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A groundbreaking 
love letter to 8 bits!
A groundbreaking love letter to 8 bits!
14,749 backers pledged $311,502 to help bring this project to life.

Update # 4: Stretch Goals, Streams, and Wallpaper!

Posted by Yacht Club Games (Creator)

First up, make sure to check out our live stream of Shovel Knight Gameplay, happening at 5PM Pacific time!

If you missed the stream last night, it will be up soon on our youtube channel, as will our future streams:

Next, here, as promised, is a really amazing piece of art.

This take on the campfire scene was done by Crowsmack, the artist that also made some super cool wallpapers for Dark Souls! It’s a total honor to have this poster; check out the Kotaku press on his work:

And check out his other art too! That Knight Solaire is adorable!

Finally, it looks like Shovel Knight may be close to funding! A MILLION thank-yous to everyone that backed and helped spread the word. Now, after consulting with the community, we are ready to announce our stretch goals, so take a look!

Wait... What are Stretch Goals?

Stretch goals are extra content that we can accomplish if the funding goals are met. For instance, if we hit 200,000, then we will have enough resources to implement a 4 player battle mode! It’s not to say we will won’t see these features in the future some time (don’t be too worried! ), but if we reach the stretch goals, we can promise them with confidence! Here is a description of the stretch goals:

Music Player

Sound Test! Adds an in-game music player that lets you listen to all of your favorite Shovel Knight tunes. Collect song scrolls in the levels and take them to the bard, who will play them for you with perfect accuracy! We might even have some special, hidden songs... You’ll also be able to hear all the SFX samples, but we don’t know how the bard does that.


We tend to like achievements because they change the way you play the game! This stretch goal will add a bevy of achievements to ALL VERSIONS of the game.  These aren’t just going to be stock achievements; they will be creative and wonderful. Can you beat Shovel Knight without losing a life? Prove it!

New Game Plus

Start the game over with your weapons and items fully upgraded. However… enemies are going to be tougher, resources more scarce, and new challenges may arise. With new game plus, it’s like a whole new game! Kind of! +!

Playable Boss Knight

Play the full game as a member of the Order of No Quarter! If we meet this stretch goal, we’ll hold a vote to see who it will be. Expect the game to play differently! For example, Propeller Knight could have the ability to hover for short distances, but would be a low health ‘glass cannon’ of sorts. Even the story and dialog will change a little bit to reflect the changes!

Linux / Mac Versions

Want to play Shovel Knight on your weirdo computer? Many folks have asked for Linux and Mac versions. We hope to support Mac and Linux either way, but this goal makes it happen for sure, and in a more timely fashion (hopefully in 2013!).

Gender Swap Mode!

We want Shovel Knight to be enjoyable by boys and girls of all ages, everywhere. With this mode, the main characters’ genders will be swapped, giving us a chance to do it before the internet has a chance to. The story will also change a bit to reflect the changes. Can you defeat the Evil Enchanter?

Challenge Mode

Adds a comprehensive batch of challenge rooms  to Shovel Knight. In this mode, Shovel Knight will be tasked with a variety of mini-quests like “defeat all the enemies!” or “reach the goal in time!”. Expect things like pacifism challenges and other rules-benders… and expect some tough-as-nails challenges too!

4 Player Battle Mode!*

We’ve talked a ton about multiplayer for Shovel Knight. While full-on multiplayer is out of the scope of this project, we could totally do 4 player couch co-op battles! Imagine playing as Shovel Knight ( or any of the extra playable knights ) and duking it out in the arena! Several modes would be ideal:

·         Cash collecting, where you fight for treasure that appears in the level. Knock your buddy to make gems fall out and collect them!

·         Racing, where all players would have to make their way to the end of a stage

·         Last man standing, where the only goal is to slash mercilessly… to the bitter end!

*This is couch co-op only, not online. We hope to bring this feature to all platforms, but the 3DS isn’t guaranteed because multiplayer is Wi-Fi only.

Get excited! The Kickstarter campaign is half done!


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    1. finallyanime on

      I wish connectivity wouldn't be relegated to local :( I don't have any friends to sit on a couch :( or a couch...or friends :((( life's hard after an accident *cue violins*

    2. Missing avatar

      Kristoffer Justice Copon on

      swap playable boss knight for mac and linux stretch goals positions ;D

    3. Missing avatar

      Michael Pianta on

      You made it! YAY!!!

    4. Kyle Dumouchelle on

      @Aaron: I believe many people suggested it, including me. However I particularly said play as Polar Knight but I think this works better.

    5. Aaron Pinsley on

      I feel weirdly proud that my suggestion for "play as a boss" mode was added as a stretch goal. Here, have 50% more pledge

    6. nico on

      yay for weirdo computers! :D

      awesome stretch goals! let's get the word out!

    7. Missing avatar

      nas1m on

      Nice videos and stretch goals!
      Can you share which tool Woz is using for drawing in the videos? That would be very interesting (to me at least = p).

    8. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      Let's hope for Linux version! :)

    9. Berto on

      Bleh, I missed the stream last night. All these stretch goals are awesome, I really hope we make it passed playable boss knight!

      Also, I read on Destructoid you guys are thinking of mount ideas for Shovel Knight. I used to work at a golf course and the first tools that came to mind were a mattock, a weeder (, and a turf edger. Hell, even a pole-pruner would be a great concept for a horse :p

    10. Missing avatar

      Stephen Maden on

      Just wanted to say those pixel art videos were awesome, keep them coming please! The stretch goals are great. You guys are doing a great job here. This is going to be fantastic.

    11. Joe Odran Doran on

      hell yes to the gender swap!

    12. WindigoTP on

      I hope Music Player will allow not just to listen all of ingame music tracks, but to set any of unlocked ones to any level of the game. Like in CV: Dracula X Chronicles.

    13. Aaron on

      @yacht club games

      you should totally have a hidden stage where you have to smash a car in 60 seconds... cause that makes so much sense.... right?

    14. Aaron on

      more playable characters sounds awesome, and i'd love it if you could use different characters in the 4 player vs mode. smash bros is what immediately came to mind for me to, but i'm sure it'll be good.

    15. Kyle Dumouchelle on

      @Yacht Club: Alright.

      Also, the shovel sharpening should totally be a minigame.

    16. Yacht Club Games Creator on

      @Jeff: think more like super mario war! basically taking the mechanics already existing in game, and making them competitive.
      @Drew Newman, Andrés Ruiz Bernabeu, Jordan, Robert, Kyle Dumouchelle, and Kevin Griffin: Glad you are liking our stretch goal plans!
      @Stephen G Matthews: I hope we get it too!
      @Kyle Dumouchelle: not being able to do multiplayer on the 3ds isn't about the hardware, it's just that any amount of multiplayer on the handhelds is netcode, which is something we can't really tackle for this project.
      @Kristoffer Justice Copon: Thanks for the support!
      @Abe Bly, Michael Pianta: I hope we get there!
      @Kyle Dumouchelle: I hope we can get there too! I'm really looking forward to that.
      @Frank: You are totally welcome! Check out the artists' website too:

    17. Missing avatar

      Frank on

      Thank you guys for the videos and artwork. They're amazing!

    18. Kyle Dumouchelle on

      I'd be satisfied with having a boss knight playable.

    19. Missing avatar

      Michael Pianta on

      Gender Swap Mode! I want so baaaad! Everybody, this is what we're aiming for! Go, go go!!1

    20. Sabrina Carlyle on

      Gah... why does Gender Swap mode have to be so high?

    21. Missing avatar

      Kristoffer Justice Copon on

      Stretch goals for Mac are hella high =[ oh well, good luck guys! Wish u all the best!

    22. Kyle Dumouchelle on

      @Kevin: It was stated that all kickstarters get access to purchase the soundtrack earlier than the general public, so I would assume that it is available for purchase.

      It was also stated that the physical soundtrack, a kickstarter reward, would have exclusive stuff inside.

    23. Kevin Griffin on

      These are great stretch goals, and seeing them all laid out makes me want to increase my pledge amount now!

      Are you guys going to be releasing the soundtrack digitally after the game comes out? I want to know if I should get the physical one here.

    24. Kyle Dumouchelle on

      Also, the 3DS can do local multiplayer. There are single card versions (only 1 person needs a copy) which has fallen out of favor recently and multi-card versions (each player needs a copy).

    25. Missing avatar

      S G Matthews on

      Well, I kept my word, here's hoping it helps reach that Mac goal.

    26. Kyle Dumouchelle on

      Sweet jesus, those stretch goals...

    27. Robert on

      Pretty cool stuff guys. I'd say 80k is well within reach for the music and hopefully it at least gets up to 115.

      challenge mode sounds very good though. :)

    28. Missing avatar

      Jordan on

      Some very good stretch goals there, wish I could pledge more than I can afford already. I really hope it makes it to at least $100,000 as New Game+ would be excellent, plus the music player would be very welcome.

      Good luck guys!

    29. Andrés Ruiz Bernabeu on

      Challenge mode sounds VERY INTERESTING! And New Game Plus adds a good replay value. The Music Player is totally welcome as Shovel Knight's music sounds that great!

      And if the 4 player battle mode stretch goal gets reached, I'd have to think better which version should I choose: 3DS for having a portable Shovel Knight or Wii U for battling with my friends.

    30. Runcycle Media on

      Love the New Game Plus. Parasite Eve 2 had me playing for months because of their unlock-able modes that were mercilessly difficult.

      Gender Swap AWESOME.

      Music Player, Yes please.

      These stretch goals are spaced nicely, and I think placing a 4 player battle mode at the 200,000 mark is a great move. Should have a real affect on the pledge arc as this campaign reaches the final days!

    31. Kyle Covino on

      Oh man, I like where these stretch goals are going.

    32. Jeff on

      I imagine the 4 player battle mode to be a Smash Bros. style mode, is it??? Please?

    33. Adam Gordon on

      Gender swap mode!! This makes me so happy. Let's get there!