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Missed the campaign? Click below to pre-order!
Missed the campaign? Click below to pre-order!
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Let's hit goal by Friday!

Posted by John Horsley (Creator)

Ok, I have this desire to be funded by Friday. As of writing this we are only $950 away, or 22%, from being fully funded!

What am I doing to try and make this happen?


  • Double the donation to National Suicide Prevention! $2 per book instead of $1!
  •  Bookmark! (physical backers)
  • Paper Golem! (physical backers)
  • 2 digital PDF comics! (all backers)
  • 1 unreleased PDC comic (all backers)

Just by us funding by Friday you and everyone else on this can get all that! So please share this around, tell your grandma to support this book (she'll love it!)

I hope we can do this because I would love to get into stretch goals!

Also, whoever get's us across that funded line will earn themselves a page of original art from the book!

Thank you!

Before I go, let me tell you about Section Zero...

First off, there is no Section Zero. 

Second, you CAN pick up the really cool new Section Zero 1959 book here on Kickstarter by Karl Kesel and Tom Grummett.

First, the link:

From the campaign:

SECTION ZERO is not a secret section of the United Nation's charter. It does not fund a team of experts and explorers to investigate the strange and unknown. This team is an urban myth— as "real" as the UFOs and monsters they're "protecting mankind from."

And in 1959— they didn't know how much they didn't know.

Now you may or may not know but I became friends with Karl at Emerald City Comic Con when Kaylie (my wife) and I spent the better part of a few hours just chatting with him at his table about comics, kids, parenting, and really everything. The next day at the con we brought our kids in and he was so kind to them. I grew up reading comics by Karl. When he was working on Superman I was around 14 and was all in to those storylines, and then he did Superboy which was one of my favorite comics in my teens. 

Fast forward to the early 2000's this comic Section Zero comes out and it's great! But it's short lived. Last year Karl and Tom did their first new Section Zero story and it is fantastic! When Karl talked about doing this one I was all in. And you should be to!

And that ends this update! I'm trying not to send out too many updates, but send them out when I have something important to say!

Thank you all and let's get this book funded!


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