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XY Find It is the most stylish, convenient, and affordable Bluetooth Tracking tag.
XY Find It is the most stylish, convenient, and affordable Bluetooth Tracking tag.
4,091 backers pledged $205,121 to help bring this project to life.

150k Streeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetch

Posted by XY-FindIt (Creator)
Hey Everyone, Looks like I am back earlier than expected to announce that with just over 3,000 backers, we have reached our 150k stretch goal. So now, anyone who has pledged over $75 will be getting an XY compatible tag shipped to them. Also, the XY tags will now contain a beeper! That’s right, you can now hear if your keys are under the couch or in your back pocket.

So what next? Today we are adding a 200k stretch goal, where we will make the tag seriously Water-Resistant. That’s right, you will now be able to get XY much wetter without worry.

We will be back in the next day or so with some more announcements, so stay tuned.

  Thank you from Myself, Daniel, and the XY Team.

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    1. Missing avatar

      T W on

      Everything water proof, should have wireless QI charging, especially all these dang $300 watches! .... Sammy.. :)

    2. Lilian L. Rivas on

      The announcement of the beeper just made it waaaaay more appealing. Can't wait to try this out, can you please give us a video of the beeping to demonstrate the loudness when its ready?
      This just keeps getting better and better!!

    3. XY-FindIt Creator on

      @Franci - We feel that we have been very conservative with the stretch goals and not putting ourselves into a position that will hurt us in the long run. That is why only some people get the 3rd-party tags, and why we are not adding other bells and whistles to the design.

    4. Franci on

      Please be wary of promising too much with the stretch goals. Too many projects stray away from the initial vision and bite off more than they can chew by promising too much on stretch goals.

    5. XY-FindIt Creator on

      Also, clarifying point, ALL XY Tags will have a beeper, not just the $75 and above ones.

    6. XY-FindIt Creator on

      @Robert - 75 and above. Sorry if I was unclear.

    7. Robert Gaspar on

      Just checking - is it everyone OVER $75, or $75 and above?
      I'm at $75, so just wondering if I should add a penny :)

    8. XY-FindIt Creator on

      @Thomas - We are aware of the issues that people have been having with sound, but we have been pleased with the level of sound that the samples we have seen can produce. I also was under the impression that Chipolo had already shipped all their units.

    9. XY-FindIt Creator on

      @Mark - The reason that the $75+ get the additional tag is because they increase the cost to us, so we cannot offer the lowest pledge levels these rewards.

    10. Thomas Phan on

      Another project I backed was the Chipolo tags. I haven't received mine yet. But the comment section is filled with people complaining about the amount of sound coming out. Being to weak to hear.

    11. Mark Sean Lorey on

      Why shouldn't everyone get a stretch goal?!

    12. XY-FindIt Creator on

      We are looking at a way to add an internal seal that will allow you to still open it, but drastically increase water resistance.

    13. Raymond Tu on

      If you make it waterproof can we still change the battery? Would hate to have it sealed. /:

    14. Missing avatar

      Mansoor Seikh on