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A groundbreaking love letter to 8 bits! Read more

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This project was successfully funded on April 13, 2013.

A groundbreaking love letter to 8 bits!

Happy Holidays from Shovel Knight, 2014’s Game of the Year!!!

The end of the year approaching means that it’s Game Award season! And wow, so far we have had a great run! To our surprise and delight, Shovel Knight was chosen as Indie Game of the Year at the Game Awards. You can hear our heartfelt acceptance speech here, and we even mentioned our Kickstarter Backers!! We love you guys <3

 We’ve also been nominated and are winning many other awards! If you see any other Game of the Year Polls, make sure to vote for Shovel Knight! Some of you have already answered the call! The Last of Us has earned over 200 game of the year awards… think we can beat them? 

This Year, Give the Gift of Shovel Knight! 

It’s gift-giving season, and we have heard that many of you would like to give Shovel Knight to friends and loved ones. We wholeheartedly recommend this, but there is just no good way to wrap up our digital game in present form!! Therefore, we now present to you the Official Shovel Knight Gift Card Holder. Simply print this out on a nice paper or card stock of your choosing, and slip a Nintendo eShop card into the holder. Viola! If you don’t have a card, then just write a nice message inside to let them know they got Shovel Knight!! Check it!

Click This Link for the Full Size Version!!

And finally, if you do this… please take pictures and send them to us!! We would love to see your beautiful packages and reactions!! 

Stretch Goal Content: Plague Knight Update! 

The pedal is to the proverbial metal on Plague Knight! We are working full time on update content (Plague Knight, Body Swap Mode, and Battle Mode!), and it’s shaping up to be amazing. The Plague Knight campaign will be the first content released, and it’s feeling like a whole new adventure already! A new relic system! New characters and bosses! Remixed content! On that subject, we’re going to share a little detail. Mona, who runs the potion minigame in the village, will have a vastly expanded role.... Here is a peek at the design process so far! 

Kickstarter Rewards - Adventures in Postage

We’ve almost entirely vanquished the mighty task that is Kickstarter Rewards! After sending out packages rapid fire, non-stop, we can finally move around the office again! Mistakes and moves can happen and so we have had a handful of packages bounce back to us. We’ll continue to contact bounced package backers via email to straighten out the details. If you’re checking your mailbox and wondering where your rewards are then check your inbox instead! Here are a few notes on remaining rewards: 

  •  Posters - We have these in hand and will be sending them out within the week. They’re tubed up and ready to go! 
  •  Artbook (digital and physical) - This one will not be released until all new art for the Stretch Goal Updates has been made. New knights, objects, places, concepts, and more await. We also have an extra special surprise lined up, so keep an artistic eye out for this one! 

Shovel Knight Digs into the Playstation platforms! 

Maybe you haven’t heard the exciting news, but Shovel Knight is branching out on to other platforms for adventure. Early next year, Shovel Knight will make his debut on Playstation platforms: PS3, PS4, and PSVita! Along with this extremely exciting development in the legend of Shovel Knight, a guest character that you are all familiar with will be meeting our stalwart, blue knight: Kratos from the God of War series! 

For more info, check out our website post about it! 

That’s all for now! If you’re hungry for more day-to-day Shovel Knight then be sure to check our Website, Facebook, and Twitter. See you all next year! 

Shovel Knight Wii U/3DS is out now in European and Australian regions!


Fire up those eShops! The moment is finally here! Shovel Knight is now available for download on European and Australian region Nintendo systems!

For backers, if you responded to our region survey then obtaining your game is as easy as re-visiting your voucher page on Humble Store. Access your original key download page or, if you made a Humble Account, log in to your account to obtain your Shovel Knight download key. Note for our Australian backers: Nintendo is generating the codes right now - so it may be an hour or so before they become available. Once you have your Shovel Knight key, you can redeem it on your system’s eShop! If you have any questions about the process, be sure to contact us at for the most immediate of responses.

Platform specific instructions:

How to redeem a game on 3DS

How to redeem a game on Wii U

Europe/Australia: EXCLUSIVE LIMITED EDITION: Shovel Knight 3DS - Launch Theme!

You may have heard that we’ve created a fancy 3DS Theme to keep your system glowing True Shovel Blue at all hours of the day. Well, we’re happy to announce that this 3DS theme is available for FREE to anyone who owns Shovel Knight on the 3DS on European or Australian region systems! Whether you’re redeeming a backer code or just purchased the game, you’ll receive a gift voucher for downloading the theme. Act quick! This offer is only available for one week (until November 13th). This is only available for players who have access to the European and Australian region eShops. For everyone else out there, don’t worry! This won’t be our final foray into the world of digital themes. We’ll see if we can top our own handiwork and make a new theme available to everyone! 

NOTE: We received word from Nintendo that there could be an unexpected delay in the theme activation process which is to be resolved by tomorrow at the latest. If you’re seeing a “content does not exist” error when redeeming your code, then sit tight for now. Your code is still valid but the store just needs a little bit more time to update.

For more info:

Cross Platform Discount - 3DS <-> Wii U

So many announcements! Have you heard about our cross platform discount? Here’s how it works: if you buy Shovel Knight on the 3DS or Wii U on the EU/AU eShop, you’ll get a discount for purchasing it on the other platform! If you redeem a backer code, you’ll also be eligible for this discount!

 For more info:

A Thank You

It’s been a long road since the Shovel Knight Kickstarter went live back in April of 2013. We hit some setbacks, made some mistakes, and wrangled with a lot of new challenges along the way. We also enjoyed sharing new ideas ( characters, worlds, gameplay, or features) with everyone right as they were being made (sometimes in real time!). While not perfect, we hope that you have enjoyed being a backer on the Shovel Knight project. We’re not even done yet! We have a few more physical rewards to go and a barrage of free Updates to will into existence! We’ll be tweaking and tuning the game in all sorts of strange ways with entirely new characters and modes. With the groundwork laid out and the game released, we expect these Updates to reach all players simultaneously! Join us as we make our original stretch goal list a reality!

Now Shipping - International Rewards!

With Shovel Knight released internationally, we’re set to complete shipping out the final batch of physical rewards to all backers around the world! We’re filling out customs forms and sending out all sorts of goodies all this week, so keep an eye out! We had a handful of our domestic packages bounce back, so we’ll also be in contact with a few of you to see if we have your most up to date addresses!

Shirt Design Contest Results Are In!

We just wrapped up a “submit your own design” contest with welovefine! So many great pieces of all different types and styles! Check out the results here and maybe pick up a shirt or two!

We have lots more physical goodies incoming! Check out the new mousepads that just went live, and more here:

EU/AU Wii U and 3DS Releasing in November! Need your help!


Hey Shovelonians! Believe it or not, we can finally confirm that Shovel Knight will be releasing in Europe and Australia in November for the Wii U and 3DS!! We are working on pinning down the exact day still, but the wait is almost over.

Kickstarter unfortunately doesn’t know if you live in Europe or Australia (or what your system regions are), so we need everyone to go to their Humble download page and fill out a survey so we can distribute Nintendo codes properly once the game is out! If you are expecting a backer copy of Shovel Knight on a European or Australian region Nintendo system then please follow the steps below as soon as you can! Within the week if possible!

  • Visit and enter your backer email. This is the email you sent us in the original Kickstarter survey. If you don’t remember filling that out, then try your Kickstarter account email. This will send you an email with the download page links for Shovel Knight. Or as an alternative, go to your Humble ( and log into your account.
  • Open the download page for your Shovel Knight key
  • Click the link that says “Click here for your Shovel Knight Nintendo Key Voucher”
  • Click the voucher link that appears.
  • Fill out the form and click submit.
  • You’re done! If you’re in Australia or Europe, you should be receiving a code for your 3DS or Wii U copy of Shovel Knight when it is released in November.

Thank you European and Australian region players for hanging in there with us for so long. We learned some new things and have a wealth of ideas for how we can improve on in the future. We’re truly sorry for the delay.

ThinkGeek Foam Shovel! 

It’s been a long time coming, but our friends at Thinkgeek have finished putting the final touches on a masterpiece. Hewn in foam, the mighty ShovelBlade is here just in time for Halloween! The beautifully realized foam Shovel created by ThinkGeek is now available for sale:

To see it a bit more in motion, check out the following video which announced its unveiling! 

We’re so excited for all the merchandise that’s coming down the pipe, so keep your eyes peeled!

The Adventure Continues!

While the clock ticks down to November, we’re going to get back to our next big update: Plague Knight’s Campaign! Get ready to bomb and blast through an entirely new story as the melancholy marauder!

 That’s all for now! We love you xoxoxoxo!

Linux Shovel Knight is OUT!!!! Jobs! Contest Winners!


Hey! You there! Shovel Knight is now available on Linux through Steam! No longer must you brave the perils of emulators, virtual machines, dual booting, or what-have-you to do battle against the forces of evil. Now that Windows, Mac and Linux are all released, you can play Shovel Knight on your system(s) of choice! For those who obtained the game through Humble Bundle or GOG, we’ll be uploading new standalone Linux builds later today. 

Europe/Australia - Certification! 

Have you been keeping an eye on our International Status page? If not, we’re happy to tell you that Shovel Knight has already been submitted for Europe and Australian certification for the Wii U and 3DS...way, way back on September 19th! The game has been out the door and now we’re left playing the waiting game as the game is put through its paces. We’re expecting to hear back sometime soon with an all-too real release date. Our gut instincts would tell us to expect a mid-November release but we don’t know for sure quite yet! 

Even More Rewards Are On The Way!

We’re sending out more and more physical Kickstarter rewards to all you backers every day! Dirt and all! Keep an eye on your mailbox as we’ll soon be completing the last and final shipments before October is out! 

If you just got your awesome new box, here's a handy tutorial on how to fold it, courtesy of Woz. Marvel at those big meaty hands!


Man, it’s rough having a hit game on your hands. We are totally up to our eyes in work, even though we are working every second! New regions, new platforms, new content, new modes, new games...we want to do it all! We’ll level with you - we have way too much to do. That’s why we need your help. Are you the best, most qualified, most talented person to join the Yacht Club?

Head to Our Jobs Page for a much more thorough breakdown of the job description. Send your resume and everything to See you in our inbox! 

“Praise us for Prizes” Contest Winners! 

Wow, we got lots of great entries! It was hard to sort through them all to decide who the best winner was… but we did it! Here’s the results! 

 Winner!: LordJackal and his JackalMen with Shovel Knight: A Dramedy in Seven Acts:

This entry stands above the rest for its full production scope and silly script!!

Other honorable mentions: 

Dr. Hendricks and his hauntingly engaging guitar solo:

Gaijin Goombah with this collection of Haikus about the game:…

Bubblesisshot46853 and his lyrical take on the propeller knight theme:… 

Ryne Sorensen’s and his time lapse woodwork in creating a Plague Knight staff!

That's it for now, Shovelers and Shovelettes! We love you!

Mac Version is OUT!!


After way too long, the Mac version of Shovel Knight is OUT!! Get your shiny device ready for the best app to hit Apple yet!!

Steam Users - Just log in to your account and start playing!

Humble Store and - We’ll be uploading new builds shortly. Keep an eye out!

And don’t worry, Tux fans, Linux is coming so very soon!

European Version Update!

EU / AUS submissions are imminent! We are so sorry this has taken so long… and we are preemptively sorry on how much longer it’s going to take!

Physical Rewards are being boxed up!

At long last, rewards are being packed up, put into boxes, addressed and labelled! Boxes, CDs, Manuals, Design Cards, Dirt Letters, AHHH! We’re going to send them out next week! Here are some pictures of the chaos of shipping 1500 packages!!

 Contest Winners will be announced soon!

We’re buried, but we haven’t forgotten the Praise us for Prizes Contest! We have some great entries… and we’ll announce winners in our next update!