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XY  is the most stylish, convenient, and affordable Bluetooth Tracking tag. For more information, visit
XY Find It is the most stylish, convenient, and affordable Bluetooth Tracking tag.
XY Find It is the most stylish, convenient, and affordable Bluetooth Tracking tag.
4,091 backers pledged $205,121 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Cynthia Disbrow on

      The battery for all 7 of them died within few months, and I gave up using them. Disappointing

    2. wurzel21

      Being an original backer of thoughts are ..having tried to use them in the real world i find that the battery life is about 1 month (if you are lucky) and as others have said that this is the norm.
      I have stopped using them as i am unable to trust that should one day I loose my keys that the batteries would have enough juice to report back. Sorry but yet another Kickstarter failure sorry to say

    3. XY-FindIt Creator on

      @David and @Toby,

      We're sorry to hear you're having these issues. The battery life on our current units is 6 months to a year, depending on use. Can you both send us an email at to arrange a replacement?

    4. Toby Newbanks on

      I'm an original backer also and I had to retire these too. I couldn't keep up with the batteries. It literally seemed like they were dead within a month and when you have 6 active- you're replacing batteries constantly. Like previous comments- I ordered bulk from Amazon- Can't keep up so they're done.

    5. Missing avatar

      David Rios on

      One of the original backers here. Also faithful user of TestFlight and always install latest version (quite frequent).
      I have to say, and it's painful, that these devices eat batteries. I mean like monthly. Bought a huge amount of these, and basically ordering batteries in bulk from AMZN. Battery gauge works to tell me to put new one in. Gave a couple to family members and they gave up. Tough break, really.

    6. Mark Sean Lorey on

      Please let's hear from others that have tried to use in the real world...
      Also think I will make a YouTube vid.

    7. Mark Sean Lorey on

      Also had to buy new battery, but now they are going on eBay and they can be someone else's loss

    8. Mark Sean Lorey on

      Tried to use this week on vacation and what a piece of crap!! They work only if your within 5 feet and not in a outer pocket of a suitcase! Biggest waste of cash!!!!

    9. XY-FindIt Creator on


      Please check your email associated with this account- it looks like there was an error in processing your payment when you upgraded to the 7-pack. Please let me know via email how you'd like to proceed.

      Sorry for the mixup and thanks for your support!

    10. Missing avatar

      Chris Stieber on

      Hey! I backed this project a long long long time ago... i haven't received anything? Can someone help me?

    11. XY-FindIt Creator on


      I'm very sorry to hear you're experiencing technical difficulties with the beeping function. We'd be happy to assist you until any and all issues are fully resolved. First, I'd like to make sure you're using the latest version of the XY app because we have made some enhancements that may help address the issue you experienced with the app not connecting when you try to activate the beeping function. May I ask which version of the app you're currently using?

      Regarding the sound your beacon emits, we have two different sounds available right now May I ask if the sound your beacon emits is a steady beeping or is it more like a melody? If you would prefer to try a beacon with a different sound, we'd be happy to assist you with an exchange. Our main goal is for you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase.

      Could you send us an email at Please include what phone or device you're using and the version of the app. The app version can be found in the "feedback" section of the app.

      Thanks for your feedback - we hope we can get this sorted out to your satisfaction!

    12. Missing avatar

      Randy Sid on

      I got the items and it doesn't work well.
      Sometimes doesn't go off and, when it does, the sound is so faint you can only hear it when it's absolutely quiet. I tested this in public and it's worthless. After an Internet search I found that dozens of people are making a similar competing device and none of them seem to work very well.

      In a nutshell, it's not proprietary, not original and not ready for prime time.

    13. Phillip Wilkie on

      I have just checked kickstarter and it says you haven't sent the survey yet so wondering when this is going to happen?

    14. Matt Otto on

      Did you guys give up on this project and trying to shift the company to a different place? If so good luck!

    15. XY-FindIt Creator on

      @Azhrei--The status reading of the XY beacon shouldn't affect the battery life so we apologize that the batteries didn't last as long as expected. We're constantly working on enhancements to the XY app to improve the user experience and improving battery life is one of them.

    16. Missing avatar

      Azhrei on

      Well I've had to replace the battery again, it lasted a bit over 2 months total. Also, the low battery warning never went off. I do normally keep my phone upstairs and my keys downstairs so the beacon is at the extreme range of the phone (xy says it's "very far"), I wonder if that somehow impacts battery life? I want to like these beacons but if it dies again in 2 months I don't know if I'll keep feeding it batteries.

    17. Henry Tan on

      Guys. The app on Note3 has flaws.
      The left button menu box is unable to see any text.
      And is the feature to report lost of XY to community is remove?
      I'm unable to find that function.

    18. XY-FindIt Creator on

      @Alice - Can you make sure your beacon is not set to Mute? If it isn't, please submit an inquiry to us via your in-app Feedback found in your Menu, and we can get that over to our developer right away.

    19. Missing avatar

      Alice Day on

      Finally replaced my batteries that had gone dead without me noticing and was testing out the new batteries--Why would one of my beacons make the beeping sound with no issue and the other not make a sound at all? Both are detected by the app with no problem.

    20. XY-FindIt Creator on

      @Azhrei & @Gouzou - We truly appreciate your candid feedback. This is definitely high on our list of things to consider, as we have heard similar feedback to yours, and do want it to be easy for users to manage. I'll be relaying your feedback to the appropriate individuals.
      @Gouzou - The battery reading feature is coming for iOS soon! I'll also be making sure to relay your enhancement idea about the personalized tones to the appropriate team member.

    21. Missing avatar

      Gouzou on

      Or maybe a well placed screw might also do the job for an easier way to open it.
      I also miss a low batt feature. Quite a lot actually.
      Thank you team for allowing me to locate the tags when not connected to the Internet abroad.
      Personalized sorted groups of beacons would also be great, as a list sorted by proximity.
      Any chance to put a personalized tone for the localization song?
      Cheers guys

    22. Missing avatar

      Azhrei on

      So I've finally gotten around to replacing the batteries in some of my beacons that had apparently been dead for over a month. I'm assuming they died before the low battery notification feature went in, but if it was in the app already, well, it didn't work. I guess I'll find out after they die the next time.

      While the beacons do their job just fine, I gotta say that despite doing it multiple times now, I still mangle the beacon's plastic opening. Please keep this in mind for any future version you guys make, as I wouldn't be surprised if I've broken the water seal on at least one of mine trying to get it open. I've found I need to use exactly the correct size screwdriver or I just make large gouges in the soft plastic. I actually like the feel of the plastic but please think about reinforcing that opening slot with some much harder material in the future.

    23. XY-FindIt Creator on

      @Liam - We'd be happy to assist you with this. I will be emailing you to the email address we have on your Kickstarter profile shortly.

    24. XY-FindIt Creator on

      @Magnus - Your beacons use replaceable CR2032 batteries. They are technically water resistant, therefore a little tricky to open.
      Here's a link to help you open your beacons:…

    25. Liam Kelly on

      Is there a way to reset the beacon, I had one claimed on an old account, but i lost the password for that account, so i made a new account, but the beacon is still claimed to the old account.

    26. Magnus Alexander on

      All of my tags (7 pcs...) is also out of battery. The first tag i received, the "XY compatible tag" ment as a sample is still working. Yaay...

    27. XY-FindIt Creator on

      @David - I'm so sorry to hear that your beacon was out of battery just when you needed it. We've already implemented low battery notifications on our Android app, and iOS is next, as we do understand the importance of knowing when a battery is running low. I have just emailed you directly, as we have some questions for you. Re: battery life--Initially--back when we came on Kickstarter--testing, among other factors, suggested a longer battery life. However, we came to find that this was not the case as the product evolved. Our developers are currently exploring our options to address this, as we do understand it is a lot shorter than expected.

    28. Missing avatar

      David Renton on

      Batteries lasting less than3 months, with a published 12 months life?? Just when I really needed to use my XY, the darn thing was out of life - lost keys and wasted money.

    29. XY-FindIt Creator on

      @Matt - We're sorry you feel that way. This is something that is high on our list, and we hope to improve this in the future. Thank you for your candid feedback.

    30. Matt Otto on

      Pretty lame this device dies after three months due to batteries. Really not interested in that kind of maintenance in a device like this. Let me know when you have better power efficiency on the devices you shipped to us.

    31. Syafiq on

      Matt otto mine same as yours..cant connect to XY no more

    32. XY-FindIt Creator on

      @richard - not at this time, but we make note every time someone inquires and if microsoft really pushes the BLE technology of its phones, markets it, helps make it make sense for software solutions ... then you never know.

    33. Missing avatar

      richard harding on

      Do you have any plans to release a Windows Phone app?

    34. XY-FindIt Creator on

      @Matt - There's a good chance a battery change will solve your problem. We have found an average battery range of around 3-6 months. Initially--testing, among other factors, suggested a longer battery life of about a year. However, we have come to find that this has not been the case. We are currently exploring options to address this, such as different battery brands, as well as exploring options to reduce battery consumption without compromising the efficacy of the beacons.

      We recommend that you try changing the battery, to see if that does the trick. I'm including a video that will help you open your beacons. They're technically waterproof, so it can be a little tricky to get them open. If this doesn't do the trick, please email us at and we'll go from there. Thank you!

      Opening your XY Find It beacon -…

    35. Matt Otto on

      Did anyone else’s break 3 months after getting it? Mine doesn’t show up on my phone at all anymore.

    36. XY-FindIt Creator on

      @Natalie - Please let us know if you are seeing any problems. We want to help. We are quick to respond to any emails to

    37. Natalie Tay on

      I regret getting this.

    38. XY-FindIt Creator on

      @Caleb - We're sorry to hear you're experiencing difficulties with your beacons. We'd like to help you resolve the issues you're encountering. Please email us at

    39. Missing avatar

      Caleb on

      What a garbage product. Its quicker to find my keys and wallet the old fashion way then wait for this glitchy cheap hardware to connect and work. I bought 7 of these. Not one of them works properly. 90% of the time they don't connect. And more the half the time when they do connect the beepers won't activate.

    40. XY-FindIt Creator on

      @Paul - We are working on a "low battery notification", and it is not too late to incorporate, as the beacons supports it, and it is already implemented on Android.

      @Roberto - We are sorry. We typically see 4 to 6 months, but some of the batteries from the factory have lasted less. We continuously look for ways to optimize battery life, including some things that may be possible through app updates.

    41. Paul Giralt on

      I've also replaced the battery on the two beacons that I've used so far. Haven't used the 3rd one yet. The bad part is you don't realize the battery is dead until you want to try and find the beacon and realize it hasn't been seen in a while. Any way to provide a low battery notification? Maybe it's too late to incorporate now, but would be good to see in future revisions.

    42. Roberto Arias on

      The battery only lasted three months.

    43. XY-FindIt Creator on

      @Nathan - I (Mark) have an iPhone 6 Plus, and the app works great, but you have me curious ... what support are you looking for? Please do email us at We are crazy busy, in a good way ... all started with our awesome backers. Thank you!

      @Chad - Thank you for contacting support. I know they are working with you to figure this out.

    44. Missing avatar

      Chad Heying on

      @XY-FindIt so I've been busy and haven't been able to try the new app since your last post. I went into the newly downloaded app and my tag is no longer available whatsoever. It's like it doesn't exist... Any clue what the problem is?

    45. Missing avatar

      Nathan Kunicki on

      So it's been a long time since there's been any form of update to the XY app on the Appstore, same with any comments or updates on here. Is the app going to receive iPhone 6 Plus support?

      What's next? Or is XY already not being maintained any more?

    46. XY-FindIt Creator on

      @Chad - Probably means you have a TestFlight build of the XY app. Delete the app, and download again from the App Store, and you should be good to go.

    47. Missing avatar

      Chad Heying on

      So my app on my iPhone6 is not responding anymore. When ever I try to open it, the app automatically closes right away.

    48. XY-FindIt Creator on

      @Mark - Yes. LZ164553526US. Looks like it was delivered.

      @Mukesh - On its way!

    49. Missing avatar

      Mark Odams on

      I still have not received mine, do you have a tracking number? Something that meant to help find things and it's lost?

    50. Missing avatar

      Mukesh Anand on

      i have not yet received mine as well.
      I ordered the $85 one of all colours.
      could you please check.

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