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A groundbreaking 
love letter to 8 bits!
A groundbreaking love letter to 8 bits!
14,749 backers pledged $311,502 to help bring this project to life.

Update #16: NEW Stretch Goals! PHYSICAL BOX!! and MORE!

Posted by Yacht Club Games (Creator)

Only 3 days left but we’re on fire! Quick, here’s a bunch of new stuff!

Schedule - Don’t forget the Art Contest!

We can’t wait to show everyone all of the amazing art we’ve gotten. Seriously we were laughing and gasping at every one. Send us more, we can’t get enough!!

  • Art Contest Deadline - Thursday, April 11th at 8PM EST/5PM PST - email yours to

  • Also, don't forget our last hurrah! 24 hour live stream starting on Friday, 8PM PST and going until the kickstarter ends!!

Animatin’ with Woz, Episode 3? YES!!

Check out another riveting episode watching Woz move pixels around. The festivities will start at 6PM PST and go for a few hours as he tackles the final animations of the formidable Propeller Knight. Who knows? Perhaps Plague Knight will make an appearance tonight?!?!

Challenge Mode Unlocked!

One of our personal favorites has now been unlocked. We are really excited to bring you challenge mode: a series of gameplay snippets that change up the game and test your skills to the max! Just a couple example:

  • Pacifism - Get through an enemy-infested area without using your shovel!

  • Floor’s Lava - Use your Shovel Drop to bounce across a level without touching the ground.

  • Excavation- Descend downwards, dirt block by dirt block, without ever leaving Shovel Drop.

  • Melee Mayhem - Did you ever want to take on a gang of malicious enemies at once? Too bad! Here, you have to fight a swath of baddies AND progress through a level.

  • Hidden Gems - You have a limited amount of time. Dig up piles, defeat foes, and shovel through dirt to find every hidden gem!

Battle Mode Unlocked!!

When Jonathan Holmes posted an article about how we were excited for battle mode , we were worried that we might never reach this stretch goal and make 4P battle mode a reality. We were sad that maybe Jonathan Holmes was crazy and was going to go bankrupt to finance battle mode, so fanatical was his fervor! But now, Jonathan Holmes doesn’t have to mortgage his house because of YOU! Give yourself a pat on the back, because that was really good of you to do. Also... BATTLE MODE! Get ready for details in an upcoming post!

New Stretch Goals Announced!!

When we put that box on the bottom of the stretch goals there, we didn’t actually think we would get to it. We never imagined that we would have to think frantically in the middle of the night what we were going to announce because the money was coming in too fast for us to keep up! Yet, this is what happened, and so here we are. We can’t promise too much more game, so this is the final bunch of stretch goals! We know they don’t match up to the amounts, but any additional funds will be used to make the entire game better! We are blown away. You guys are incredible!

NOTE: This game is getting to be big! We are entirely focused on delivering the original game by our release date, including stretch goals that are core to the main game. While you’re busy/enthralled with Shovel Knight, we’ll be hard at work on the additional content and modes. As these become ready for prime time we’ll be releasing them via FREE updates! It’s like a Shovel Knight season pass, but you won’t get sick on the rides!


If we reach this stretch goal, then we will make a physical box of the game, which will be mailed free to backers pledging at the $50 tier and above! Plus, ALL backers will receive the digital version, to print or view at your leisure. NOTE: This box art is only a mockup. We might have a surprise or two for the final box art! Johnny Vila, your prayers have been answered :P

3rd Playable Boss Knight!

Call this goal unoriginal, but we don’t care. We’re too excited to play as another boss knight! Let’s get to this pledge level and have one more knight (who will be chosen by the community) make the cut! Rally! For the Order of No Quarter!

All Bosses Playable in Battle Mode!!

If we reach this goal, the entire Order of No Quarter (including the Enchantress herself!) will step into Battle Mode, for the ultimate battle royale. Wild new combat styles abound! Play as your under-appreciated favorite and beat up the more popular knights that got voted into the main campaign!


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    1. Mischa Magyar on

      Well... I could do with an iOS Port! ;-)
      (Preferably universal, but iPhone would be nice! ;-)

    2. Seth Brown on

      Was hoping they would be related to other platforms... *sigh* I want it on PS3 and Vita.

    3. Mischa Magyar on

      How about an additional stretchgoal at let's say 350.000 to allow Jake to create an orchestral version of the soundtrack like in the trailer! ;-)

    4. Missing avatar

      Sean Lane on

      Hi, I just want to leave a a wish that maybe you could do a stretch goal for the art book at a lower price?

      I have done a lot of artbooks for game Kickstarters so far, but $100 is my limit. I understand your art book tier is probably super expensive right now because of low printing amounts, but maybe more people would be willing to give a higher pledge if the art book were at $100? I know I'd up my pledge for that (doing $50 right now).

      I don't know if there's a chance of cheaper printing costs with many more people interested in giving to the game at the moment or not and giving for an art book...

      Anyway, just a wish!

    5. Mark Waynick Jr on

      A couple questions!

      1. If I choose the 3DS version, will I be receiving a box as well or is that only for PC?

      2. Will the 4p Battle Mode be on the 3DS version? I had read it wasn't guaranteed, but wanted to be sure. If it isn't, it seems like the 3DS version won't be the way for me to go.

    6. Stephen De Carlo on

      So, if you play as a boss knight, do you fight yourself as a boss? Or do you fight shovel knight or what?

    7. Andrés Ruiz Bernabeu on

      Wow, this is incredible! I'm very happy to see how this game gets bigger and better every update I read. This physical box gift for +$50 is making me change my pledge from $15 to $60 (so I will also get that beautiful soundtrack :3).

      Please, Yatch Club Games, take into account this unbelievable action of massive trust of the people who funded Shovel Knight and make it happen the best way you can :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Einar on

      What platform will the boxed copy contain, or is it just a box and the game is digital?

    9. David Taebault on

      Can I leave a suggestion for the 3DS lower screen: the option to switch between subweapons by tapping on the screen if you can carry more than one subweapon,

      Or being able to change your control scheme between a Y attack B jump, or a B attack a jump layout. Same could also apply to the Wii U screen when playing on the TV

    10. Missing avatar

      Jacob Esquivel on

      @Mark T Evans
      I read a response from Yacht Club Games to that same question. It WILL be in 3D on the 3DS. As for how they'll do it, I'd imagine it'll done similarly to the 3D Classics. 2.5D is a 2D game with a polygonal engine, correct? I'd doubt they'd essentially rebuild the game from the ground up just for one version of it.

    11. Steven Robinson on

      Now this is how to do a kickstarter, amazing you guys, congrats

    12. bug on


      Also, Yacht Club, it would be great if it were mentioned *at all* on the front page.

    13. Brian Ash on

      Will gender-bent characters be included in the four player battle?

    14. Missing avatar

      Seth Adams on

      I initially backed at the $15 tier for the game on Wii U. Then I upgraded to the $60 tier for the sound track because you have a composer from the Mega Man series on board, and I wanted the sound track. I also wanted the soundtrack and the paper manual because I wanted something physical to represent this game. I already have went as far as buying the button you guys gave out at Pax on eBay. I'm a game collector, and I can't tell you how excited I am to see this is going to have a physical box!!! I can't wait! As stated below though, does it come with a physical copy of the game?

    15. Quadraxis14 on

      These new stretch goals are sexy. LET'S DO IT!

    16. Sadie on

      Alright, I have to admit, that box looks pretty great.

    17. Emmerson Junior Teixeira on

      I just wanna suggest something here given the tremendous amount of support this game is receiving, might sound really silly but would there be a chance to integrate CO-OP mode or something along those lines? I myself really enjoy playing these type of games in co-op its the best. Plus imagine 1P Shovel Knight 2P would be Ms. Shovel Knight. :)

    18. William Michael Schneider on

      @Mark T Evans
      I believe that if you "manage" your pledge and keep the award at $15 but increase the amount of money that you are sending from 15 to 30, you will be able to get two copies of the game. One for the Wii U and one for the 3DS.

    19. William Michael Schneider on

      Free DLC? well that answers my question. Though I have another, since on the Wii U (and hopefully the 3DS before Shovel Knight launches) there is Miiverse, will the Shovel Knight community have another community, where the developers of the game, you guys, post hints/ details about the free DLC? I think that could pull alot of people, who didnt consider buying the game before, into buying the game after they see the hints/ details :) Also, even if you guys dont post hints or details about the free dlc in the Miiverse community, do you intend on being active in the community with all the players? In communities such as Little Inferno and Mighty Switch force, the developers interact with the community from time to time.

    20. Redworthy on

      An actual NES cartridge would be an amazing reward xD

    21. Missing avatar

      Mark T Evans on

      Yeah, I have the same question as many: Now that there is a box, will there be a physical copy of the game? I've pledged $15 now, but I would pledge more if that box came with the actual game.

      Also, will the 3DS version be in 3D? I realize that sounds like a silly question, but I wanted to make sure. And if it's in 3D, will it basically be 2.5D graphics, or flat sprites on different planes like how Nintendo did Excitebike and Kid Icarus 3D Classics? I'm currently torn between 3DS and WiiU versions, so I'd like to be informed as possible before I have to decide.

    22. Norm Huizenga on

      Changed my pledge from $15 to $60. I WANT THAT BOX! I was probably going to anyway because of the soundtrack, but now it's for certain.

    23. Matt EH on

      Add a tier for the physical box and watch the money flood in

    24. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Ratzlaff on

      Considering this is my first backed project I am assuming that if you pledged 50$ now and the stretch goal gets to the $225,000 mark you will be given the physical copy of the game as well, correct?

    25. Johnny Vila on

      My god .... so excited! Hahahahaha!!! Very happy!! Finally!!

      Thanks to everyone who supported my idea and everyone it also not, because all served to always leave it in evidence! ;)

      Thank you Yacht Club Games for listening to my prayers!!

    26. Missing avatar

      Michael Connell

      Er whoops, misread the update, never mind the question

    27. Missing avatar

      Michael Connell

      Does this physical copy only apply to the PC version or will we be able to choose for which platform?

    28. Aaron on

      i dunno, that box art is pretty sexy as is...

      real all in battle mode is/will be great. hopefully it makes it in.

      also, there should be a hidden room with a car (to smash), a timer, and a japanese voice to say Fight!

      keep it up!

    29. Missing avatar

      Matthew Downey on

      SWEET. So, if we're getting a box, does that mean we'll get a physical copy of the game possibly too? :) I'd love a copy to go in the box with the manual and stuff... for my Wii U or something.

    30. Samuel Adams on

      Oh my god stupid Internet connection making me triple post >.< sorry

    31. Samuel Adams on

      Out of curiosity, will you be able to select gender-bent heroes in battle mode??

    32. Seizui on

      Man, this will be awesome if we can get to 300k. All knights playable in battle mode? That'd be sweet.

    33. Samuel Adams on

      Out of curiosity, will you be able to select gender-bent heroes in battle mode??

    34. Matt Lohkamp on

      if you put up a public demo and some kind of sampler for the OST I'm like 95% certain I'll raise my pledge to $60. you guys are fucking rocking this.

    35. Craig Gamache on

      I'm so thrilled to see how well this campaign is going. Any plans to release the game on any other platforms?
      I'd really enjoy playing the game from a couch and don't own a Wii U

    36. paughthead on

      I hope the new stretch goals are reached!!!!
      Pledge up folks!

    37. Chris Gronlie on


    38. Missing avatar

      Stone Gonzales on

      So excited to play this game with all of the stretch goals unlocked now.

    39. Missing avatar

      David Isaac Frohman

      Also what's up with all of the other blacked out knights? and what is King Knight's story?

    40. paughthead on

      200k baby!!!! w00t!!!

      i've been waiting for this announcement all day! ^^

    41. Cat Fight on

      Too bad 4-player battle is irrelevant to anyone who backed for 3ds version. . :/

    42. Missing avatar

      Dorkmaster Flek on

      Holy crap! I have to admit, I did not think you guys would ever reach the top stretch goals! I am absolutely amazed at how much this has blown up over the past week or two. For SHOVEL JUSTICE!!!

    43. Missing avatar

      David Isaac Frohman

      How much to get the entire order of no quarter to be playable outside the battlemode? How much to play the Good Enchantress against the Evil Shovel Knight heading the Order of No Quarter Given?