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A groundbreaking 
love letter to 8 bits!
A groundbreaking love letter to 8 bits!
14,749 backers pledged $311,502 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by Yacht Club Games (Creator)

"This is the first time I'm working on a Western game! It's quite exciting! Shovel Knight and I are a good fit. So... let's get shovelin'?" - Manami Matsumae

With trembling fingers, we type those words. But it’s true! Manami Matsumae, the legendary composer of Mega Man and U.N. Squadron (among many others), is going to compose two songs for Shovel Knight!

The composer of Mega Man... the composer of the Elec Man Theme...

...the Cut Man Theme...

...Nitro Man’s stage from Mega Man 10...

Incredible music! She even made the original sound effects. The sound of Mega Man dying? The sound of the boss doors opening and closing? The sounds that have permanent residence in your brain and ours? Manami Matsumae is responsible! And now, she is going to be writing two songs for Shovel Knight. We are beyond excited.

Matsumae's music perfectly captured the tone for Mega Man and all of its sequels. She is a master of injecting personality into a stage or character through her music. We are humbled so greatly to have her contribute to the creative force of Shovel Knight!

This awesome collaboration has been made possible by The Koopa Soundworks team, who reached out to us with this opportunity. They also have a great interview with Manami on their site. Please check it out and give them and Manami all of your love, they are the best!

In honor of this momentous occasion, Yacht Club Games will be streaming Mega Man tonight, starting at 5PM Pacific Time! Get in here and let’s listen to some great music and play some great games!

P.S. Jake is now doubly excited for his composition livestream , so come join the fun tomorrow at 5PM Pacific Time:



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    1. Levi Flaman on

      This looks like a neat game. I'm sure I could chip in ten bucks to help in the development...

      Oh, what's that? Manami Matsumae is composing a couple of songs for the game? Make that sixty bucks.

    2. Rowe Schlosser on

      Oh man, now I'm even more pumped for this.

    3. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    4. Missing avatar

      Jamal Collins on

      Wow, it's awesome to see that these indie games are getting the attention of some big names. First Skull Girls swung the composer of Castlevania and now this. Even more hyped for this game now.

    5. Anthony Miller on

      (Like Neo from The Matrix) Whoa... After all these years I learn that it was a female who composed those wonderful memorable tunes. Amazing.

    6. Missing avatar

      Xardion on

      The joke is that the only theme I really like from Megaman 10 was Nitro Man's.

    7. Joseph Le May


    8. Berto on

      This is perfect news, Manami's work is remarkable and Yacht Club is shaping up to be an exciting one-of-a-kind developer.

      Shovel Knight mania is in the air! SHOVEL IT!

    9. lizard81288 on

      That is pure awesome!

    10. Michael Robert Thurman on

      A couple of questions! Is there anyway the backers could get the ability to play the demo from PAX, after the funding period is over? Please! We are dying here! Second, I'm leaving for an LDS mission to Argentina for two years, starting in July. Will I still be able to use the code I get for the Wii U version of the game when I get back? Hope to hear from you soon!

    11. Simon M Greaves on

      Matsumae doing the whole OST would be better then everything on the Stretch Goal list.

    12. Alex Adams on

      WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    13. Kirk Chen on

      this news makes me SO HAPPY!

      how many countless hours have i spent already listening to her masterful work? (i had/played/loved UN Squadron too!)

    14. Wayne Griffin on

      This is appropriate since Shovel Knight seems to be an excellent Capcombination of Mega Man and Duck Tales. I am so glad I pledged at the soundtrack CD level.

    15. Mohammed Taher on

      We wrote a blog post at Koopa Soundworks detailing a bit of the process:

      When Manami composed the legendary Nitro Man's Theme for Mega Man 10 in 2010, all she had seen was the character design. That's it! For Shovel Knight, we're really giving her the absolute best exposure. She's going to be knee-deep in the process, just like the old days. Yeah, she's in Japan and the Yacht Club Games team are in the US, but that's why we're here.


    16. Seth Brown on

      That's exciting

    17. Yacht Club Games Creator on

      @Trent Edward Phillip Lewis: We cannot wait to give it to you!
      @Calliopé Nguyen: It's getting crazy! Thanks for the support! Tell all your friends!
      @donald barnard: That is great to hear! We'd love to put it on all the consoles and once we have the announced platforms supported, we'll be branching out and putting Shovel Knight on as many other platforms as possible!

    18. donald barnard on

      Will this game eventually get ported to xbox and ps3? Because id like to have it on all consoles so I can support it on those to

    19. Call on

      You guys rocks, enough said !

      And... WHAT ???? 102 000 $ ???? Where was I last night ? I hope you will get to 160 000 so we can have the Big Bog & the Gender Swap functions !

    20. Trent Lewis on

      Congratulations guys and girls of Yacht Club Games!
      Cant wait for this epic game to come out!

    21. Yacht Club Games Creator on

      @Lim Hoe Kit: We are equally blown away!
      @Style over Substance: 本当に素晴らしい!! ( I hope that reads well)
      @Alejandro del Rio Verduzco: It's gonna be awesome!
      @Banni Ibrahim: That was one of the last things we were expecting to tell you guys!
      @WindigoTP: We wouldn't want to use up all the awesomeness in the universe that quickly!
      @Brandon M. Paul: I have very dextrous big toes, so i hope that will be enough to look like 4 thumbs way up!
      @Bradson Goldie: Yeah...and that Nitro man music......*tears*
      @Josh: Absolutely! EVERY backer will have early access to the pay-what-you-want album on Jake's bandcamp site.
      @Anthony Gallichand: Thank you Anthony, I hope the game lives up to the praise you guys are giving it!
      @Alex: The people she was working with over at got in contact with us (Mohammed Taher is a supporter and in a bunch of the comments) hoping to support the game in a way they could best! Isn't that crazy!
      @Jake Kaufman: That sounds amazing jake...sometimes I wonder if you ever sleep!
      @Emmerson Junior Teixeira: It's gonna be a crazy experience but I'm glad you are along for the ride!
      @Jokebit: Their dirt piles are high and growing!
      @egmcary: SO glad you are ready for the music as we are!

    22. Missing avatar

      egmcary on

      Oh god, this is amazing! So so so so stoked about this game! Definitely going to up my pledge to get the soundtrack now, that's just fantastic!

    23. Missing avatar

      Jokebit on

      New Game + baby! Those programmers just got more dirt to shovel!

    24. Emmerson Junior Teixeira on

      When you guys first said that Jake Kaufman was in charge of music I instantly became hyped because the soundtrack for ''Double Dragon Neon'' was amazing. This announcement just might convince me to up my pledge to get the OST CD with the game! Congrats guys and all the best to the legendary Manami Matsumae. ^ ^

    25. Jake Kaufman on

      "@Alejandro del Rio Verduzco: Jake is probably the most excited out of all of us! He's going to be working with one of the legends in the industry. "

      Truer words never spoken. I would gladly yield the entire soundtrack and merely offer technical help, and watch+listen in awe. The opportunity to actually collaborate is a freaking dream come true! Once her tracks are written, in addition to transcribing them for the game (into genuine Nintendo Sound Format!) I will -- time permitting -- do standalone arrangements with full production and live instrumentation. Maybe a few of my own tracks, too, I dunno if you can imagine Pridemoor Keep with guitar shredding, but I can. :)

    26. Missing avatar

      Alex on

      Jesus Christ! How did you hook her in? Why did she decide to join in? I get the "spiritual successor to Mega Man/Ducktales," but please, details!

    27. Anthony Gallichand on

      Wow!! That announcement is amazing! :D
      The more update you add, the more the game becomes amazing! You deserve that success though!

    28. Josh on

      Congrats Yacht Club! Do you have any plans for a digital download of the soundtrack?

    29. Missing avatar

      Bradson Goldie on

      Holy Cut-Man's stage! Until this post I had no idea, but she's one of my favorite chiptune people ever!

    30. Brandon M. Paul on

      I wish I had more hands so I could give this four thumbs WAY UP.

    31. WindigoTP on

      Probably the most awesome news!
      After that I can start dreaming about you collaborate with Michiru Yamane as well. In such case the level of awesomeness would be beyond infinity :)

    32. Banni Ibrahim on


      Wow, that was one of the least things I was expecting, incredible.

    33. BladedFalcon on

      Man... I was already excited for the soundtrack... but now? wow, so glad that my pledge already includes the physical copy! so awesome! :D

    34. saiqlo on


    35. Onery on

      Mind. Blown. Still can't believe this news even now. How you got her to compose some of your music is beyond imagination! Great news indeed!


    36. Yacht Club Games Creator on

      @Matthew Fry: Yeah Manami Matsumae is great and that album looks amazing!
      @William Michael Schneider: That's really encouraging to hear!
      @William Cass: That CD is going to be prominently displayed in our collections as well!

    37. William Cass on

      This is FANTASTICAL news! Way to go, Yacht Club Games! I've been listening to Manami's work since I was a kid thanks to her work on Mega Man, and I've been listening to Jake's work since the days. THE MEETING OF TWO MUSIC LEGENDS! This is ridiculously exciting for me. Consider my pledge upped - I want that soundtrack CD! :)

    38. William Michael Schneider on

      This game just keeps getting better and better, I feel the urge to pledge another 15 dollars (so that I can get a 3DS copy along with the Wii U copy :P) because of this!

    39. Missing avatar

      Matthew Fry on

      That's friggin amazing! I'm now anxiously awaiting the World 1-2 album that she's contributing to for Koopa Soundworks too!

    40. Yacht Club Games Creator on

      @Olufemi Akinbode: we would never kid about something like that!
      @Timothy: we are glad to meet your expectations! I hope the game will blow them out of the water!

    41. Chris Gronlie on

      Awesome news!!!!!!

    42. Missing avatar

      Timothy on

      It seems that every piece of news regarding Shovel Knight is better than the one before. Thank you Yacht Club Team for keeping your word about daily updates. You have proven your ability to deliver on promises and I am convinced that you will deliver a stellar game. I can't friggin wait.

    43. Missing avatar

      Olufemi Akinbode on

      Delicious icing! This is something I would have never guessed. You guys really weren't kidding about today's surprise update.

    44. Yacht Club Games Creator on

      @Matthew Boychuk: Such delicious, melodic, chip-tunesy frosting!
      @Kyle Dumouchelle: That is absolutely the correct response! As far as which megaman game? In honor of the announcement Megaman 1 is definitely going to happen but who knows after that? And yes, Nitro man theme>most other things

    45. Yacht Club Games Creator on

      @frederic tarabout : Soooooo crazy!
      @Alejandro del Rio Verduzco: We are so excited to see what magic comes out of this new partnership!
      @paughthead: ! That's close to our initial reactions as well!

    46. Kyle Dumouchelle on

      Correct response:
      For some reason I was expecting the reverse to happen. Great news nonetheless.

      Is it the original Megaman you are going to stream or are you going to choose one from the original series?

      Big fan of the Nitro Man theme.

    47. Matthew Boychuk on

      I already thought having Jake Kaufman do the music was incredible, this is incredibly tasty icing on the cake. You guys have a guaranteed amazing soundtrack.

    48. Yacht Club Games Creator on

      @Mohammed Taher: We are equally excited to be working with her thanks to you and your team! Everyone should go check out what they are doing over at Koopa Soundworks!

    49. Yacht Club Games Creator on

      @Johnny Vila: sorry it wasn't a physical version but this is more exciting right?
      @Doomspeaker: haha that's great!
      @Ryan Bell: *highfive*

    50. slot9 on

      Great news!