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A groundbreaking 
love letter to 8 bits!
A groundbreaking love letter to 8 bits!
14,749 backers pledged $311,502 to help bring this project to life.

The Enchantress and Music Player!

Posted by Yacht Club Games (Creator)

Hello again everyone! This update will be a bit more low key as members of the team are taking today to spend time with their family and loved ones. We hope your weekend is going well too! Be sure to keep an eye out later this week, however, as we begin to roll out more update details than ever before!

Aced The First Stretch Goal - Music Player For All!

Shovel Knight has dug right through the soft soil of the first stretch goal which means Music Player (and Extras) for everyone! We have a lot of exciting music news which we’ll detail in tomorrow’s update. Until then thank you all for keeping up the momentum!

New Backer Options Incoming...!

We’ve been reading all of your feedback regarding new backer options, reward tiers, and all kinds of exciting stuff. We’d like to formally announce that...we will finally have more information about this in tomorrow's update!

Introducing: The Enchantress

Of all the monsters roaming Shovel Knight’s world, none are as dangerous as the Enchantress. Cold, brilliant, and pulsing with vile power, the Enchantress is a preternatural force. Her Order of No Quarter carries out her will with ruthless might, although her origins remain shrouded in mystery. With a loyal army under her command, she is more than a match for a solitary knight with a lowly shovel... or so she assumes!

Pros: intelligence, magical prowess, healthy glow
Cons: no sense of humor, seems sad sometimes...


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    1. Missing avatar

      Andrew Sarkarati on

      disclaimer: i work for disney, but don't worry, i didn't see nothing!

    2. Missing avatar

      Andrew Sarkarati on

      enchantress is rad! but don't let disney find out--she looks A LOT like maleficent from sleeping beauty.

    3. Runcycle Media on

      I'll second Nathans comment. I'm a poster nut. Perhaps a paper 24x36 around the 100$ tier and the 350 is a vinyl/fabric? Even 18x24 would be tempting. There's a bit of a bottleneck at the 25$ and 60$ levels that could be boosted somehow I'm sure. Thanks for taking the time to update!

    4. Louis De Jager on

      I just considered something. I pledged $15 for a future WiiU version and am extremely excited about the game. However, I am in South Africa and have to use the UK Nintendo E-shop. Please tell me Shovel Knight will come out in the UK/EU the same time as the US!!

    5. Texcap on

      Wa-Hoo, and congratulations on the first stretch goal, with 12-days left to go this is going to be fun to watch. On that note, what do we have to do to get a print of that awesome Crowsmack image!? Perhaps it could be something backer's could add on as a purchase at any tier? Anyhow, loved the Enchantress reveal!

    6. Alex Adams on

      Congrats for reaching your first stretch goal! I more want the achievements and the new game+, but with 12 days away, I'm sure you'll reach them too! Keep up the good work!

    7. Kirk Chen on

      seriously, i LOVE your character descriptions. the humor that goes into the telling of the story, the original concept video, and all the updates makes me so happy to back you guys.

      it's freaking MONDAY, and i'm smiling after reading this and going back over your previous updates. awesome job, guys!

    8. Peter Jacob on

      @ Stephen /) So watch out!

    9. Stephen De Carlo on

      An evil enchantress, eh? By any chance, does she do any of the following things?
      - evil dances
      - put you in trances
      - mix up evil brews
      - gobble you up in a big tasty stew

    10. Yacht Club Games Creator on

      @Kyle: I'm fixing the gif right now!
      @Nathan: We are always talking about ways for the supporters to donate so don't doubt we have something cooking up!
      @Ryan: Thanks! and you better believe the game will explore all that mysteriousness!
      @Clayton: I hope we don't let you down!

    11. Missing avatar

      Clayton Moquet on

      Congrats guys! Glad to see that this stretch goal was already met! Hoping for many more goodies to come! :)

    12. Ryan Bell on

      Happy Easter and good job on the first stretch goal being accomplished. The Enchantress looks great, I wonder if the game will explore her mysteriousness at all.

    13. Nathan Black on

      Badass Ladies and Gentleman I think we need more rewards for a print or poster less than the current $350? Maybe? If we get to 100,000 it can be included for a lower tier I'll up my $25, I know you like the idea lets do it!

    14. Kyle Dumouchelle on

      I had a feeling you were just waiting to break 80k to post this. Anyway, congrats.

    15. BladedFalcon on

      @Kyle Dumouchelle

      I'd think they would kyle, give them a little room to breathe! :P

      Anyway, congratulations for breaking the first stretch goal, here's to break even many more!

    16. Kyle Dumouchelle on

      Will you update the stretch goal gif?