Surveys Coming Next Week!

Finally, we’re going to be sending out surveys to all of our wonderful backers next week! If you were worried you missed it, you didn’t! You’ll be able to cough up all of your information to us soon, so hold on tight!

Streaming Games Tonight!

The Yacht Club is fully assembled this week, with all members together in one room! How are we gonna celebrate? By streaming Monaco and eating Doritos Tacos Locos flavored Doritos! We can play other stuff too and talk about Shovel Knight. It’s gonna be fuuuuunnnnnn! Make sure to come tonight at 7PM PDT~!

A Sneak Peek!

We have been working really really hard on Shovel Knight, and it’s starting to show. We’re itching to show everyone a LOT more very soon, but for now, here’s a little sneak peak at what we’re doing with the Lost City - Mole Knight’s domain!

Introducing: Shield Knight!

Sometimes the best offense is a good defense, and Shield Knight knows it. Wielding a pair of Asymmetrical Shields, she deflects both melee and projectile attacks easily before getting into range and crushing her foes! For years, Shield Knight and Shovel Knight were inseparable partners in adventuring; with their expert use of unconventional weapons, they worked as one. Now, Shield Knight’s fate is unknown, but Shovel Knight’s goal is clear: he must journey to find Shield Knight, his lost beloved.

Pros: Confident, Powerful, and Tenacious

Cons: Occasional Recklessness


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    1. Princess Erimemushinteperem on

      Guys - top marks on the armour and character design of Shield Knight. You didn't go the sexualised boob armour route and that showed impressive restraint (since that is such an easy trap to fall into) and understanding of the problem women in games often face.

      I'm thrilled! Keep up the good work!

    2. Nathan Black on

      Guys does the 3DS version have all the same features of the PC version? I might need to change my survey if that is the case. Either way can't wait to play!

    3. Missing avatar

      James Parnis on

      Another example of fantastic character design! This, of course, leads me into a question: Will Shield knight be someone we can vote for/choose as one of the 3 playable knights? Or will Shield knight possibly end up being the star of Gender Swap mode?

    4. Kyle Dumouchelle on

      I misread the paragraph. I'm stupid.

    5. Kyle Dumouchelle on

      You refer to Shield Knight as a woman but then use "he" and "his". Is that a typo?

    6. Yacht Club Games Creator on

      @Einar: Thanks! we still have more to show you, so get excited!

    7. Missing avatar

      Einar on

      Shield knight looks awesome guys. Keep up the good work! :)

    8. Yacht Club Games Creator on

      @John Palecek: Very nice
      @Anthony Miller: Jake and her are in communication and work will begin soon!
      @Jonathan Robertson and Godewijn: Glad you like her!
      @Hours Left: I bet you do!

    9. Hours Left on

      Shield Knight looks pretty sweet. I have a theory about her...

    10. Missing avatar

      Godewijn on

      Haha awesome, reminds me of the dual wield shield build for Dungeons of Dredmor :)

    11. Jonathan Robertson

      Whoa - love the design of Shield Knight. Asymmetrical shields; what a creative idea!

    12. Anthony Miller on

      I really like how this game is coming along, giving the feeling of playing a strange new MegaMan title. Speaking of the Blue Bomber, what's the progress been like on being blessed by the original MM game music composer?

    13. Yacht Club Games Creator on

      @BladedFalcon: There's lots of those hangouts planned for the future and I think we'll be shifting the schedule throughout. Eventually you'll be in all the hangouts but some other poor soul won't be because he can't make wednesdays or mondays or which ever day we do. But don't worry, we'll get you in there eventually!
      @Dennis Terbio: Glad you like!
      @Pierre Nicolai: Having her face exposed was something we struggled with for a while, but in the end, we chose to have her face exposed to set her apart from the other knights. Interesting that you might bring that up though, that was under much speculation during the devlopment.
      @Joe Odran Doran: Glad you like the armor design! As far as gender swap mode? Maybe! Maybe she's the gender swap version of shovel knight or maybe we do a Ms. Shovel Knight....not totally sure at this point.
      @TheChosenOne: Thanks!
      @Justin: Boob phobia? not at all. We just chose the design that seemed most appropriate to the feel of the game. I think people are responding to the fact that she wasn't used as an excuse for us to add unnecessary sexualization.

    14. Justin

      Does everyone here have a boob phobia or what? What would be wrong with a little cleavage?

    15. TheChosenOne on

      She's perfect. Perhaps the wings could be toned a bit down.

    16. Joe Odran Doran on

      Hold the phone, a female character whose armour isn't sexual at all, who doesn't even have silly "boob armour"? Thank goodness for that!

      One question, in the gender swap mode, will we be playing as Shield Knight, or will we literally be playing a gender swapped Shovel Knight? I'm guessing Shield Knight will swap genders too? Either is good, I was just wondering.

    17. Missing avatar

      Pierre Nicolai on

      I have a suggestion/complaint to make in regards of Shield Knights design. Part of what caught my interest into this game are the character designs, Knights in full armor. While Shield knight fufills this for the most part, the fact that her face is shown kinda breaks the inmersion of being that particular character. So perhaps have her helmet cover a bit more of her face, perhaps up to the eyes level?

      just a minor thing, nothing that derives me from waiting for this game :)

    18. Dennis Terbio on

      Kudos to the devs not going the obvious route with the shields because she's a female character.

    19. Lunept_Lundea on

      I think Shield Knight will be fine. She got herself covered!

    20. César Roberto López Rubio on

      Radical, I can't wait to fill those surveys next week! :D

    21. BladedFalcon on

      Hey guys! awesome update! although... *sniff sniff* I wish I could have assisted and properly give feedback to those hangouts ): Seriously, no plans on doing any soon that ISN'T on Fridays? :P

      Anyway, Shield Knight is looking pretty classy! Also I'm amused at the fact that she's taller than shovel knight:P

      Say... are we gonna play as he on gender swap mode? please say it will be so!

    22. Matthew Boychuk on

      Shield Knight is the enchantress. Calling it now.

    23. saiqlo on

      She's reasonably dressed! That's refreshing!

    24. Johnny Vila on

      Great job guys!! Can not wait to play it!! : D

    25. Yacht Club Games Creator on

      Hey guys, in some browsers you will see some broken link icons in the update. Have no fear! You aren't missing any images, those are in progress mistakes that were made during the creation of the update. You should be able to see 4 total images. Sadly, we can't change the update now that the it's live, but if you hate those icons, just check out the update in Firefox.

    26. Sabrina Carlyle on

      I'd like to suggest that the gender swapped versions be titled Spade Knight and Disk Knight. This is the next best thing since Butt Mode wasn't accomplished.

    27. Justin

      "Occasional Recklessness" - Ah, a female character. I see what you did there ;p


    28. Mark Winnington on

      Wow, Shield Knight looks smashing, and has sensible (and classy) armour on. :) I look forward to more of the gender-swapped/genderbended characters. And of course to more teasers for the game...

    29. Burk Frey on

      Agree with Camden; it would be awesome for Shield Knight to go on an adventure to save Shovel Knight!

      Good design work with Shield Knight, team.

    30. Camden Hartley Tayler on

      I do like me some shields.

    31. Camden Hartley Tayler on

      So, since "Gender Swap Mode" was unlocked as a stretch goal, will Shield Knight be the player character when the protagonist is a woman?

    32. Missing avatar

      Martin Silver on

      I like that too about Shield Knight but also in a broader sense that there has been a personal connection or something of that kind with half the cast. It's world building but in an unobtrusive way (at the end of the day it's still an MM cousin and that family is about blastin :p)

      Can't wait to play!

    33. Mitchel Kc Wong on

      also i think it's mega cool that it's not some lame princess but another warrior who you gotta save.

      will she be playable?

      oh yeah, some of the images don't work

    34. Jim Salter on

      broken images are broken