Shovel Knight

by Yacht Club Games

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    1. paughthead on

      Can you put in a couple of your awesome buttons in my game box?
      I won't tell anyone ;)

    2. Yacht Club Games Creator on

      @Rolf W Jr: Putting the funds towards the game rather than a physical copy is our priority. But at least the box will hold a great place on the shelf of everyone who is backing at the $50 tier and higher.

    3. paughthead on

      Some suggestions for tomorrows game fest.
      Monster Hunter, 4 player coop
      Sunset Riders
      Super Punch Out
      Super Mario 1, 2 ,3 and World

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      Seth Adams on

      I initially backed at the $15 tier for the game on Wii U. Then I upgraded to the $60 tier for the sound track because you have a composer from the Mega Man series on board, and I wanted the sound track. I also wanted the soundtrack and the paper manual because I wanted something physical to represent this game. I already have went as far as buying the button you guys gave out at Pax on eBay. I'm a game collector, and I can't tell you how excited I am to see this is going to have a physical box!!! I can't wait!

    5. Yacht Club Games Creator on

      @Rolf W Jr: the album @ 60 is a physical CD!
      @paughthead: maybe not, but don't be surprised if you see those in an upcoming yachtclub storefront.

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      Will on

      Thanks for all the info. Congrats on a very well-run campaign.

    7. Yacht Club Games Creator on

      @paughthead: games list noted!
      @Seth Adams: Thanks for your support! I'm really glad you are as excited about it as we are!

    8. Runcycle Media on

      Aaaah the full trailer track. I just peed. How many winners for the art contest? Or just one? If you like a bunch, what are your plans?

    9. Yacht Club Games Creator on

      @Rolf W Jr: Congrats should be given to everyone here! It's because of our backers that we are getting anywhere!

    10. Yacht Club Games Creator on

      @Drew Newman: plans for the art contest are evolving as the amazing art is coming in and because we can't make up our minds lol. you'll just have to wait and find out!

    11. Missing avatar

      Seth Adams on

      You're welcome! The games looks and sounds awesome, and I'm a huge Mega Man fan - and the game play looks similar in a lot of ways, so I'm super excited about it!

    12. Chris Gronlie on

      Thanks so much for the box guys. Really glad I upgraded to $50.

      Tinker Knight is awesome.

    13. Runcycle Media on

      I will not wait! I must know now! Shut up and take my art!

    14. ThePukaki on

      As far as the art contest, will you guys create a link to some kind of album to let the backer community see what was submitted after the contest is over? I am so curious about all the great art that was submitted to you guys and gals ;D

    15. Dire Birdbrain on

      Hey YCG, I'd love to see you play Battletoads during the live stream. You don't have to do the whole game. Just play until you ragequit level 3 ;) For even more style points do coop mode . . .

    16. Jan Marcano on

      What happened to the post explaining Battle Mode? Is it gonna be local multiplayer? How will it differ between platforms? I might consider getting PC version if it will support 4 player local multiplayer, since the 3DS would probably use local wireless, right?

    17. BladedFalcon on

      Dark Souls Dark Souls DARK SOULS.

      Take a wild guess as to what I'd like you guys to play at the stream :P

      O slender! do you guys have anyone in the team taht gets scared easily? make THEM play for extra fun! :D

    18. Quadraxis14 on

      I would love to see you guys play The Guardian Legend or Blaster Master, those two are pretty much my favorite NES games. If you guys happen to have either of those games I'd love to see em at the livestream! :)

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      Mitchell Nunn on

      Play SCP Containment Breach! Also I request Just Cause 2, just because it's sandbox madness. Perhaps try doing SSBB or Mario party? Or maybe if we wanna go retro: Jazz Jackrabbit 2 or Monster Party? :P You guys are amazing!

    20. Missing avatar

      Mitchell Nunn on

      PONG! I also request pong and breakout/arkanoid. Oh and R-type. :D

    21. Dire Birdbrain on

      @Christopher Guest Oh man, The Guardian Legend! I've never met anybody else who knew about that game, but it was indeed awesome. So many good memories! Blaster Master is great too, but the bubble crab boss in level 5 is just evil incarnate.

      Some good suggestions there for you, YCG!

    22. Lunept_Lundea on

      Tinker Knight? You could say that those who estimate him are tools. He'll tinker his reputation to do away with such foolishness someday.

    23. Joseph La Dow on

      Will there be a way to get a digital version of the soundtrack? I love the music so far but the CD is a little out of my budget right now.

    24. BladedFalcon on

      @Joseph La Dow: Check the main page, in the black letters just below the main video ;)

    25. Diggle Hyde on

      I've tried to draw something, but I'm just not good at it.

    26. Aaron on

      joseph, yes - it'll be pay what you want.

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      Jesús Gordo Martín on

      I would suggest you to play Faxanadu during the live stream, just because it is my favourite game. But it is an obscure game that not many people know or talk about. Why don't you play Mega Man or Duck Tales? ;P

      For some retro multiplayer action, games like Twinbee, Snow Bros. or Bubble Bobble come to mind.

      @Dire Birdbrain: Another one here that played The Guardian Legend! One who also thinks that crab boss in Blaster Master is evil incarnate. ;-)

      When I saw it in Blaster Master Overdrive I was like: "No, not this guy again! I hate giant enemy crabs!" xD But luckily it was easier to defeat him this time around.

    28. Brightstarbeing on

      One of my favorite games from the NES era never gets any love; Conquest of the Crystal Palace pushed the NES to its limits and had a epic soundtrack to boot!

    29. Texcap on

      Thanks for the Trailer Theme! Jeff knocked it out of the park with the Shovel Knight theme! Of course, he does that an awful lot so I shouldn't be surprised at this point. I love how the theme goes from 'orchestral' to 8-bit tunes right around the 44 sec. mark!

      It was a combination on Mr. Kaufman's music, and Shovel Knight jumping triumphantly onto the screen that immediately sold me on the game, and looking back, I can't tell you how grateful I was to have stumbled on the trailer when I did. 230K+ later and look where the little guy has gone! Didn't doubt YCG and Shovel Knight could do it for a second!

    30. Texcap on

      BTW, Tinker Knight is awesome! Sounds like he might not be one of the playable knights given his skill set, but I wouldn't complain if you found a way!

    31. Joseph La Dow on

      Opps. I thought I read something about the soundtrack but was looking in the reward tiers. Good to know.

    32. Missing avatar

      Tony Fraguero on

      Play some Whomp Em on the NES! I'm surprised I haven't seen more references to this game here.

    33. Missing avatar

      Tom Katzman on

      How does Tinker Knight eyes glow like that? Did he tinker with his own body? Is he his own creation?!

    34. Yacht Club Games Creator on

      @ThePukaki: There will be an album!!!
      @Dire birdbrain: LOL, that would be....a very interesting platthrough
      @Jan Marcano: Battle mode is not going to be on the 3DS since wireless net-code is out of our scope for this project. The battle mode isn't fully designed but we'll let you know once it's designed!
      @Joseph La Dow: digital download for the CD will be available early to all backers as a pay-what-you-want format from Jake's bandcamp site.
      @Kathan McCallister: Jake Kaufman is the best!
      @Tom Katzman: Is he is own creation??? possibly....!

    35. Matt Volk on

      Play the games that have inspired you to make this game! All the classic Mega Man games!

    36. Stephen De Carlo on

      I know it's a retro game, but that song made me think: What if you could unlock an orchestrated version of the soundtrack to play through the game with?

    37. Call on

      So many GREAT news !

      You know i am very glad that you promoted Pulse. I saw their kickstarter yesterday and I baked it, 'cause I thought the concept was interesting, I wanted to promote them here, but didn't dare to do it.
      You guys are just medium, you have super powers or something I just don't get it !

      Tinker Knight ! I wonder if the other Knights mock his size or don't dare to do it ?

    38. Missing avatar

      Xardion on

      You guys should have a contest to see who can correctly guess how many messages you'll get saying that you forgot to put the game in their box.

    39. Missing avatar

      Martin Silver on

      Chalk me up for The Guardian Legend too and Blaster Master. No idea how extensive your library is but since someone mentioned Faxanadu, I'll mention something that'd be cool (though not sure if time would permit). Crystalis.


    40. Guilherme João Cerqueira Da Mota Miranda on

      Oh god Tinker Knight! I love Engineer Type characters in videogames. I really want this guy to be playable, but Im afraid he wont be voted in...=(

    41. Nicolas Fourcroy on

      I'm a bit disappointed because on the main page you said that for 10$ we will get the game for PC and you mentioned Steam.
      But today, on the update 18, you said that getting Shovel Knight on Steam isn't 100% sure.
      Yeah I know, it's not the end of the world, I'm only wondering.

    42. Missing avatar

      sammy on

      Even though the 3ds version won't have wifi for multiplayer can you make it so you can play offline with CPUs?

    43. Tillburg on

      I know you showed a mockup last update and this update you confirmed it's happening, but was there an updated prototype somewhere I happened to miss? I'm dangerously excited to see it!

    44. Bryce Winant on

      I voted for the game on Steam Greenlight, this game should totally be on there, I mean have you seen some of the games that have managed to get on steam? Just the trailer to Shovel Knight blows them away.

    45. Luke Muench on

      Will Tinker Knight be abnormally small compared to the other knights, as suggested by the Mega Man-esque picture showing all the members of The Order of No Quarter on your main page?

    46. Missing avatar

      Petar on

      Um, sorry for the dumb question, but how can we download the theme? Or we are NOT supposed too download it?

    47. Yuri on

      8bit music as it should be. Perfect.

    48. Niggles on


    49. Missing avatar

      Petar on

      @ Dominic
      Wow, thanks a bunch!