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Missed the campaign? Click below to pre-order!
Missed the campaign? Click below to pre-order!
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WE DID IT! Eynes Anthology Book One will be a thing!

Posted by John Horsley (Creator)

We did it everyone!

Thank you to all 175 of you! You are all my new best friends!

Because of you The Eynes Anthology Book One will be a thing you can all love!

So what's next?

Well, you have probably noticed emails from kickstarter letting you know they are collecting the money. If for some reason they were unable to collect the money you should get an email from them to fix your payment so it can be collected. The quicker anyone who needs to fix their payment gets that done the quicker I can get the funding to print the book!

Reward surveys are going out, please fill them out and get them back to me. Any special request send me a message!


Here is what is left to do:

  • One story to draw
  • Two story to color
  • Five stories to letter
  • Full book to a copy editor
  • Final page layouts (non story) to build
  • Finalization of all files
  • Submit to printer

How long will this take? We are hoping to get this to the printer for review by the end of April. Sooner if we can work faster! As soon as we submit this to the printer I will email out the PDF to everyone who backed to get the PDF of the book. 

As for the other digital rewards, I will be gathering them together and sending them out shortly. 

Once again, thank you everyone so much for joining me on this journey! I can't wait to hear your thoughts on this book and to jump back into working on Book Two!


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