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A groundbreaking 
love letter to 8 bits!
A groundbreaking love letter to 8 bits!
14,749 backers pledged $311,502 to help bring this project to life.

Update # 18: Art Contest Winners and Livestream Marathon!

Posted by Yacht Club Games (Creator)

3rd Playable Knight UNLOCKED!

Now, a 3rd member of the Order joins the fray, with new mobility and story! Totally unbelievable! Who is our mystery character going to be? The community will vote on who they want... after the whole Order of No Quarter is revealed!!

Livestream MARATHON!

The drinks are cold. The consoles are set up. Our nerves are steeled. It’s time for our final hurrah! We are going to be marathon playing games and talkin’ Shovel Knight for 24 hours!! - Starting at 8PM PST!!

Let’s make it count, everyone :D

Awesome Music Alert!

Our friends over at Noisechan radio have put together an incredible album featuring some very talented chiptune artists, including Jake “Virt” Kaufman! Best of all, all the proceeds go to Child’s Play, gaming’s first choice for charities. Go give them a listen, and all your money - your ears and your karma will thank you:

Fan Art Contest Results!!

Wow you guys, we are floored! The Shovel Knight fan art contest had over 150 entries! New knights, new scenarios, and amazing takes on existing characters. We couldn’t be happier; we spent way too long laughing about, gasping at, and commenting on each entry! We have posted all of the entries in an online album, and it’s worth it to look at each one.

Go look at the fan art, it’s truly remarkable!

The response was so great that we have expanded the prizes! There are now 3 grand prizes, and we also awarded $60 tier prizes for categories! NOTE: We are still not sure about who will be implemented into the game... it could still be any entrant! As development progresses, we will contact you and let you know!

Everyone wins!?

Every entrant will receive a digital version of our Coffee Table Book, where we are going to print each entry! That's right - all contestants will be printed in the Shovel Knight Art Book!!

3 Grand Prize Winners ( you win the $500 tier reward! )

We now have 3 grand prize winners! It was way too hard to pick just one. each grand prize winner will receive the $500 tier reward, which includes a deluxe luster finish hardcover art book, a super deluxe movie-style poster, your face in the game!, a super index card!, SUPERDELUXE DIRT! and a secret only you know, you’ll get to take part in design meetings and hangouts, a Shovel Knight Official Soundtrack Album, a printed instruction manual, a decorative game box, a PDF coffee table book, a PDF instruction booklet, and a digital copy of Shovel Knight! Congrats!

Tuuli Lukka - Plague Knight

Kurt Deniz - Falcon Knight and Siege Knight

Thomas "TeeKetch" Ketchen - Shovel Justice

Categories ( you win the $60 tier reward! )

We had so much amazing art that we just had to give out more prizes. I mean, just look at these!! The winners here will receive the $60 tier reward, which includes a Shovel Knight Official Soundtrack Album, a printed instruction manual, a decorative game box, a PDF coffee table book, a PDF instruction booklet, and a digital copy of Shovel Knight! Congrats!!


WINNER: Wayne Griffin - Fort Knight

the wordplay for Fort Knight is absolutely incredible. read it!

Special Mentions -

Josiah Colborn - Hose Knight

Francisco Martinez - Propeller "Fan" Knight

Josh Hensel - This is what's going to happen to Propeller Knight!

Existing Characters

WINNER: Dennis Coyle III "Brain÷" - Knightly Acquisition -

Special Mentions -

Will Sindra - Shovel Knight Vs King Knight

Marc Gomez - Melancholy Knight

VR-Eli - ShovelMega KnightMan Cover

Original Concepts

WINNER: James Filippone - Chimney Knight

Special Mentions -

Matthew Swauger - Shovel Knight Battles the Gulper Mage

Kyle Shaezer - Rake Knight

Lukas Hägg - Shovel Knight Versus Rake Samurai

Dave Stone - Night Knight

Frederic Tarabout - Explosion Knight

Mario Castañeda - Poker Knight

Chris Smearg Ruiz - Swiss Army Knight

Mike Burns - Torch Knight

Roth Sothy - Wise Knight

Gameplay ideas

WINNER: Esteban Campos - Enemy Concept

Special Mentions -

Greg McMahon - Shovel Tree

Frankie Franco III - The Knight Owl

JoeXSeries - Prospector Knights


WINNER: Onery - Cave Guardian

Special Mentions -

Ven - Shovel VS Excavator

Christopher Garcia - Shovel Knight

Brian Townsend - Dig Strong!

Tony Mora - Shovel Knight: The Movie

Going the Extra Mile

WINNER: Peter C. - A New Order

We wanted to call attention to this entry because Peter created an ENTIRE NEW ORDER of awesome knights. Please read the writeup, because it is inspired, creative, and amazing. Hurrah! Fat knight is the best haha!

Special Mentions -

Max "Thaewyn" VanDuyne - Chain Mail Shovel Knight

Jonathan Scott - Shovel Knight Oil

Saul Milan - The Man Behind The Helmet

Marc Gomez - Melancholy Knight

Thanks to everyone who entered! Everyone, please, Go look at the fan art album, it’s truly remarkable!


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    1. Yacht Club Games Creator on

      The art contest was amazing and you guys really were phenomenal in your ability to surprise us, impress us and make us laugh! If you still want to submit fanart (not for the contest) we'll be updating our flickr ( ) with any and all submissions!!! To make sure you get in there, send your art to !

    2. Missing avatar

      Matt on

      LOVE chimney knight! Can't wait to see him in the game!

    3. Missing avatar

      Tyler Straight on

      This was a cool contest. I may not have won, but I'm stil happy with my work. Some of this other art is just incredible though! I especially like Chimney Knight, and the "Shovel Knight Oil" peice. The "Plauge Knight" winning peice looks really good too! AH! All of the art is just superb, really. Very fun contest, Yacht Club, very fun indeed.

    4. Yuri on

      Theese artworks are great for posters "join the engineering forces".

    5. Matthew Boychuk on

      I thought some of the knight concepts were really cool. I especially liked Night Knight. Really simple design but very creative.

    6. Berto_Terga on

      All the art is amazing, I wish I had time to turn in an entry of my own.

      Chimney Knight is pretty damn cool :p

    7. TheChosenOne on

      I feel like most of the Special Mentions and the gameplay idea one and exciting character one are like a 1000 times better then the actual winners. ;o
      Though Shovel Justice is pretty alright.
      Shame the artbook had to be at such a high price. ;o I would have 4/5 doubled my pledge for that but $300/500 is just to high.

    8. Peter Jacob on

      Oh gawd, that Tree Monster boss thing! The horror!

    9. Thomas Ketchen on

      All the art is so great. I am honored to have been chosen as a winner!

    10. James Filippone on

      @Ryan I am more okay with that than you can possibly imagine.

    11. Ryan Bell on

      @James no problem, you came up with a really awesome idea. I hope your listening Yacht Club, put that Knight into a game please! Well thats if it were okay with you James as he is your creation and all.

    12. James Filippone on

      I've been mulling over this comment box trying to think of what to say, but all I can muster right now is: Thank you Yacht Club, and thank you commenters, I'm glad you all love my Chimney Knight piece as much as you do ;w;

    13. darkstorm on

      Oh man, that Chimney Knight art is the best.

      kind makes me wish he was in the game, looks like the type to to randomly appear in the middle of the stage to fight you, like proto man or bit & byte.

    14. Ryan Bell on

      *incredible art... not out. ugh im so tired right now my typos are horrible.

    15. Ryan Bell on

      wow that is some incredible out, i am so disappointed in myself for not being able to put anything together for this.

      I love Chimney Knight, Siege Knight, and Falcon Knight. I wish they could be apart of the next Order of No Quarter if their was a Shovel Knight 2? Oh yea and Poker Knight for minigames like Mario 3 style card matching. :) That would be so awesome. Anyway you guys might hold some more contests in the future for MOB designs or boss knight designs. That would just be phenomenal. Please!!! :) I don't even have Shovel Knight 1 and I am already clamoring for and wanting a Shovel Knight 2, or like a Shovel Knight X and it have like an SNES or Genesis retro style art. Hey don't forget about my suggestion for having Shovel Knight use his shovel as a snowboard to glide down a mountain out running an avalanche. Sounds like a cool return of Polar Knight story. Way to go Yacht Club Games on an awesome KS.

    16. H on

      it was breath-taking to look at the number of art submissions--all of them were great!!! i am glad i got to participate, it was a lot of fun. can't wait for the actual game to come out. Cheers.

    17. Missing avatar

      Ryan Hair on

      Wow there were so many great entries! It must've been hard to pick the winners. I'm just glad I got to hear your opinion on my art piece. :) So can we buy a physical art book in the future?

    18. César Roberto López Rubio on

      Even ifI didn't win I can't express how much happines I have right now to be on the art book
      Congrats on the winners there's so much talent here
      This is my submission:
      It isn't supposed to be seen in a PC but on a 3DS with the 3D enabled, it was fun working in 3D :)

    19. Runcycle Media on

      Also, will we be able to resubmit our entry for the art book if we'd like to revise it a bit?

    20. Johnny Vila on

      Amazing update!!! Congratulations to the winners and all the contestants, really great art! :D

    21. Dharma Mauricio on

      Man, those arts are great! Now I regret not having sent anything... But the time was too short! I wish I still could send something to you guys...

    22. Runcycle Media on

      I do dig Falcon and Seige Knight! These are great! I wish I'd had time left to do a pixel version. Awesome seeing such burst of creativity!

    23. Missing avatar

      Duncan on

      Thanks! It was meant to be slower, like a lot of epic music is when fighting a giant enemy.

    24. Call on

      Wow Duncan, just finally managed to listen to your music !
      You did great :) It's a little slow but it suits the villainess perfectly !

      God I love practically all fanarts >o< The comic one and the concepts ones ! And some very beautiful !!!

    25. Emmerson Junior Teixeira on

      Alright, I gotta say WOW, people are so creative congrats to all participants it's amazing!!

      On a little side note though , OMG can you guys PLEASE include Chimney Knight in the game for the Love of all things 8-bit ! It is such an original boss plus menacing looking too lol

      Maybe even as a secret boss, that would be really cool ! OH, and Falcon Knight!

    26. Andreas Sunde on

      So much amazing stuff here! Enough for sequels, perhaps?

    27. Johnny Johnson on

      Daaaaamn! Really awesome submissions. I appreciate the commentary, too! Insightful and funny, the fans and Yacht Club both.

    28. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    29. Missing avatar

      Duncan on

      Glad you like it!

    30. Missing avatar

      Duncan on

      Congratulations to all who won! The art is amazing, far better than anything I could do.
      (Here's my entry, if anyone wants to see. I can't draw, so I composed a music track, wrote up a boss fight, and wrote a short story instead. )
      Congratulations again to all the winners.

    31. Seizui on

      God! Some of these are amazing as hell! I am listening to Duncan's song right now! I love it! This is a very epic final battle theme!

    32. BladedFalcon on

      WOW! those are great entries! so awesome! and I can't believe someone even made a sculpture! A SCULPTURE!!!

      Also... FALCON KNIGHT OMG! He totally needs to be an extra/secret boss! :DDDDD

    33. Chris Gronlie on

      So many great pieces in here. WOW.

    34. Seung Lee on

      Haha these are so hype. My jaw dropped at Siege Knight, just incredible. Kudos to the winners!

      Ugh I'm so upset I found out about this project/art contest so late. I lack in artistic talent but I would've loved to sit down and try to design a Dig Dug Knight (unlikelihood of game cameo notwithstanding)

    35. Call on

      CONGRATS to all participants ! Wow so many arts >o< It's amazing ! I have to look at these all !

      Here was my submission : (unfortunately I can't draw :p But it was fun)