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XY Find It is the most stylish, convenient, and affordable Bluetooth Tracking tag.
XY Find It is the most stylish, convenient, and affordable Bluetooth Tracking tag.
4,091 backers pledged $205,121 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. David on

      It's a hard decision for sure, but I'd rather an indented logo. The pictures look great by the way

    2. XY-FindIt Creator on

      @Ryan - Do you have a better email address for us to send the survey to? Not sure if BacketKit, which we are using for the surveys, has your updated email address?

    3. Ian Fischer on

      Survey? Wot survey?
      Sign of issues to come?
      Hope not!

    4. Ryan Gladu on

      Hello. I was having issues with my account email and have not received any surveys or anything since I backed your project, wondering if you could resend anything I would need now that I have updated my account. Thank you!

    5. XY-FindIt Creator on

      @Matt, @Izhan - Backerkit emails were re-sent a hour or two ago. Can you re-check email (spam, etc.)?

    6. Izhan Khan on

      I didn't get a backerkit form either...

    7. Tim Meakins


    8. taeo ahn on

      Battery ?
      I did not think

    9. Jaime de Esteban on

      Indented for sure

    10. Missing avatar

      Gareth Wildman on

      I'd vote for indented too....

    11. Hellspark


    12. Matt Otto on

      I didn't get an email from backerkit. I don't even know what it is can you please send me one via kickstarter? Otherwise I'm afraid I will not get what I requested.

    13. Daniel Wang // TEAM ZING on

      @Melissa, thanks! It seems silly to send out a survey for this... but I would really like to hear what other backers think as well -- so far we have
      raised (by a very slight amount): 2
      indented: 2

    14. Melissa Laks on

      I say indented logo too.

    15. Daniel Wang // TEAM ZING on

      @JB, I just answered this on another thread here -- basically we are still awaiting AppStore review for v1.0: the status on iTunes Connect has been showing "In Review" for the last 4 days (it was "Waiting for Review" before that).

    16. JB on

      When will the app be available?

    17. Daniel Wang // TEAM ZING on

      @Giles, @Maxime, @David -- thanks for the feedback! it's a tough choice for us too... btw, it may not be obvious from these pictures, but the shell is covered by a slightly rubberized matte coating; we want the beacons to have a nice premium feel to them.

    18. Missing avatar

      Giles Smith on

      Daniel, I think indented logos rather than protruding lettering as they are less likely to be damaged when knocked about on items such as key rings, bags, dogs and kids.

    19. XY-FindIt Creator on

      @Jason - We are keeping that information confidential, for now. But, check back with us in a few weeks and it may be something we can disclose to you then.

    20. Maxime Sespin on

      May I propose indented ? I suppose this choice will not impact the overall thickness. ???
      Great job !

    21. Dave W on

      Raised adds thickness; indented collects grime. Tough choice! Tiny raised logo sounds best?

    22. Daniel Wang // TEAM ZING on

      @Giles, the final ones will have the XY branding... do you have any preference that the logo should be raised or indented?

    23. Missing avatar

      Gareth Wildman on

      Brilliant - really looking forward to receiving the demo tag & the actual XY ones even more! My 1st Kickstarter to deliver!!!

    24. Jason Rubadue on

      Hi fellow creator! I really like your case, it looks very well done and I like the seal. I'm investigating injection molders and manufacturers for my project. Who did you use? Thanks! Jason

    25. Missing avatar

      Giles Smith on

      Looking good!
      Surprised to see there is no xy branding on the pieces as per some of your photos on the main page?

    26. Ahmed M. Sarhan on

      Battery !!
      I didn't thought about it

    27. XY-FindIt Creator on

      @Philip - Absolutely! Thanks. We are excited.

    28. Philip Brechler on

      Looking good! So the battery is user exchangeable?