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XY Find It is the most stylish, convenient, and affordable Bluetooth Tracking tag.
XY Find It is the most stylish, convenient, and affordable Bluetooth Tracking tag.
4,091 backers pledged $205,121 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by XY-FindIt (Creator)

Hi everyone, Daniel here from XY.  Since we started mass shipping XY about 3 weeks ago, roughly 80% of awards have been fulfilled with mostly multipacks including Jade remaining.  We have heard from many of you via emails, in-app feedbacks and comments here -- some of the responses were happy, some were angry, but almost all were extremely encouraging, patient and helpful. We really appreciate it.  Please keep them coming (feedbacks submitted via in-app mechanisms have been particularly helpful for debugging).

Today I want to talk to you about the top issues from the feedback we've gotten so far:

Buzzer Doesn't Work on some iPhone 6 Plus / 6

Should be resolved in the v1.3 of the XY iOS app -- already submitted the App Store and is currently awaiting approval.  It's available right now to our beta users via Apple Testflight.  Please contact us at if you'd like to be part of this awesome group.

Beacon Not Visible in Nearyby List / Already Claimed

About a week ago, with the help of a few resourceful backers, we discovered a major fu... flaw in our manufacturing process.  In some cases, the same beacon identifier (which should always be unique) were assigned to multiple beacons.  At the moment, we still don't have a very clear picture how this occurred.  It's apparent from the data logs that QC team at our factory did periodically reset the ID allocation program (bad!) but we don't really understand why... yet.

What is clear is the effect on the user experience.  Backers who have received one of these beacons with duplicate IDs will simply not see the beacon in their NEARBY list, or see it as already "CLAIMED" in v1.3 of the iOS & Android app.  At the moment, this is affecting roughly 7% of new beacon registrations.

Luckily, there is a solution. We designed the XY beacons for extensibility and in-field support -- the beacon firmware can be updated over-the-air via the XY app.  (Most of our competitors do not.)  We have a working firmware that fixes this issue and adds support for adjustable broadcast intervals, which can extend the already great battery life on these beacons.  We are testing the new firmware and the update process internally.  We expect to make this available to backers in our beta channels starting next week with general availability the week after.

If you think you are affected by this bug, please send us a note via the in-app feedback.  We should have a resolution for you soon.  Thanks for your patience.  More updates on this soon.

The Casing is Difficult to Open

This is a known problem.  We had to make some choices between the soft-touch of the casing material, water-resistance, and easy of opening the case.  We may have put too much emphesis on the former two at the cost of the later.  I apologize for any frustration this may have caused, and we will make adjustments to the manufacturing process for future batches.

I do want to stress that it is possible to open the beacon without damaging the case.  Per suggestions from a few of you, we have made a tutorial video:


Range Issues / Out of Range Alerts at Short Distances

We are still investigating this problem. The current theory is a few beacons may, for whatever reason, have very long broadcast intervals that will trigger the out-of-range alert on iOS devices.  If this is the case, the adjustable broadcast frequency in the new firmware should help... but frankly we don't know enough at this point to say for certain.  More updates to follow.

That's all for now.  As always, please keep the feedback coming and thank you for your support.

Team XY


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    1. Rachel Elizabeth Salinas on

      I've been waiting for my tags and nothing yet....any news?

    2. Missing avatar

      Tom Sale on

      Any news on my XY tags being delivered ?

    3. Mike Cuthell on

      @daniel - Not sure (I'm on iPhone 5) other two tags are working absolutely fine. It's the black one if that helps at all. No registering whatsoever. Tried a new battery and it's still not picking it up...The tag seems in good shape?

    4. Daniel Wang // TEAM ZING on

      @Roger, that is definitely not the intended behavior, and not what we see every day. Can you submit a feedback using in-app feedback. We'd like to get this solved.

    5. Missing avatar

      Roger Rockwell on

      I have too be within about 20 feet of my beacon to pick it up. Once it is out of range I can be one foot away and it never picks it up again. I have to turn off the ap and restart for it to find it again. I can really see no use for the device. I can usually find my dog if he is within 20 ft of me.

    6. Daniel Wang // TEAM ZING on

      @Peter, can you submit a ticket via the in-app feedback. I'd like to understand why you are seeing the buzzer problem -- I assume you are using iOS 8.x? v1.3 of the XY app just got approved by Apple which should work around iOS 8's BLE problems.

    7. Missing avatar

      Peter O'Regan on

      I just received a small batch (3) and am pretty disappointed with them on an iPhone 5S. If I move beyond a room's distance from the beacon it is out of range. The alarm doesn't work. Hence I have to be in the same room as it before it is locatable. NOT what I was expecting. I hope these limitations are fixed with the pending patches.

    8. Daniel Wang // TEAM ZING on

      1. we renamed Keep-It to simply "Alert"; on iOS, items in the speaker icon � column / on Android "Alert"
      2. we've heard this request from a few users. It's not possible right now, but we are exploring adding this in a future firmware update.
      3. you need an XY account to use the app
      4. API not available yet, but XY beacons uses standard iBeacon protocol with proximity UUID = A500248C-ABC2-4206-9BD7-034F4FC9ED10

    9. Missing avatar

      Fan Kwok Kei on


      i have been playing with the app and have a few questions about it:
      - where is the "keep-it" functionality? Meaning the phone will buzz when a tag is out of range?

      - Is it possible to have the tag buzz when the phone is out of reach?

      - is it possible to use the app without an account?

      - Is there an api available?

      Keep up the good work.

    10. Daniel Wang // TEAM ZING on

      @James, that is correct... for now. We will add sharing of beacons between trusted users in the v2.x of the app.

    11. Daniel Wang // TEAM ZING on

      @Mike -- are you in the beta program? I wonder if that beacon shows up in the nearby list at all. We also want to push out a version with battery readings. In general we are seeing roughly 4-6 months of anticipated usage. No one here has a production beacon for that long of course but the ones I have activated 2-3 months ago are still going strong.

    12. James Clark on

      Can not link device to more than one phone. Is this normal???

    13. Mike Cuthell on

      PS I have tried unlinking it, but then it can't even find the device to re-register which suggest there isn't a signal being produced...

    14. Mike Cuthell on

      Hi guys,
      I'm pleased with my beacons - largely successful with a trial run, although I have one in my wallet I have noticed it isn't picking it up on the radar anymore a mere week after receiving it. The other two are fine. I haven't tried a replacement battery yet, so not sure if it's that already, but thought I would let you know the Black one has stopped working. Any thoughts?

    15. Daniel Wang // TEAM ZING on

      @Linda I'm not at the office right now but we will get back to you on your order status asap.
      I'm not sure what you mean by "bloody" China? XY is designed in California, but manufactured in mainland China -- same as many (most?) technology products today. I'm a proud American citizen myself, but I was also made in China :-) ... and I'm equally proud of that heritage.
      We've been very transparent about the XY production origin & process -- see KS updates #16, #19, #22, #25, #26, #28. As for the manufacturing conditions: I've personally visited the factory multiple times as part of this project. While I'm certain sweatshop conditions exist in many parts of the world, I can assure you this is not one of them. Instead it's produced by a group of enthusiastic (perhaps too enthusiastic) entrepreneurs not so different from my colleages here in San Diego.
      Regarding the bugs, I don't believe XY has more issues than any other first generation technology product, but perhaps we are more transparent about their discovery and resolution. Absolutely no excuses -- we understand how frustrating it can be to receive a product that doesn't work as expected. I just want assure you we are working long hours making this the best finder product on the market. We may not get everything right the first shot, but we will do right by you over time.

    16. Linda on

      I echo others. I too have not received mine. However, you guys raised over $205,000. that means you received $160,000 more thsn you asked for. That bring said, I think its only righy that you fix these problems immedistely, I am guessing this product is made in bloody China which includes Taiwan, Teipei and the rest under China. So what's your mext move. I javent received mine yet. It better work, because Imwill not put uo with this BS. I hipe you guys get it right. You have plenty of money to do so.

    17. Ian Fischer on

      Geeeez! I haven't got mine as yet but it is a bit worrying to see so many bugs so soon after manufacture!

      Wonder why shipments to Australia haven't been sent yet?

    18. Daniel Wang // TEAM ZING on

      @Filippo - thank you very much! We actually don't know much about IFTTT channels yet, although a few people have asked. So we'll definitely do the integration at some point, just not sure when. @Matt, @Kali, both good ideas!

    19. XY-FindIt Creator on

      @CRES - Please email us at and we can help.

    20. CRES on

      I made a mistake.
      I didn't received NOT I have not recieved yet.

    21. XY-FindIt Creator on

      @Piotr, i'm constantly amazed by the quality of backers we have. Yes, that's exactly how we plan to solve the problem. The main reason we didn't go with the TI hardware id initially is because it would be mapping from a 6-byte id to 4 bytes (major+minor) and collision, while unlikely, will occur. We went with a factory assigned secondary ID... but ran into problems as stated. The new firmware will calculate a hash from the hardware id instead.

    22. CRES on

      I'm a backer from Japan.
      You said shipped a XY except Jade one several days ago.
      I choose a Cyan one,but I didn't receive email(tracking num.) and a XY yet.
      When can I receive these info?

    23. XY-FindIt Creator on

      @Rebecca - With the Thanksgiving holiday next week, it is most like the week after that when we will have some more Jade and be able to ship them.

      @All - Daniel will be monitoring comments and answers some of the more technical comments, which are all great!

    24. Piotr Kula on

      On CC2533 development I did the SoC provided a hard coded UUID on the RF implementation. I used that for ZigBee ID's. For a batch of 1000 they were all unique. This solved the ID problem for us, I am sure the CC2541 should have that too.

    25. Rebecca Aalto on

      Do you know an approx time when the Jade ones will ship?

    26. Emanuel Levy on

      I am looking forward to trying out the adjustable rate. The constant in and out of range notifications are annoying

    27. Matt Otto on

      This is really great update thanks! Though I’d still love to see a setting of the XY app that only sues location while using the app. I rarely need it polling my location otherwise.

      I’d also like to hide the + buttons,they clutter my interface and I’m not adding any right now.

    28. Missing avatar

      Kali Hart on

      Thanks for the update and opening tips. You should consider updating the packaging to include that video link rather than just 1 picture on how to open it.

    29. Filippo Falleroni Bertoni on

      I am a very happy XY customer :)

      Thanks guys!!