Shovel Knight

by Yacht Club Games

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    1. Johnny Vila on

      Com'on more success in this final stretch! A lot of money, great updates and...... PHYSICAL EDITION. ;)

    2. Dharma Mauricio on

      How do I pronounce "hoerse"?

    3. David Anderson Bell III on

      I think it's like "Coerce". It's fun to say!

    4. Wayne Griffin on

      We're so close to playable boss knight, I can almost taste it (it tastes like victory, btw). I was thinking about the playable boss knight and gender swap stretch goals and I wondered if we might get a gender swap playable boss mode in which we play as the enchantress in her quest to stop Shovel Knight from foiling her plans. It'd be like playing the game in reverse from the villain's point of view.

    5. Nathan Black on

      Oh hell yeah I'm going to start work tonight on some art great idea thanks again guys and gals.

    6. Seizui on

      Niiice! Can't wait to see the artwork that people will put up. And it looks like we're close to the playable boss, too!

    7. Alex Adams on

      Flying rats... it sounds familiar, as if it were from an old dream...

      Did anyone on the team by any chance play a game called "Pathways into Darkness?"

    8. Anthony Gallichand on

      All this is amazing! Although, I won't watch game previews on Youtube. Why? Because I want to keep the level undiscovered for me until I really can play it!! :)

      And now that we really boost in the pledge, I can't wait to see where we will end! Only future will tell us! :D

    9. Brian Denning on

      ENB is actually the reason I found you guys. He's one of my favorites; his Dark Souls videos are fantastic.

      So, you can thank him for my $101.

    10. Yacht Club Games Creator on

      @Johnny Vila: Even more success!!! Check out the stretch goals
      @Dharma Mauricio and David Anderson Bell III: David is absolutely right....I think....or maybe it's Who-ers?
      @Wayne Griffin: That's a very interesting take on the gender swap that i hadn't really considered!
      @Nathan Black:Looking forward to it!
      @Seizui: We made it!
      @Alex Adams: Not that I'm aware of but does it have awesome flying rats in it?
      @Anthony Gallichand: If you won't watch it then you have to make all your friends, family, neighbors, classmates, dogs (both yours and theirs), cats (both yours and theirs) and iguanas (both yours and theirs) watch it!
      @Brian McBehrer: We will, but also thank you! The support means everything to us!

    11. BladedFalcon on

      Augh! I missed Virt's stream yesterday, Fridays are just not kind to my schedule >.<

      Still, watched the archived stream today, Propeller man's theme is soooo good! I specially love the beginning! I don't think I've heard many 8-bit tracks pull that kind of effect!

    12. Yacht Club Games Creator on

      @Alejandro del Rio Verduzco: We'll figure out how to put the chat on stream so, in the future, you miss as little as possible!

    13. Missing avatar

      Tabari Durham on

      More stretch goals are being reached this is a miracle! Congratulations once again!

    14. Call on

      Adam S designs are just EPIC XD !!!

    15. BladedFalcon on

      @Yacht Club Games : That would be awesome, thanks!

      But seriously... I can't stop listening to Jake's work, I really love what he has done taht far, and that new song is just stuck in me head. He really worked some serious magic taht Friday!

    16. Isaac Solum on

      For gender swap mode do you think that you could make the "two knight versions" slightly different gameplay wise a la Super Mario Bros. 2? Like maybe female Shovel Knight can hover for a tiny bit (use shovel as a propeller?) but has a lower shovel jump than male Shovel Knight?

      Could be a fun way to spice up the gameplay.

    17. Chris Gronlie on

      Good luck on the contest everyone! :)

    18. Anthony Gallichand on


      Don't worry about that! :D I already showed your Kickstarter page and made them watch your preview video on it!

      I even posted on Facebook so that all my friends can see your game! I just don't think about watching videos on Youtube because I want to keep all the levels, so this one too, a secret to me before I play it :D

    19. Alex Adams on

      @Yacht Club Games: If you consider flying rats that will swarm you if you have your flashlight on " We Can See In The Dark... Can You?" as awesome, then yeah. They are referred as "rat-things" and "Stoopid-Rat-Things."

      Here's a picture of one: