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A groundbreaking 
love letter to 8 bits!
A groundbreaking love letter to 8 bits!
14,749 backers pledged $311,502 to help bring this project to life.

New Tiers! New Options! Jake "Virt" Kaufman LIVESTREAM!!

Posted by Yacht Club Games (Creator)

Hey Shovelheads, it's that time again. Let's jump in, shall we?

Jake Kaufman Livestream on Friday!!

Jake Kaufman, the greatest musician to have ever been to my house, will be composing LIVE, this Friday at 5PM Pacific Time! That’s right, he is going to be writing music for Shovel Knight LIVE, while the rest of us answer questions and gaze on in awe. It's bound to be crazy, so get excited! In the meantime, check out the boss and title themes for Shovel Knight ( at the bottom of the update )!

It will be here:

Animatin’ with Woz: Volume 2

Our resident pixel guru, Woz, will be livestreaming TONIGHT at 7PM Pacific Time. He’s gonna be working on Propeller Knight animations. We had blast last time, so get in here and join the fun!

It will be here:

Now you can get more copies of Shovel Knight!*

You asked and we answered: you can now get an additional copy of Shovel Knight! If you add $15 to your pledge ( at any tier! ), and we will send you an additional code or download of Shovel Knight for the platform of your choosing ( currently PC, Wii U, or 3DS)! You can mix and match too! Is that cool or what? Here’s how:

*maximum of 10 copies total per person. Yes, we know that it’s silly to say that.

We’re sorry if this whole thing is confusing, but Kickstarter doesn’t allow you to edit the tiers after the fact, so it’s the best we can do!

New Super Deluxe Dirt Tier!

It appears dirt from the Shovel Knight kingdom has become a rare, precious commodity. The best economists in the world have informed us that there’s only one option: the price of dirt must skyrocket!!  For the outrageous price of $1 more, you can take that 3rd mortgage on your house to be part of the exclusive dirt club.  Not only is this dirt now a rare delicacy, but it also gives you that satisfying, all too familiar feeling of “Boy, am I glad I got around those stringent trade regulations”.  Something no other Kickstarter project can provide!

(In case you didn’t see it before, this tier also comes with a secret in the game only you will be told!)

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    1. Tarik on

      Music sounds awesome guys. Getting pumped.

    2. Missing avatar

      Stephen Reeves on

      Just got a chance to listen to those two sound bites. It made me feel like I was once agin in the middle of a 1980's video arcade!!! REALLY looking forward to the game and keep up the good work!!!

    3. Missing avatar

      Jokebit on

      That was a great stream, very fun. It seemed Woz was ready to hit us upside down head because we wouldn't get the name of those pants correct. <--

      Great work animating Propeller! Talking about upside down, are you gonna animate it?

    4. Robert on

      Nice, that boss theme sounds like mega man meets retro city rampage.

    5. William Michael Schneider on

      I'm a pledger now! Cant wait to get it.

    6. Brandon M. Paul on

      Dat theme song. Man, it never gets old.

    7. Yacht Club Games Creator on

      @David Payne: You know it!
      @gabriel del castillo: It's all dirt from the Shovel Knight Shovel Kingdom! The extra tier is just a way for us too up the limit.
      @Christopher D. Jacobson: We don't have final numbers on what the game will cost, but the $15 right now is both support for the kickstarter as well as pre-ordering another copy so don't read in to the final price too much based on the update here.
      @Alejandro del Rio Verduzco, Drew Newman and Kyle Dumouchelle: don't worry! There's no discernable difference. I'm told only dirt aficionados can really distinguish between the two kinds of dirt!
      @Stephen De Carlo: glad you like it!

    8. Stephen De Carlo on

      The theme for this game is so excellent.

    9. Runcycle Media on

      Oh my god more Music at the bottom. >>jams to a one and half minute track set to loop for the next 5 days<<

      That dirt offer confuses the bee jesus out of me. But I also like secrets.... RGHHHH. Will probably bump my pledge soon.

    10. BladedFalcon on

      I just pledged to get the original dirt, lol, is the super-deluxe one any special, because if so, I'll totally up my pledge with that extra 1 dollar there! :P

      (Seriously though, that one is really just an extension of the $100 tier right? nothing really that different, I'm guessing?)

    11. Kyle Dumouchelle on

      @Christopher. They guesstimated $10 as an eShop price, so I would just put down the money now with the extra $5 to help towards the stretch goals.

    12. Kyle Dumouchelle on

      Boss theme sounds great!

      What's the difference between the regular dirt and the super deluxe dirt?

    13. Missing avatar

      Christopher D. Jacobson on

      Any estimate on what the game will be priced for non-backers? I'm thinking I'd like to play the game on Wii U but I don't have that yet, only a 3DS, so a later U purchase might be down the road. But I'm wondering if it's expected to cost the same as the extra $15 that backers can throw in.

    14. Gift of Gab on

      So if we add $1 to our current pledge we can get dirt from the Shovel Knight Kingdom?

    15. David Payne on

      is this the same Jake Kaufman I worked with @ Volition?

    16. Eric Fizzpop on

      Looking forward to the live-streams this week! Sounds like they will be a good time :-). Love the music as always Virt.