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XY Find It is the most stylish, convenient, and affordable Bluetooth Tracking tag.
XY Find It is the most stylish, convenient, and affordable Bluetooth Tracking tag.
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Introducing XY Share It

Posted by XY-FindIt (Creator)

Hello Everyone,

Last week, we told you to be prepared for a big announcement from XY. Today, we’re ready to let everyone know what unspeakable news it is we have been working on here at the office.

XY Share It is a simple cross-platform solution to share photos with the people around you. Taking everything we have learned in the past year and a half, we are excited to announce this completely new use of Bluetooth LE technology. Instead of texting people your photos, attaching them all to emails, friending everyone on social media, or handing your phone around the room, XY Share It allows everyone around you, or just the friends you choose, to see the photos you share on their own smart-devices. You can learn more about XY Share It on our website,, including how you can get one for yourself. 


 The XY Find It & XY Share It team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Hakkert on

      Bittorrent shoot does exactly what you guys try to do, without an extra device, Right?

    2. XY-FindIt Creator on

      @Nathan, We dropped the ball on communication, but support for XY Find It is ongoing. We are releasing new versions much more frequently now, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

      @Matt - The Battery life on the Find It is getting better, but still a major thing we are working on. The Share It has a much better battery life for a few reasons. First, We are doing some new things in the Firmware that allow us to have much better battery efficiency. Second, we are using a bigger battery, so... there's that.

      About the AirDrop for other single platforms, that doesn't solve the core problem. AirDrop is a great service in a very limited scope, but we think that limiting things to a single platform sucks. We tried to find a legit service that handled cross-platform local photo sharing, and while everyone assumes it must exist, we could not find any decent solution that makes it possible.

    3. Matt Otto on

      Is the battery life better than find it? Also AirDrop finally works. Maybe you should build an AirDrop competitor for android and windows phone?

    4. Missing avatar

      Nathan Kellenicki on

      With how badly you've communicated and supported the XY tags product, I can't support this as I don't trust it will improve. Sorry guys.

    5. Henry Tan on

      why do you jump ship to indiegogo?
      Why you dun do it at ks?

    6. XY-FindIt Creator on

      AirDrop only works on Apple devices. Share It works cross platform.

    7. Missing avatar

      Jay Diamond on

      Isn't this AirDrop?