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A groundbreaking 
love letter to 8 bits!
A groundbreaking love letter to 8 bits!
14,749 backers pledged $311,502 to help bring this project to life.

Update # 15: Stretch Goals! Gifs! and Your Burning Questions, Answered!

Posted by Yacht Club Games (Creator)

Hey Shovel believers! It’s a shorter and later update today because of our Reddit AMA that is going on right now!

Ask us the wildest questions you can think of and tell all your friends to upvote us!

To help sooth the burn, here is a .gif pack of shovel Knight running!

Grab it here!

Alright, Here we go:

Top Game Design Questions FAQ!!

We have been noticing some common game design questions, so we wanted to think the answers through and open up the discussion!

  • Q: How much story is going to be in this game? How will it be told?

    • A: We love story, theme and tone! But we don’t like exposition and excessive narrative. So, some story but with a light touch! In true NES spirit, a little bit of character in the right place can go a long way. There will be some dialog exchanged before a boss battle kicks off and an occasional scene during major events, but we are much more excited about integrating story seamlessly into the game!.

  • Q: What will Shovel Knight use all his treasure for? Will I be able to upgrade my Shovel Knight?

    • A: Yes! There is tons of loot to find and dig up; what better way to spend it than to upgrade Shovel Knight’s armor and equipment? We have been thinking about upgrading subweapons, too! Some stuff will be available for purchase, some items will have to be found. Yes, you will turn another color at some point in the game, and maybe, just maybe, you could combine some items to make more powerful items...

  • Q: How long will the game be? Will it be good for speed running?

    • A: We are looking for a 6-8 hour experience the first time through. Discovery, exploration, and learning the stages will be paramount. But, we want Shovel Knight to be completable by speed runners in one sitting. Think Super Metroid!

  • Q: How will the levels be chosen? Is the game linear or nonlinear?

    • A mix of both!  Levels will be unlocked in waves. When you beat the first level, two open up. When you beat another level, 3 more levels might open up! As you complete the game, it will eventually funnel you back into a single, final set of levels. Our goal is to provide the player with fun and fresh alternatives if they get stuck on a level.

  • Q: Will Shovel Knight get any additional moves? Maybe an up thrust!?!

    • A: We want to keep Shovel Knight’s move set as small and focused as possible... but we love awesome new moves too! We are thinking that any major move additions would be granted via subweapons, so they have attributes both temporary and permanent.

  • Q: You say this game is going to be like Dark Souls. How is it going to be like Dark Souls?

    • A: We love the rhythm of combat in Dark Souls, and the way you feel true fear at facing the unknown. The soul upgrading and death mechanics in that game are also refreshing and wonderful. That palpable tension that comes from fear of death!

Playable Boss Knight 2 Unlocked!

Wow, we are amazed and enthused at how fast these stretch goals are coming... it’s insane. We can now add a new member of the Order of No Quarter to our roster of playable characters, with altered gameplay and story to match! Who will it be? We’ll put it up to a vote when the time comes.

Gender Swap Mode Unlocked!?

ARE YOU READY TO BEND SOME GENDER?  We are so excited!! We know a lot of people were excited about this goal too, AND NOW IT’S HERE! Get ready for a female Shovel Knight as she takes on the Enchanter and his all-female Order of No Quarter! YES! The craziest thing of all is that we might actually close in on our final goals; so let’s all keep it up! We want 4P battle mode so hard we can taste it; and it tastes sweaty!

24 Hour Live Stream Announcement!

Shovel Knight Mania has taken over our lives and yours, so let’s make it official! We’re going to cap our once-in-a-lifetime ride with a 24 hour live stream! We’ll play some Shovel Knight and other games, drum up enthusiasm, and have one last hurrah with our amazing backers before the Kickstarter is complete! It all starts at 8PM PST, Friday, April 12. 24 hours of joy, tears, and laughter. Get ready at:

Game Grumps Play Shovel Knight!

Wow, another big YouTube video of our PAX Demo.  We’re so honored and flattered by their love of it:

Give these guys your support.  We’ve always loved JonTron’s hilarious videos including his love for Bubsy (yes, we’ll make that sequel one day, don’t worry!) and Egoraptor has always impressed us with his humor, animation, and sequelitis videos that perfectly break down things like Mega Man X level design! They run a really cool channel - an entire video with the composer of Grant Kirkhope, all the Sonic ‘06 videos you could dream of, and more really funny battles and playthroughs.  Count me in.

Don’t Forget, Reddit AMA is happening NOW!

Come ask us ANYTHING!


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    1. Devin Trager on

      I'm not sure if you'll be notified of a comment on an older post like this, but I thought of something that might be interesting- What if for the gender swap mode, you still change all of the order, but instead of just making a female shovel knight, you change who got sealed with the amulet in the Tower of Fate? Not sure if it would be viable, since Shield Knight probably doesn't have enough in common to play in a mechanically similar fashion to Shovel Knight, but thought it might at least be an interesting idea to throw out there.

    2. Aaron on

      moar hoarse pleez... tank u.

    3. paughthead on

      Stretch goals have been reached, 200k!!!

    4. Mark Winnington on

      Wow, those stretch goals went fast! Looking forward to the genderswap mode, and would really enjoy a "randomize gender" feature (Shovel Knight fighting the Enchanter and Mole Maiden!). Given what you've shown us, I think you'll handle the gender swaps in a clever and elegant manner. :D
      And now for the bold new features and stretch goals!

    5. Missing avatar

      Michael Contini-Morava on

      For the love of god, please do not make gender swap mode a cutesy joke. And don't bury it in an options menu somewhere, I think it should just be a 'Select your character!' type choice when you start a new game.

      I quite like the idea of a randomizer, too -- Not sure how much it would affect the game text, but it'd be neat to not know which version of a boss is being used in a particular game until you get there.

    6. Runcycle Media on

      You guys are ROCKING OUT! I'm so happy this project is picking up crazy funding speeds in it's final days! I'm sad I've been too busy to check out the livestreams (or still at work typically), but I am excited for design meetings and finishing my art contest entry today. Well done Yacht Club!

    7. Missing avatar


      Clarification: When I say "don't do that" I don't mean don't do the serious option. That's a perfectly viable choice, I mean (if you do mean it as an option for women) don't do the jokes, make changes but makes sure they're appropriate.
      Just want to make sure that my comment wasn't misread.

    8. Missing avatar


      My opinion on gender swap mode is that you need to make a choice and stick with it. Either you want it to be a jokey sort of mode, or you want it to be a serious alternative for female players, you can't have both.
      If you want the jokes, then go all out, rainbows and lollipops and the like. Some people might get offended, but that's the way jokes go.
      If you want a serious alternative, then don't do that. There are few things which are inherently male or female. Women can collect treasure and weapons just like men.
      I'm fairly sure that any attempt to compromise between the two with just end up failing to amuse those who want a joke while still offending who want a serious alternative.

    9. William Michael Schneider on

      The game looks so perfect and looks like it will be alot of fun to play!

    10. Cat Fight on

      Shovel Maiden! As far as the +200k goes, what about an unblockable Shovel Knight "X" armor after completing challenge mode?

    11. Missing avatar

      Martin Silver on

      I'm sorry if this is a stupid question. Will the PC version offer gamepad support of some kind? I'm not aware how difficult or easy it is to do such a thing but it will affect which platform I choose.

      This progress is astounding. I can't wait to see what those ? marks could be.

    12. Missing avatar

      bucen on

      can gender be randomized? Is it possible to be Lord Shovel Knight fighting the Enchanter and his female warrior angels like Mole Maid and Lady Plague.

    13. Missing avatar

      David Isaac Frohman

      I hope that there's an unlockable option to put hearts and rainbows and lolipops in the main game.

    14. Missing avatar

      David Isaac Frohman

      How much money to get all the boss knights unlocked? What's King Knight all about? What about the still blanked out knights? How much to get to play as the Good Enchantress against the Order of No Quarter given headed by the Evil Shovel Knight?

    15. จ่าสิบเอก บารอน ซิมิ on

      just backed

      so how many playable boss ? only 2 ?

    16. Brian Denning on

      I want the grim reaper knight. He looks cool. Maybe Plague knight or one of the unrevealed knights, too.

    17. SethH on

      I really want to play the PAX demo.

    18. Michael Wootton on

      So many congrats to the team, this is really skyrocketing off in the last week!! So happy to see Gender Swap mode get in, that was probably my most wanted. 200k is actually looking pretty feasible at this rate, which is very awesome! :D Go Shovel Knight, gooo!!!

    19. Emmerson Junior Teixeira on

      Wow, way to go guys ! I'm really glad for the gender swap and 2nd playable boss ! This game is gonna be a blast!
      By the way, even though we haven't seen all bosses yet I just gotta say that King Knight is fricken' cool with that Virgil dash-and-slash move...Imagine us being able to have this move if he becomes playable?? ^^

    20. Lunept_Lundea on

      You know, Polar Knight should totally playable because of his past with Shovel Knight. It would be...a cool experience.

      Plague Knight could be interesting due to how he does thing. His gameplay could be sick!

      ...Or maybe Propeller Knight can soar to new heights or will King Knight be the one to rule them all?

      With the puns out the way, go go go! I'm so excited for this game!

    21. Purg on

      As can be seen by people hacking Pauline mode into Donkey Kong, or having Zelda save Link in the original game, I'm pretty sure genderswap mode is a good investment. Looking forward to beating up the Enchanter as Shovelkyrie.

    22. Chris Gronlie on

      The AMA was/is awesome. Thanks guys. Today has been a great day for Shovel Knight fans :)

    23. Missing avatar

      halcyontron on

      Here's my vote that Gender Swap is NOT campy. My wife doesn't want a princess game, nor would my sister want to see pink or rainbows when she goes for high score. My sister used to best me in Sonic 2 and my wife is a champ at Mario 3. They want the same Shovel Knight as they've seen in the videos. Just swapped genders.

    24. Stephen A D Paul on

      Gender Swap mode sounds more amazing then I could have imagined.

    25. Leroy (Larry Capasso) on

      I hope Gender Swap Mode is deliciously campy with hearts and rainbows and lollipops everywhere.

    26. Jacob Barnett on

      Yay! I'm so excited to see this game world come to life!