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A groundbreaking 
love letter to 8 bits!
A groundbreaking love letter to 8 bits!
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Update #3: Pixel Time!

Posted by Yacht Club Games (Creator)

Hey everybody! It’s time for a Shovel Knight update! Let’s dig in.

First off, here’s a couple of moody wallpapers; one of our hero gazing into the distance, and one of a camping scene. (They look small, but they are big, just right-click and save!)

Some of you may be wondering what the significance of the bonfire is. Well, this scene serves as a footnote upon completing each stage. Here, staring into the flickering flames, Shovel Knight ponders his true goal... being reunited with his lost beloved. These wallpapers are really cool... but we have an even better one for tomorrow.

Next up, we are excited to announce “Animatin’ with Woz”, a series of streams, debuting later tonight! During these streams, you will watch Woz, pixel modeler and animator, as he meticulously works at his craft. Tonight, he’s doing some animations of Propeller Knight! Here’s an example of a few animations already in the game:

These would look great posted all over the internet. I bet you can’t wait to see them being made pixel by pixel...IN REAL TIME!!!!! ← catch it here! 8 PM Pacific Time!

Lastly, we wanted to talk about stretch goals. It looks like Shovel Knight may reach its funding goal (We just hit 65K!), and if it does, we want to have some really cool stretch goals! We have an outline of stuff we wanna do, but we want to hear your opinions too! What would you like to see in Shovel Knight stretch goals?

PS - For those of you that missed PAX, here are a bunch of links to the coverage.  If your favorite site didn’t cover us, email them and tell them you want SHOVEL JUSTICE!,2817,2417065,00.asp


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    1. Robert on

      I'm not familiar with Albus Mode, but in GC, Clive is saving ms. Johnson. You play as Ms. Johnson to save clive and she's slower, but has a float like Princess Peach. There's also a 3rd locked character from the game that's completely different and cannot attack so it turns the game into a very strategic rhythm experience.

      Sounds similar though where each play style brings something different to the table and gives you a different experience. I think anything along those lines with a boss or character from the story that changes up the gameplay is cool.

    2. Kyle Dumouchelle on

      I would prefer something more along the lines of an "Albus Mode" (found in C:OoE) where you can play as another story relevant character with a different playstyle. Then again I've never played Gunman Clive so I don't know if that is similar.

    3. Robert on

      Ms. Shovel mode would be cool. I enjoyed how that was done in Gunman Clive with the 3 characters and levels of difficulty.

      - Streetpass: Would probably be fun, I just never get enough of these to make it worth my while.

    4. Kyle Dumouchelle on

      @Gaijin: I like what I read. I was thinking the same thing although if they take notes from Mega Man the onslaught could be part of the final levels. Still should have a seperate mode.

      @Andres: As much as I love Streetpass, I'm not sure how effective it would be considering I barely get streepass for the major titles, let alone my more niche games. I also haven't seen any non-retail game have it. Achievements sound fun but for Wii U and 3DS versions you would need to have it built in-game like with Kid Icarus.

      Level editor sounds hell of a lot of fun but that sounds like one of the more complicated possibilities.

    5. Kyle Dumouchelle on

      @Brandson: What do you mean? Guitars are awesome! Can you imagine how powerful the Shovel Knight would be if he had the Power of Rock?

    6. Axel Droxler on

      It's mostly all been said, but for me the most tempting - and realistic - ones would be:

      - Ms. Shovel Knight is a great idea. Just inverting the roles really, she'd have to rescue Mr. Shovel Knight. She might as well be available from the start. Ideally, she would control slightly differently from the regular Shovel Knight (in the same vein as Mario and Luigi).

      - Having extra challenges sounds good, you can reuse parts of some levels and modify the enemies there, making all sorts of mini-trials using different rules like time-attack, survival, enemy waves, etc.

      - Hidden collectibles, unique upgrades would also add depth and replayability. And an unlockable extra hard secret level once you've got 100% completion, naturally! ;)

    7. GaijinGuyJim on

      What about some post-game content?

      Like a Boss Onslaught Mode? (Fight each boss back-to-back with only minimal health increases between rounds.)

      Maybe a new armor skin(s) for you second playthrough or after collecting all of X (jewels, orbs, etc), like maybe Golden Armor, or maybe just a Golden Shovel skin?

      Or take a nod from LoZ: Ocarina of Time, and do a Master Quest Mode for a second playthrough (basically, just flip the levels and increase the difficulty).

      Basically just some things that give people an incentive to play the game multiple times. :D

    8. Missing avatar

      aett on

      I think an "infinite stage" mode like Mega Man 9 and 10 had as DLC would be great. If you're unaware of the concept, they had a couple dozen short level segments using already-existing assets from the game, and whenever you moved into a new area, you were taken to another random level segment. After every 10 segments or so you would fight a random boss. The idea, of course, is to see how many screens you can complete before dying. It was a lot of fun and doesn't seem like too much work to add.

      In addition, I want to say that I also love the Ms. Shovel Knight and achievement ideas, as well as the Mega Man Powered Up concept of being able to play as each of the bosses with their own unique style of control as an additional challenge.

    9. Andrés Ruiz Bernabeu on

      I really would consider increasing my pledge if some of these ideas become stretch goals!

    10. Andrés Ruiz Bernabeu on

      I love these ideas from the comments below:

      - Multiplayer (Zelda Four Swords like would be awesome, but other type would be welcome too).

      - Mac/Linux support.
      - Achievements (good ones, not like "Oh, you've jumped for the first time" and that kind of stuff, or impossible ones like "beat the game 644950258923*pi times").

      - Level editor (I love level editors! This lengthens the game's life to infinity, and even better if players can submit their own levels).

      And here some of my ideas I haven't seen in the comments:

      - Some kind of "Gold Rush mode" like New Super Mario Bros. 2 where players all over the world could collect gold/gems or whatever is collected in the game and make a global amount with some objectives (when 1 million reached, unlock something...)

      - Nintendo 3DS StreetPass. I know that this is very platform-specific, but it could be very fun if well used!

      - Survival/endless mode. Thinking about some sort of Binding of Isaac's gameplay (with lots of random stuff) or Another Castle, but endless with the objective of keeping alive the most as you can (this could be a "colisseum" scenario and enemies appearing constantly) or reaching as far as you could (similar to Jetpack Joyride, for example, but with your unique gameplay).

      I know most of these ideas are difficult and/or imply a lot of work, but hey, it would be awesome if some of them appear in the final version =)

    11. Max Covill on

      Love these ideas the most:

      1. Ms. Shovel Knight
      2. Mac Support
      3. Achievements

    12. Joe Odran Doran on

      For a stretch goal, how about a female Shovel Knight as a playable character? She wouldn't have to handle any differently from the male knight, but it would be a cool touch of diversity.

      Gunman Clive recently did this, and it was nice to have the choice, plus it's more inclusive for female gamers who like to have a protagonist the same gender as them.

    13. Missing avatar

      Bradson Goldie on

      I would love a mode where Shovel Knight gets handed something dumb (guitar, cane, rubber chicken) that replaces his shovel and then he has to use this temporary weapon to complete challenge rooms.

    14. WindigoTP on

      Since the game itself is already paying a tribute to various classic games, it would be nice there will be some "tribute-modes" which will unlocks after completing a game and in which Knight will wield some weapon frome the games that gives you an inspiration. Some Shovel-Buster or a whip with a shovel as sub-weapon. Yes, you're already have Dracula-esque King Knight, gimme a whip as well. :D

      Or as many already had said - a possibility to play as boss, like in Mega Man Powered Up. :)

    15. Kevin Griffin on

      #1 Mac & Linux support!

      #2 Unlockable costumes and character sprites! (Could still use shovel)

      #3 Those other things that people said!
      (Sound Test sounded cool.)

    16. Matthew Henning

      I agree with @Jaime - Huge fan of New Game+ and additional characters (for replay value)

    17. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      The most important thing is Linux support!

    18. Missing avatar

      S G Matthews on

      By far, most important stretch is Mac support... I'd quadruple my pledge right now for that... Beyond that, I'd really like a statue or figurine of the Knight. I don't even collect that kind of thing usually, but I really like his design.

    19. Yacht Club Games Creator on

      Wow, these are all such great ideas. I'll post a response to everyone tomorrow but keep em coming! We are reading everything!

    20. Runcycle Media on

      I'd be happy with a stretch goal with added boss levels leading to the Enchantress ala some of those early Megaman games.

      Also, a mini-game to get more coins or special items would be fun like the pipeline game in bioshock, or any of the games from golden saucer in FF7. Perhaps Shovel Knight indulges in some Shovel Ball or some mini digging game(remember Zelda: link to the past?) while his wounds from the previous boss fight heal?

      Commemorative game case with disc and printed instruction booklet would also be a nice collectible, especially if yall end up releasing for PS3, XBLive or whatnot.

      And last random idea. Perhaps Shovel Knight's beloved has their own short quest near the end of the game, so they can meet Shovel Knight half way with a separate and unique set of skills. He's doing so much work ya know!

      Animations looking great! Thanks for the update!

    21. Missing avatar

      Jaime Ugarte on

      I love your project goals. I say for stretch goals:
      -Boss Rush Mode
      -New Game +
      -Second Character

    22. Missing avatar

      Tabari Durham on

      I believe the best idea for a stretch goal would be a New Game + mode. It will add a very deep level of replay ability to the game.

    23. Missing avatar

      Seth Adams on

      -multiplayer (Contra style)

      -boss rush mode

    24. Max Mielecki on

      I'd love to see a Mac version for Stretch Goals. After that, i'd say add in XBLA and PSN, then finally some extra levels and whatnot. But first do a Mac version. Specifically because i only have a Mac and don't have 3DS or Wii U. (Yet.)

    25. Missing avatar

      Frank on

      For stretch goals, palette swaps and new game+ are always good ideas in my book.

    26. Leroy (Larry Capasso) on

      Ms. Shovel Knight as a selectable character would be a good stretch goal. Or just alternate palettes to be able to pick (where pink is an option).

    27. Missing avatar

      Teague Guy on

      for reach goals
      - a time trial mode on stages that have been beaten before
      - alternate armor colors (if you want to emulate old school megaman you could make defeated boss color themes)
      - a few comments mention difficulty: harder modes have a shorter shovel (or a spade for highest difficulty)
      - taunts? i always enjoy seeing creative taunts.

      Love the project guys! and good work getting the word out at PAX!

    28. Emmerson Junior Teixeira on

      How about a New Game+ idea? I don't know if this game will have some collectables and whatnot but it's always fun to have some deep replay value especially for a game as awesome-looking as this one.

      Also, I do support the ideas of the others; Sound Test and challenge modes would be cool. Oh and a harder difficulty unlockable would be nice, some games are too soft nowadays! Not saying this is the case with Shovel Knight though. It just looks amazing fun. =)

    29. Robert on

      Nice backgrounds and animations and congrats on 65k!

      I know it's a longshot, but online four swords would be the stuff.

      I'm also always a sucker for merch like a coffee cup. Perhaps that's better left for post-launch.

    30. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    31. Ryan Cole on

      Oooh, I agree with Aaron! That feature in Mega Man Powered Up was great. I'd love to strut around the stages as King Knight.

    32. Missing avatar

      TJ Lawrence on

      How about a sidekick like Rush in the Mega Man games?
      Different level layout (randomly generated?) or more difficult enemies/bosses on a second play through?

      Also I've got to echo some of the previous suggestions as I feel they would add an extra scoop of awesomeness:
      - Four Swords-esque multiplayer mode - On the Wii U this would be incredible.
      - Boss Rush Mode
      - Challenges

    33. Gift of Gab on

      I like the 'play as a boss(after defeated) in the game' idea, but I noticed in the video that some of the bosses are ginormous so that might not be practical. I think itd be cool if you guys could make a deca/vinyl sticker that we can put on our pc/wii u/3ds

    34. Ryan Cole on

      Oops, I meant "First", not "Forst". lol

    35. Ryan Cole on

      Stretch Goals:

      - Forst and foremost, availability on XBLA. Maybe even the Mac, but I'd prefer to be able to play the game on my TV with my surround sound.. Hell, I just wanna be able to play the game and all, and I only have Xbox 360 and a Mac laptop.

      - A Sound Test would be amazing!!

      - A nice little "after credits" scene teasing Shovel Knight 2! Yep, I'm looking forward to this becoming the next classic game series, is that so bad? Haha.

    36. Aaron Pinsley on

      Boss rush has been said a few times, and that's great, but if you played MegaMan Powered Up on PSP, it did one better: after beating a boss, you could then use that boss to play through the game. It wasn't exactly... balanced, but man, it was tons of fun to play as Cut Man.

    37. Missing avatar

      Andrew B Darby on

      Here are some stretch goal ideas (taken from some of my favorite 8bit games)

      1. Sound Test. I always enjoyed unlocking sound tests in old nes games and listening to all the tunes. This one would be easy and since soundtracks are only being offered at $60 and above (and they're physical discs) I don't think it would eat into donations

      2. Challenges. One of my favorite things about Mega Man 9 and 10 is how they added challenges to the gameplay. It extends the game while providing some variation.

      3. Boss Rush. I think everyone looks forward to the Wily stage 3 boss rushes in Mega Man. I'd like to see some variation on them though; maybe some added conditions thrown in?

    38. Ryan Bell on

      I don't know how many MOBs are in the game besides the games bosses but I would just ask for more MOBs.

    39. nico on

      Linux please! =D

      also, online versus mode where players can pick one of the Knights and face off in a battle chamber! @_@

    40. Kyle Dumouchelle on

      @Antonio: I would assume so as it says "debuting later tonight" in the article.

    41. Antonio Mora-Abalos on ← catch it here! 8 PM Pacific Time! , Does this take place tonight?

    42. Kyle Dumouchelle on

      I just noticed that operation rainfall has made an article on this. I never realized that after their mission was complete they became a game press site.

    43. Missing avatar

      Doomspeaker on

      Going to steal those two poitns from Luis Henrique da Costa ;P

      - Level creator
      - Extra game modes like boss rush mode, harder difficulties or challenges.

    44. Kyle Dumouchelle on

      Wallpapers are mildly interesting but I think they lack color IMO. Will stick with my current one.

      Stretch Goals: Muliplayer, Leaderboard, and possibly Polar Knight playable in a separate mode?

    45. Brian Allanson on


    46. Stéphane Lemay on

      You silly moose: the wallpapers are HD resolution, 1920x1080. Try saving them and look carefully!

    47. Henrique on

      Ideas for stretch goals:

      - Level creator
      - Extra game modes like boss rush mode, harder difficulties or challenges.
      - Four Swords-esque multiplayer mode :)

    48. Matt Lohkamp on

      what are these... wallpapers for ants?

      ... though I spose being pixelated means it's super easy to scale up to whatever resolution, to be fair. :]