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A groundbreaking 
love letter to 8 bits!
A groundbreaking 
love letter to 8 bits!
A groundbreaking love letter to 8 bits!
14,749 backers pledged $311,502 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Joseph Huckleberry on

      Congrats on Shovel Knight bouncing his way into Smash Bros.! It’s honestly incredible to see the blue boy I backed in 2013 mixing it up alongside Assist Trophies like Bomberman, Alucard, and Zero! One day you guys have to gush about the process of working with the Smash team to put him in. ❤️

    2. Yacht Club Games Creator on

      @จ่าสิบเอก บารอน ซิมิ
      We currently expect King of Cards to release in the latter half of 2018!

      @Peter O'Brien
      We do not have any cross-platform discount promotions available at this time.

    3. Peter O'Brien on

      Anyway we can get a discount on a second copy for a different platform. I want to get the switch version but have steam.

    4. Yacht Club Games Creator on

      @Matthew J.

      It's likely you're installing the physical cartridge patch by mistake.
      Try following the steps for digitally updating in our guide below:

    5. Missing avatar

      Matthew J. on

      I just installed the treasure trove update in the 3DS shop, but the game is still the Plague of Shadows version. Anyone else run into this, or know what I might be doing wrong?

    6. Robbie Boerner on

      Never mind. I just found it. Had to go to the eShop to find it.

    7. Robbie Boerner on

      When will we be seeing the latest update for the 3DS version?

    8. Yacht Club Games Creator on

      Hey everyone, just a reminder that we are updating the Specter of Torment release dates for all platforms over on our website here. Be sure to check for the latest, as we will update it the moment we know!

    9. Adam Pifer on

      This was the first game I backed on Kickstarter and when it released I bought additional copies on other platforms for support and because I love it. None of them are updated and none of them have release windows. I'm not buying a switch no matter how much Nintendo paid you.

    10. Rian Turner on

      @YachtClub - I tried downloading the new version to my 3DS; but, when I boot up the software, it still only comes up as version 2.0 (even when I tried the Repair option). Is there something else I need to do to get 2.2 going?

    11. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      Please add soundtrack on GOG!

    12. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Decker on

      As much as I love Shovel Knight and gave my support to Yacht Club Games, have to agree with others in how disappointing it is that we are now the last to get new content. Was willing to overlook the console exclusive stuff since they weren't part of the kickstarter but this is a bit much. Really turning me off to the company and supporting you all in the future.

    13. Missing avatar

      Christopher Smith on

      I honestly can't believe we, the Backers of Shovel Knight have to wait a month more than people buying on Switch. Real scumbag move. This speaks volumes of your priorities as a company.

    14. Yacht Club Games Creator on

      Hello everyone! We have a new look at Body Swap Mode over at Polygon:

      We're trying to post an update here/on our site, but the internet is acting pretty loopy today, and it's an image intensive update.

    15. Badouken on

      Glad this game is coming to Nintendo Switch, will gladly double dip for the quality of content Yacht Club Games keep putting out, unless there were some kind of discount or crossbuy for already owning it on Wii U (I know, slim chance).

    16. Justin Holmes on

      First you guys sell me a useless amiibo, now backers are getting the new content last.

      I love the game, which makes it all the more shocking how reluctant I am to buy another Yacht Club product.

    17. ordalic on

      Thanks so much for the coming release on Switch!!! Can't wait for 3rd of march!

    18. Rian Turner on

      @Michael: They're basically going to be making the various stories individually purchasable to make it an easier entry for new players (lower financial threshold). The collection of content (what we backed) will, therefor, be get the Treasure Trove subtitle in order to distinguish it from Shovel Knight's story in particular.

    19. Missing avatar

      Michael Oh on

      I'm not sure what the last update was about. I remember when it was just one game, now it seems like there are 3 separate games? The original is getting a new title? Great game. I'm waiting for the co-op. That'll help me play with my friend from Belgium! :)

    20. Rian Turner on

      For those that missed the post on their website/FB page, a little update:

    21. Missing avatar

      Brandon James Dietsch on

      You guys make amazingly good content for free. This is the first time I'm ever saying this but please make this have a price tag of 5-10$. The work you do is too good to give out on a game that's already worth more than its price tag.

    22. Yacht Club Games Creator on

      @all: hey guys, if you ever want to get a hold of us as quickly as possible, please drop us a line here:
      @Magnus: we are still making the game! The PC version isn't without its benefits! If you recall, you were able to play the game for nearly a year before other platforms. Time benefits aside, we're still making updates! Don't worry :) we got you.
      @Ben Snyder: Glad you like it!

    23. Kuragari on

      I'm happy you guys are releasing the DLC for 3DS. I was bummed when I saw later versions were going to have extra content but as a backer with 3DS I didn't get it. Then yesterday I saw the King Knight update and saw that the Plague Knight update was available. It took some fiddling witht he eStore because the old update system got deprecated, but thanks. I have more to play in Shovel Knight now. I wish other games capitalized on the 3D as well as Shovel Knight does.

    24. Magnus on

      I have to say, as a backer, I'm getting more and more disappointed by what's been going on lately. I really hailed Shovel Knight as a fantastic game, but now the actual behaviors for releasing DLC, free or not, are getting to be scummy. Every single console has gotten some exclusive content, special levels and bosses, but I sat back, I was patient. I figured, hey, eventually we'll get reskinned versions for PC. Yacht Club's been great up until now, they'll probably keep it up.

      No, we didn't get reskinned versions for PC yet. That's not the worst, either. Wii U gets a special co-op mode, and not only does PC not, after already having been left out repeatedly, but every other console doesn't get an actual game mechanic. It's shitty. It's really, really shitty.

      I shouldn't have to buy a console just to play a more complete version of a game when I already own it on PC.

      Others shouldn't have to buy Shovel Knight on PC, only to learn they purchased an inferior version.

      Yacht Club Games shouldn't intentionally make one of the versions of their game worse than the others.

      When will this be addressed, if ever?

    25. Conrad on

      @Yacht Club Games: Was fun watching the King Knight stream the other day. Really can't wait for it. You guys have done such a bang up job.

      Ian: Loved playing Smash with you the other day. Sad almost all my wins were because of a lucky Kyogre :(

      @DisasterCake : Looked up Soul Saga-> RPG? Same game I'm thinking of? Looks neat. I'm a 3d artist. Hit me up if you're ever in a pinch and need work pounded out. Haven't done any work on a game in a long time, don't like to give away work but want to be in more game credits ;)

    26. Yacht Club Games Creator on

      Hey ALL! sorry this has gone for so long unchecked. If you want the latest updates from use, the best way is to check our twitter. If you are dying to talk to us, send us a line: That said, on with comment responses!

      Lots of you guys have been asking about exclusivity and why we are doing the things we are doing! Here's a breakdown: After our initial release of Shovel Knight on PC, 3DS and WiiU we made a lot of content to make getting Shovel Knight on other consoles appealing. After all, we were asking you to buy a game that had already been out for 6+ months and it needed to feel somewhat special. In regards to specifically the amiibo content. All of the content attached to the amiibo would not exist without it. We wanted to make an amiibo that brought more to the table than just a change of costume. we want you to be excited to bring it to your friend's house and show off your unique toy and so far a lot of the response has been that it's peoples' favorite amiibo so far! The alternative to all of this would be to not add additional content to celebrate a new console release, and not to pursue our dream of making a real amiibo with meaningful content and in the process not doing co-op on any platforms. And that doesn't sound very fun at all... :)

      Also, I'm super late in responding to this so if you have questions about the release date of the amiibo, I just want you to know it's already out! CHECK IT:

      @Jason Furst: All exclusive content on ALL platforms may be a problem considering that we don't own the Battletoads or Kratos, but releasing some things as DLC is not out of the question.
      @João Carlos Bastos: No Bubsy? what about Bubsy?
      @gutierrez: There is no current way to transfer a save from PC to Vita... sorry!
      @Sonvar: Sorry for the confusion!
      @Zugama: Sorry about the no low health option, but maybe that makes things a little easier on you! Thanks for enjoying the game enough to write a response!
      @จ่าสิบเอก บารอน ซิมิ: THANKS! we are currently working on the rest of the stretch goals, but i don't think we'll get to more than we've promised. I think i'd rather just move on to the next game!
      @Conrad: Thanks! Get ready! it's gonna be fun :)
      @Tiwaz: What's next? well, you'll just have to wait and see!
      @David Cole: Hopefully getting him wasn't too tough!
      @Conrad: I will never forget.
      @Badouken: Thanks! glad you approve! :)
      @Disastercake: I'm glad we could be an inspiration. good luck with your development!

    27. Disastercake on

      Shovel Knight amiibo is the best news ever! I've never seen an indie team raise to such heights so quickly.

      You're truly an inspiration for me as I work on my game, Soul Saga. =D

    28. Badouken on

      Just saw the post on Yacht Club Games website for amiibo support and it has completely blown my mind! Probably has the best use of Amiibo out of anything! Great job team!

    29. Missing avatar

      Mark T Evans on

      Still hoping you guys will let backers pre-order the amiibo...

    30. Conrad on

      As a reminder: I love you all.

    31. David Cole on

      It would've been sweet if they let the backers who chose the Wii U version get first dibs at their amiibo! Either way, congrats on being the first indie dev with an amiibo!

    32. Tiwaz on

      Plague of Shadows is pretty awesome. Which one comes next? King Knight or Spectre Knight? Either way if it's as good as PoS, I can't wait. Also, any rough ETA on the Shovel Knight Amiibo?

    33. Conrad on

      Great job on the plague night DLC. Makes the game fresh again.
      Can't wait to see what you guys have cooked up for the other two.

    34. จ่าสิบเอก บารอน ซิมิ on

      with this quality even it's paid dlc i'll pay it. I wish you do campaign for all other 5 knights , enchantress , shield knight , black knight. (even paid dlc is ok for me.)

    35. จ่าสิบเอก บารอน ซิมิ on

      the plague knight campaign is uber awesome. the joke , the story is really great. you rewrite all of it.

    36. Zugama on

      Recently just finished the Plague of Shadows on normal mode and I must I am beyond surprised at how much the game changed as Plague Knight! He certainly feels chaotic to control at first, but once you get used to him, his abilities really allow him to blast through the levels in quite literally an explosive fashion! All the new extra content is great as well, and it really makes me excited to eventually play the King Knight and Specter Knight campaigns once they are released!
      My only personal complaint about Plague of Shadows is how unlike Shovel Knight's campaign, Plague Knight is entirely forced to get health upgrades in certain parts of the adventure. I liked how in the original campaign that if you did not want to upgrade Shovel Knight in certain ways, you did not have to for some extra difficulty, but from what I have seen, that cannot happen with Plague Knight. Mostly disappointed because I would have liked to do a low health run at some point, but it is not the end of the world as it still really fun the way it is! Just wished it had that same customization with health as Shovel Knight's did, unless there were specific reasons it had to be this way. Either way, great job, and I am always happy to see you guys deliver so much to your fans on a consistent basis!

    37. Sonvar on

      You've normally pretty good about updates so I'm a bit surprised that the release date for Plague of Shadows hasn't been posted. Based on your Twitter updates it should be available around 11AM PST today and notes for getting the update are here

    38. gutierrez on

      hi there.

      i'm a proud backer of this game.

      I begin it on steam (pc) and i would like to continue the adventure on my recent PS VITA.

      Can i do that?And i f yes, how can i do that?

      Thx (and sorry for my poor english, i'm french)

    39. Sonvar on

      For those that only track the KS page Yacht Club Games says this will be released on Sept 17th.

    40. Ryan Bell on

      Glad I got this game for the Wii U I am stoked about this Amiibo it will be the first and only one that I buy.

    41. Kyle Emch on

      Destructoid did a video interview with Sean Velasco about the amiibo. Sounds like you can customize Shovel Knight with new sets of armor and relics that can be leveled up, save it to the amiibo and take it to a friend's place to use it in their game via local co-op.…

    42. Missing avatar

      Christopher Smith on

      What does Customizing Gear mean? Does it refer to magical items? or the Armour + Shovel Upgrades we have equipped? And how would we customize it?
      Secondly, how many Challenge Stages are there going to be? I would hope that since this is exclusive Nintendo content that they will be Nintendo Themed challenge Stages.

      I'm less upset than I was at first, but then i checked and realized these were not stretch goals.
      I do however think it sucks that for 3ds owners they need to buy the NFC 3ds reader unless they own a New3DS. Which essentially amounts to 35 dollar DLC for a game that costs 15 bucks. But I guess the value of the Amiibo is more in the statue itself, and the NFC reader can be used with other games. Well hopefully it will, cause besides Smash and Happy Home Designer, it doesnt look like it lol.

    43. Sonvar on

      I like the idea of an Amiibo but it bugs me along the same lines the exclusive items for different platforms. In addition this extra piece requires spending more money to get as well and based on numerous articles in the past about Amiibos this may not even be attainable. The other piece is that while it may support the 3DS it only supports the more recent new 3DS and not the original 3DS systems which I'm sure most won't have. I enjoy this game and I'm glad Plague of Shadows is coming out soon but can you guys please stick to completing the stretch goals before working on more exclusives?

    44. Kyle Emch on

      I'm super torn about this whole amiibo thing. It's nice to actually have an amiibo of this character and I'll definitely try to buy it if I can, but the negatives seriously outweigh the positives here.

      First of all, why would you lock a co-op mode behind the amiibo and have it only on the Wii U? If this were an AI partner like in Yoshi's Wooly World, that'd be one thing. But a fully featured co-op mode that requires a second person to play the other character should be something available on all console versions and the PC. It's not something that should be exclusive to one platform and CERTAINLY not locked behind an amiibo. Locking the exclusive challenge maps and customizable gear is one thing, but this is certainly a new low as far as amiibo-exclusive content goes. Maybe instead of all that, you can use the Shovel Knight amiibo for the aforementioned AI partner? Or maybe it can unlock a power up that makes you invincible, like Chibi-Robo Zip Lash? As it stands, this is the worst implementation of amiibo to date, bringing it closer to on-disc DLC than ever before.

      Except this is on-disc DLC that most people won't even be able to get. That's the other thing. Is Nintendo manufacturing these figures? If so, then people might as well give up trying to find these things. If the past year of amiibo has demonstrated anything, it's that Nintendo (NoA in particular) is completely inept at producing and stocking a reasonable amount of amiibo to meet demand. The best thing that we could hope for is to import this internationally or just pray that second-hand prices won't be too ridiculous.

      Third, if the Nintendo versions are going to be amiibo-compatible now, why not unlock special armor costumes/skins of some Nintendo characters? I'd get more use out of the amiibo I already have and it would be a nice way to add more optional content for the Nintendo versions without it being too substantial.

      Finally, I have to echo everyone else's complaints about ignoring the PC version. I only have the 3DS version, so this isn't as painful to me, but it's still pretty crappy that the PC version gets nothing. Admittedly, it'd be a little more difficult to have levels based on PC-exclusive properties because that platform doesn't have a ton, but you guys should still add something. Maybe you could make a level that includes Atlas and P-Body or Chell from Portal, or something based off TF2, or something from Valve. Anything would be really nice.

      I still think Shovel Knight is an amazing game. I can't wait for the Plague of Shadows expansion and the rest of the promised additional features. I'm also not against the idea of a Shovel Knight amiibo as a thing. But the amiibo functionality you have so far is quite possibly the worst implementation of amiibo to date. This needs to be addressed.

    45. Missing avatar

      João Carlos Bastos

      @Yacht Club Games
      Guys, I just saw the amiibo trailer for Shovel Knight, and frankly I'm no longer disappointed with your treatment of the PC version, I'm now fully appalled.
      Exclusive co-op mode? Exclusive challenge stages? Exclusive customizable gear?

      It's getting pathetic, really:
      -Sony platforms get exclusive in-game content (the Kratos quest/level/fight)
      -Xbox One get exclusive in-game content (the Battletoads quest/level/fight)
      -Nintendo platforms, get:
      *exclusive co-op mode (Wii U)
      *exclusive challenge stages (Wii U and 3DS)
      *exclusive customizeable gear (Wii U and 3DS)
      *exclusive mode: StreetPass arena (3DS)
      *ability to leave messages to other players (Wii U)
      -the PC version, the main version for which you launched your crowdfunding efforts, gets… nothing.
      Really, I wasn’t expecting the PC version to have more content than other versions, just because of your crowdfunding efforts, but I certainly wasn’t expecting for it to have less content and features than every other single version available.
      You speak of your development being “still very much in active development”, but do tell me: are you actually working on anything exclusive for the PC version? I guess I know the answer to that.
      You can count me out for any future Yacht Club Games products.

    46. Missing avatar

      João Carlos Bastos

      @Yacht Club Games
      As for characters to possibly include as a special appearance on the PC version, some "old school" character associated with the PC would be great. A few suggestions, both old and new:
      -Dopefish (from the Commander Keen series)
      -Jazz Jackrabbit
      -the (unnamed) main character from They Bleed Pixels

    47. Chris Rees

      Please find a way to get us some sort of early access to that Amiibo because I want it but don't want to deal with trying to find it in the wild

    48. Jason Furst on

      @ Yatch club Re exclusives to PC comment: how about all exclusive platform content available to ALL platforms after a certain time period (like 2 years or something) as purchasable DLC? I have multiple platform copies, I love this game so much, and love playing games on multiple platforms but not everyone can do that. But all content, eventually available would be awesome. Because I don't like XBox but would love to battle the toads. I'm sure there are others who feel the same about other platforms.

    49. Badouken on

      I agree with Mark T Evans! If this amiibo is indeed legit we the backers should be able to pre-order exclusively through your website or something. Nintendo of America + Scalpers make it impossible to get some amiibo and I'm sure Shovel Knight would fly off the Shelves!

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