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Update #41

Home Stretch and...It's PAX Time Again!


Shovel Knight Progress Update

We can see the light at the end of the tunnel! Shovel Knight is essentially complete, as we continue to polish and fix bugs that crop up. These little changes have made huge improvements in these final days. It’s so close! As production winds down, we’ll have a stable candidate for each version of the game for submission: and then we can announce a final release date! Stay tuned, and enjoy this icy screen shot:

PAX East Is Upon Us! 

One year ago, Shovel Knight made its first playable debut at PAX East. Our Kickstarter campaign had not yet ended as we watched Shovel Knight storm castle Pridemoor and defeat King Knight countless times. Now, one year later, we're prepared for 2014! We’ll be in Boston, April 11th to the 13th, at Booth 997! We’ll have Shovel Knight on TVs and on the 3DS, in case you wanted to experience the portable stereoscopic magic. Be sure to stop by our booth to say hello, play through the final version of the game, and pick up some all new buttons or a shirt! Or we could just talk about video games. Everyone here is way behind on their gaming backlog though, so try not to spoil anything, especially about Dark Souls II! 

Shovel Knight Shirts Now Available! 

Yacht Club Games is happy to announce that we have our first merchandise available through a partnership with Welovefine! From Star Wars to Marvel to Adventure Time to... Shovel Knight! Check em out, and cover your body with what’s sure to be GOTY 2014! 

 Kickstarter Collaboration Alert: Hex Heroes! 

Check out this new Kickstarter by our friends over at Prismatic Games! If you are a Wii U owner, and love party games, Hex Heroes is tailor made for you (it’ll be on PC too!). And guess who’ll be making a cameo appearance? 

Not only will our beloved Blue Burrower bring Shovel Justice to the playing field, you’ll also find that Juan from Guacamelee, Lady Faye IV from Rogue Legacy, Subject W from Paradise Lost: First Contact, Max from Mutant Mudds, and Rusty from SteamWorld Dig will all be joining our hero in this quest for Party RTS ( Par-tee-ess ) action. And that list is still growing! 

On top of that mountain of awesome, Grant Kirkhope, composer of the amazing music found in Banjo-Kazooie, Donkey Kong 64, and Perfect Dark (among other classics) will be composing the music for Hex Heroes! We are really excited about this project and think you should be too! Check out their new video over at their Kickstarter page, and let’s make Hex Heroes real! 

That’s all for now, everyone! Hope to see you at PAX!

Update #40

Delay Extravaganza! And other cool stuff!

Hello Shovelers and Shovelettes! There are only a couple weeks until Shovel Knight’s release date of March 31. The crew at the Yacht Club is tired; we’ve been working literally every day, and every waking hour, to make the game great. But! We’re just not quite there yet.

So, we hemmed and hawed, and made a Super Important Executive Decision. This update is to let everyone know that Shovel Knight will be missing March 31 by a few weeks to make sure it’s a world class experience, and can release on all platforms simultaneously. This isn’t a major delay, or a long one; it’s simply a stretch of time to get everything polished and aligned. While major development is quickly drawing to a close, there are still some external factors, like submission preparation, which need a little bit more breathing room before the game goes live. 

We don’t want to announce another release date until it's 100% locked in with both Nintendo and Steam, so please sit tight… we’ll announce a new, final release date very soon.  But the game is like… so done! Here’s what we’re working on in our feverish final hours: 

  • Dialogue and scripted events are being finalized 
  • Finishing touches put on level design for the final levels 
  • Overall game balancing 
  • Platform specific standards so everything runs smoothly on your system of choice! 
  • Testing, testing, testing… on all platforms! 

Steam Controller Support - You Can Help NOW!

Supporting controllers on Steam is hard! If you have a controller that doesn’t work with Steam, you can go here to help us: Controller Binding Page

and if you wanted to be even MORE helpful, you could try out all your other weirdo controllers and enter them too! Each controller that you enter, we can make work with Shovel Knight on Steam and PC! Here are the controllers we have so far: Controller Binding Database

Shovel Knight at BitSummit! 

BitSummit is a Japanese Indie game event. Our friends over at 8-4 were tearing it up at BitSummit in Kyoto, introducing some awesome upcoming games to Japan: Super Time Force, Rogue Legacy and Shovel Knight! The team from Inticreates (developers of Mighty No. 9) was on deck too, and they played! 

Here’s a shot of Koji Imaeda, Director of Mighty No. 9, finishing the demo! Nice job! He said he’s excited to play more! 

Kimo Kimo (One of Inti’s amazing artists) is checking it out too! 

and here’s Manami Matsumae ( who, as I’m sure you remember, composed two tracks! ) enjoying the game. 

Matsumae-San also took to the stage to perform a live set that included tracks from both Mighty No. 9 and Shovel Knight!

ARGH SO AWESOME WE WISH WE WERE THERE! Much love to the team at 8-4 for bringing Shovel Knight to Japan for the first time!!

Another Screen and More Fancy Art! 

We know nothing can soothe the sting of this delay (trust us, it extends our crunch mode too!), but what if we showed you a cool new screen shot? That’s right, Shovel Knight has a town! (or maybe even towns!?)

And we’ll leave you with one last piece. This is a planning sketch for a box cover that we didn’t go with. 

Just imagine the staggering presence of the final box art...

That’s it for this time, Yacht Clubbers. Let the comment flurry begin!

Update #39

This Is The Humble Store Email! And Manual Preview!


Backer Keys Are Ready!

How goes it, Shovelers? The Humble Store transfer has been completed successfully! A big thank you to Shannon and everyone at Humble Store for a job well done!

What does this mean for all of you backers out there? You can now confirm your platform, bookmark your key page, and/or add Shovel Knight to your Humble Store Library! Just head over to the link below and enter your email address:

You will then be taken to page which contains links to all of your Humble keys. Once the game is released you’ll be able to visit these same pages to download the PC version or receive a code to download Shovel Knight on your platform(s) of choice (Steam, 3DS, Wii U).

When I click the button, it says that keys are temporarily exhausted for this product.

That's just database lingo for "The game is not out yet"! Once the game is released, you can use that button to receive a code for your copy!

What Email Address?

  • Kickstarter Backers: Enter the email you provided during the survey for “Email for game delivery”. You can review your survey by following the link on the right side of the page under your pledge level on the Shovel Knight Kickstarter page.
  • Paypal Backers: Enter the email associated with your Paypal account.

I Need to Change My Email Address!

Contact and they’ll see to it that your copy is headed in the right e-direction.

Something is wrong with my platforms!

We did our best to keep everything up to date but mistakes happen! Contact to talk through the finer details.

The Humble-na-what now? What’s that?

If you want to read more information about Humble Store, visit our Humble Store FAQ. We can also answer your questions at

Shovel Knight’s DevQuest Continues!

It’s not over yet! The Yacht Club Games team is putting their hearts, minds, muscle, and free time into this final stretch to see Shovel Knight prepared for release! Quality Assurance is underway, manuals are being written (both electronic and physical), box art is being drafted, and we are making one last pass over every stage of the game so to that its at the highest level of shovel excellence. Here’s a sneak peak at the Shovel Knight manual:

Manual Preview!

Update #38

Alpha! Web Site! Trailer! and more!


Shovel Knight Unearths Alpha

We hit alpha this week! Wooo! While this is exciting news for us, lots of people were left scratching their heads… what exactly is an Alpha, you ask?

That answer changes a lot depending on the studio, but for us it means we have first pass completion of all content in the game. All features are implemented. All levels are playable. All bosses are fightable. All items are gettable! Everything is there. You can play the entire game from front to back. It’s all real!

The next step is heading towards beta. For us, beta means we will have all of that content finished, and the only outstanding issues in the game will be fixing small bugs and issues that remain. In the remaining weeks, our time will be spent doing playthroughs, playtesting, balance, iteration, polish, dialog, localization, testing, certification...exciting stuff. The polish that happens now is one of the most important phases of development!

And if you’re wondering why it took so long, let’s just say the game got a lot bigger than we originally intended, and we think everyone will be happy with that! To celebrate this achievement, we created a NEW TRAILER...but you can’t see it here...keep reading...

The new is up!

 Did you ever look at our web site and think it was a little… lacking? Maybe it was ironically bad, and we needed some spinning skull gifs or a harsher color scheme to really make your eyes hurt. Yeah, we knew it wasn’t so great…

Well, bleed from your eyes no more! We have totally retooled our web site into a destination for all things Yacht Club and Shovel Knight related! Videos, news, streaming schedules, character spotlights, insight into our design process, blogs about games, and general video game love will all be present here. We have a few posts already up there to start us off! So come on! Visit the new site! We'll be mirroring all of our Kickstarter updates here, as well as lots of other fun stuff.


A moment of great excitement has occurred. To see the new trailer, go to our blog post about it!

Shovel Knight is the Cover of Nintendo Force!

What’s Nintendo Force? It’s a really cool magazine dedicated to all things Nintendo! If you remember Nintendo Power, this is like the spiritual successor, with many well-known contributors. We’re honored to grace the cover!

WOW! Check out this awesome cover art Erin did. Every main character in the game, lovingly rendered on a full two-page spread! NF hasn’t revealed the whole piece yet, so we have to keep the rest a secret for now. Inside the mag is an interview and preview, more cool art, and some new surprises too! It’s chock full of juicy SK info. Read more about it here:

Humble Store Survey Transfers Begin!

Remember when you filled out that Shovel Knight Kickstarter Survey? Good times...good times. Well, starting today we will begin transferring all of the digital delivery only information to the Humble Store datacenters in preparation for the game’s launch. We posted some information about the specifics of Humble Store before, but we’ve made some updates so that we’re all on the same page:

I received an email from Humble Store! Does that mean I can download the game? I can’t seem to find it!

  • The game is not ready yet! Humble Store emails will be sent out before the game has officially released. This will allow you to do a few things:
  • Confirm your email address, platform choice, and reward tier
  • Download digital rewards (instruction manual, etc) as they become available
  • Setup a Humble Store account so that you can log in later (optional)

How will the Humble Store work?

  • The email that you provided in the survey will be the email used to redeem the game through the Humble Store.
  • Once we have uploaded the Shovel Knight game to the Humble Store, we will send a message to the applicable reward tiers with a link that you can use to redeem Shovel Knight through the Humble Store. The same goes for digital rewards.
  • If you requested a Steam Code, we will send a link to codes which can be used to redeem Shovel Knight on Steam.
  • If you requested a 3DS or Wii U version, we will send a link to codes which can be used to redeem Shovel Knight on the Nintendo eShop. If you requested a 3DS or Wii U version, you will be able to select your console’s region at time of code redemption. We are doing everything we can to keep the release dates as close as possible, but it is possible that different regions will be released on different days. In this case, additional regions will be selectable once Shovel Knight becomes available on that region’s eShop.
  • The PC, Mac, and Linux versions will all eventually be available for direct download, DRM-free, via the Humble Store as they are released.
  • Future updates to Shovel Knight can be downloaded through the Humble Store as they are released for PC, Mac and Linux. Steam, 3DS and Wii U will have updates delivered through that platform’s usual update method.

We chose to partner with the Humble Store for several important reasons:

  • They are genuinely great people! They were super helpful and very flexible with us, which was a huge help when considering how to distribute Kickstarter reward downloads. They also wear some spiffy t-shirts.
  • Easy and consistent distribution; a better experience than we could otherwise provide on our own.
  • Unified Kickstarter distribution + direct orders = saves us a lot of time that we can spend on the game instead. Ability to provide all of the info / downloads for all platforms in one place.

Humble Store Accounts:

If you don’t already have a Humble Store account, you can create one here: This is not required, but we do recommend it.

Email Matching (IMPORTANT!)

If you do already have a Humble Store account, your Humble Store account email MUST be the “Email for game delivery” that you entered in your survey, otherwise you will not be able to add Shovel Knight to your Humble Library.

What if they don’t match?

Humble Store members can make any changes should something be incorrect, so fret not; just send us an email explaining what needs to change:

I still have some questions about Humble Store!

The folks at Humble Bundle are around to help with all sorts of questions regarding their site. Send an email on over to to sort out any details.

I still have some questions!

We’ve been furiously working on the game, day in and day out, but are always happy to take an email break! Get in touch at and we’ll do what we can to help!

Update #37

Update: Almost there! and Director for a Day reveals!


Batten down the hatches! The Yacht Club is working 24/7 to get Shovel Knight wrapped up and out the door for you lovely lovelies for our impending release this winter (soon, not the end of the year)! We’re getting more delirious as each moment of crunch passes, but that’s perfect because we’re in the midst of the final push for fun content! Namely:

  • Village and NPCs - did you know that Shovel Knight is going to have a village in it? What mysterious or hilarious things could happen there?
  • final map layout - what is the order that everything unlocks?
  • bonus areas - between stages, you deserve to run around and dig up treasure in a low-stress environment. we’re making those!
  • final ending sequence - how should the credits scroll? how long should we hold that shot for maximum emotional impact? we’re talking a high level of done-ness here.

This is going to be an insane year full of Shovel Knight releases, updates, and love. And look… boxes and boxes containing boxes for all of the reward stuff arrived! ITS HAPPENING!

Director for a Day Characters!

Anyway, without further ado, let us introduce our new characters created with our directors for a day! Our gracious benefactors turned tyrannical designers for but the briefest of moments! We talked over the design of each of their concepts, sketched art, figured out battles and patterns, pixeled, iterated, and had a generally amazing time. There’s still polish to do and tweaks to make, but we couldn’t resist sharing these iIllustrations and sprites! A million thanks to our collaborators… here is the result!

Liquid Samurai

Director: Max VanDuyne

From the shadows of the Enchantress’ lair, the Liquid samurai takes form. Beginning as inert blobs of liquid, these fierce combatants leap around the room, transforming and slashing in a whirlwind of confusion. Combining agility with maneuverability, the liquid samurai is skilled in both ranged and melee weapons. Take heed!

Reize Seatlan

Director: Danny D. Henderson Jr Aka 'Seizui'

A group of evil knights is terrorizing the countryside? Reize Seatlan is on the scene! This plucky young adventurer travels the land, helping people in need and following his own invented Knight’s Vows. But which of these knights are good, and which ones are bad? Reize is a bit naive but always well-intentioned, and we’re excited to see how his twin crystal boomerangs fare against the ShovelBlade.

The Baz

Directors: Matt & Woolie from Two Best Friends Play

The storm is coming…. With a fearsome rope whip and the toughest-looking armor around, one might think that the traveling warrior Baz would be a shoe-in to join up with the Order of No Quarter. Imagine his surprise when he was rejected! He now roams the land, taking out his anger on passersby. Could he ever prove himself strong enough to earn the title of “Baz Knight”?

Phantom Striker

Director: Steven Ness

A lone warrior, Phantom Striker appears to those that he deems worthy of challenging him. Light on his feet and wielding a rapier, this enigmatic fighter also controls the power of lightning! Always in search of an honorable battle, Phantom Striker may reward those who fare well against his cyclonic charge.

Mr. Hat

Director: Alexander "Hatman" Hatzikides

Mr. Hat is obsessed with hats, but for good reason! For although he wears a helmet, each hat that he places atop his head gives him the powers of that hat’s owner! Mr. Hat can switch from a charismatic foppish dandy to military genius in a moment, and he takes great pride in his varied fighting styles. Lately, though, there have been rumblings of an even greater warrior who wields a ShovelBlade; one with a wonderfully blue, horned helmet...

That’s it for today, everyone. Look forward to lots of new information very soon!

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