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XY Find It is the most stylish, convenient, and affordable Bluetooth Tracking tag.
XY Find It is the most stylish, convenient, and affordable Bluetooth Tracking tag.
4,091 backers pledged $205,121 to help bring this project to life.

Lucky update 13

Posted by XY-FindIt (Creator)
We are now a week and a half into the post campaign mountain of work, and wanted to fire out an update before the weekend. We are currently finishing up getting the survey built, and you can expect to see them rolling into your inbox on early next week. We should be able to start shipping out the earliest things (3rd party tags and beta pledge tags) as early as next week.

 We also are getting completed samples sent from our manufacturing facility, which should be arriving any day. We have seen more spec sheets and pictures, and we are really optimistic that we are going to get a sample that meets our standards for quality and can roll into full production soon after that. Here are some of the first images of the produced tag as shown from the manufacturer.

They look like cookies
They look like cookies
Colorful ones!
Colorful ones!

Lastly, we are still in Appurgatory in regards to the iOS app. We have at this point been working on getting approved for the better part of a month, and at this point all we know is that the app is still in their queue. Updates there will be passed along as soon as we know anything from Apple. 

That’s all, keep an eye out for surveys, and we will keep you all in the loop as we make our progress.



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    1. Daniel Wang // TEAM ZING on

      @banastas, nothing yet. :-( iTunesConnect is showing the app as "In Review" for 4 days now... (previously it had been "Waiting for Review")

    2. banastas on

      Any update from Apple? I'm sure you'll post as soon as you do but I'm impatient. :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Peter Hutnick on

      I see. Thanks!

    4. XY-FindIt Creator on

      @James - The could be approved any day. Apple has what they need from us. We will make a few calls today and tomorrow to see if we can get more information. Yes, you need to XY app for the XY tags or compatible beacons to be useful.

    5. James Riley on

      How long max*

    6. James Riley on

      How long mad will it take for the app to be approved? Are the tags useless without the app or can we use a web based version?

    7. XY-FindIt Creator on

      @Julian - When you get the survey email, you'll be able to specific the best mailing address for you. Thanks!

    8. Julian Builes on

      Hey guys, it might be early in the game for this. But is there any way I could change my mailing address? I realized after the fact that I won't be staying at the shipping address by the time the product is shipped.

    9. XY-FindIt Creator on

      Every Kickstarter project concludes with a survey that goes out to the backers, to get shipping information and ask questions, etc. So that we can deliver on that pledge. Thank you!

    10. Missing avatar

      Peter Hutnick on

      I checked the original project page and all of the earlier updates, and I don't see anything about a "survey". Anyone know what this is about?

    11. Missing avatar

      Dillon Santorii on

      Can't wait, I've already lost my wallet and if I had an XY tag I would have already found it. The tags look great.

    12. Mario Malpica on

      i want to be a distributor in mexico, can you contact me?