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XY Find It is the most stylish, convenient, and affordable Bluetooth Tracking tag.
XY Find It is the most stylish, convenient, and affordable Bluetooth Tracking tag.
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Day 1 Recap

Posted by XY-FindIt (Creator)

Hey everyone, Daniel here, reporting from the XY factory in China.

This is my second trip to the middle kingdom this year and just like last time, I’m impressed and humbled by the professionalism and dedication of everyone involved in our little project. Whether it be assembly line workers, engineers, project manager or the factory boss — people care, and they seem to take great pride in the product. A couple of workers are even sporting XY shirts (strangely enough, we haven’t sent them any shirts… :-)

Not everything is all rosy though, in fact it’s quite maddening: we are having more production issues that will likely cause additional delays for some backers.

The distinctive XY “jewel” outer shell is formed by two injection-molded halves perfectly aligned by a series of plastic flanges. To make the beacon water-resistant, the flanges and the halves are designed to snap together while maintaining a slight tension across the joints; this is in addition to the internal rubber gasket surrounding all electronic components. What we are seeing at final assembly is a small percentage of beacons can develop tiny stress fractures when repeatedly snapped open and close. These fractures are very thin; barely visible to the naked eye, and are at most 2.5mm in length. However, the concern is they may grow over time and affect the beacon’s overall water resistance.

Adding to the mystery, the pattern of fracture is not consistent… or rather, it’s consistently at the same location, but only for some beacons. For now, I decided to temporarily halt production while we investigate the cause.

It’s now late Saturday night in China.  We'll all be back at the factory first thing tomorrow.  It’s our goal to have the problem identified and a solution in place before I leave in two days.  Keep in mind this doesn't in itself prevent us from starting delivery in the next few weeks, but it does greatly reduces the yield as QC must examine every single beacon for this defect.

More update in 24 hours.

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    1. Liam Kelly on

      @Daniel, okay, thanks for the reply, I was just wondering, it looked a lot like my Xperia Z1S from this angle.

    2. Daniel Wang // TEAM ZING on

      @Liam, it's actually a Nexus 5. We do a lot tests with Android L. @Mark, the battery is definitely user-changeable, thus the need to open/close the shell. @Brandon, thank you!

    3. Liam Kelly on

      Is that a Sony Xperia, i see under the XY

    4. Mark Sean Lorey on

      What about user changing battery?

    5. Missing avatar

      Brandon Zylstra on

      Don't let it madden you: this is par for the course for anyone who cares about quality. Put quality first and we'll be happy, no matter what effect it has on the timeline.

    6. Dana Skelly on

      Yes, thanks for the good updates! One thought, are all the cracks on certain colors only? Sometimes the chemistry for certain colors can weaken the plastic compound as you're describing.

    7. John Dean on

      I hope day two in China is productive and you get this sorted out.

    8. Dave W on

      Thanks for the transparency. I'll take a delay and a great product over a faulty product that only lasts a month. The devil is in the details.

    9. Daniel Wang // TEAM ZING on

      @Sebastian, it didn't double in thickness...? it's 8mm at the thickest (center "table" of the "jewel") and tapers to the edge. The size was reduced from 40mm to 34mm awhile back -- a reduction of roughly 28%. Maybe it's just the weird angle of this photo? I was trying to take a clear macro shot of the fracture.

    10. Missing avatar

      Per Ardne on

      Better to have a good working product than rush it out and having it break..

      Just keep us updated like this and I'm happy! �

    11. Sebastian Reuter on

      While I really appreciate the ongoing updates, I seem to have missed an update indicating the doubling of the thickness of the tags. The last casing update I remember was from june 19 2014, which stated the overall footprint of the tags was reduced by 25%. I assume that is because of the buzzer that suddenly came out of nowhere and put into the product? If the final product really looks like that, I will have to rethink my application plans and/or search for slimmer replacements.

    12. Missing avatar

      mikecee on

      Like most of you, I pledged to support a product with a neat idea and execution and that I'd like to see on the market. The transparency is a bonus - I'm getting insight into how the idea is being made real, and especially into the engineering that still needs to happen during production. Neat!!

    13. Ng Jun Siang on

      Always the little unforeseen details that hold things up. Just like software debugging...

      In any case, I am glad that the team is being honest with all these little defects (and updating us too), rather than trying to sweep them under the rug and rush the tags out only for these issues to potentially surface months later.

      Hope you manage to find a way to resolve the cracks issue and enjoy your time in China!

    14. Alexander Heinrich on

      Well actually I dont care about these marks.
      They are totally normal and I usually dont open my Beacon every two days