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The #1 funded tech-suit on crowdfunding. Now available for express shipping.
The #1 funded tech-suit on crowdfunding. Now available for express shipping.
1,185 backers pledged $362,319 to help bring this project to life.

The X Suit has began shipping!

Posted by XYZ Group (Creator)
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A warm hello from the X Team.

As you might (or not) have seen, our suits have finally began shipping out!It has been a long a ride but we're happy to be able to get your X Suits to each and every one of you backers, who supported us from day one. Thank you for your support and helping us bring this product to life! 

We're sure you will be proud to own and test out your X Suit and show off all it's cool features to your friends and family. Our first batch has already been delivered to backers and we'll be posting some reviews in a future so be on the lookout for that.

Once your order has been shipped out, you will receive a confirmation email with a courier (DHL, FedEx or UPS) tracking number.

Give us a shout on our social media ( and sharing your X Suit experience and we'll re-share it!

Here are some of the cool features you can try on right out of the box: 

1. Pour. Splash. Spill.Pour some water or coffee, and watch the liquid jump off. If any of it sinks in, simply dab a tissue to pull it out.

2. Move. Stretch. Jump.
Move around how you would normally not in your classic suit. Bend down, stretch your arms from side to side.

3. Crinkle and crumble.
Literally make a ball out of it, throw it on the ground, and pick it back up to see it naturally un-crease. Wrinkles will wear off once garment is set on a hanger for a few hours.

We've been spending much time at our warehouse in Hong Kong preparing all our stock, packing and shipping out. 

Shipping orders

We've already started seeing comments regarding how we are shipping out orders (not in the order they were received). The only reason being that some information is lacking or that we need final confirmation to make sure you get the right X Suit size.

We urge all our backers to reply to surveys or our customer support's questions to get your X Suit shipped out as soon as possible!

We do apologize if you have sent it many, and we appreciate your support and know this is to ensure that the right size suit is shipped out to your correct address.

Sizes not fitting

We would like to re-clarify for those of you who are still not aware that the X Suit is NOT a made-to-meausre suit but a well tailored off-the-rack. For this reason, concessions must be made to arrive to a suit that you will be happy to wear if your body has a bigger build or rounder at certain areas.  

This is the reason why our team is constantly asking backers for detailed information to better understand their fit preference and body type. If for any reason, information is given wrongly, this will result in the wrong fitted suit being shipped out. If you suffer from a large belly and small chest/shoulder or large chest and small waist, you must choose like you would in any commercial store i.e. would you like to close your jacket OR fit snugly on your chest/shoulder area? 

We are currently starting a second batch production of our X Suit to supply the demand and in that new order have included some bigger sizes for those who do not fit in the original US 34 to 48 (EU 44 to 58) so please be patient and we will have your bigger sizes out to you in the next few months. 

All our pants come unhemmed and longer than standard (range from 111cm to 117cm depending on size).

Returns & Exchanges

Due to the nature of crowdfunding, the exorbitant costs, and low profit margins, we are unable to offer returns on any X Suit. This was clearly mentioned on our page and we unfortunately have to stand firm by that. 

If for any reason you would like to change the size of your suit, all original hand-tags and packaging must be returned undamaged. Simply send us an email at for our exchange policy. 

Exchanges must be issued within 14 days of you receiving your X Suit. 

Thank you all  

X Team

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    1. Lane Thompson on

      That being said, I’d also settle for my suit being shipped ASAP! Thank you.

    2. Lane Thompson on

      I haven’t received my suit either. This campaign has been extremely disappointing. The communication has been very poor and they’ve been too focused on trying to make a brand and do social media instead of cater to their existing customers. If I could get a refund, I would!

    3. Missing avatar

      Jeff on

      How do I find out the status of my shipment? Is there a tracking number?

    4. Missing avatar

      Michał Pruski on

      @Choque, in many countries you get a month...

    5. Missing avatar

      eugene Meenan on

      I've waited a long time given sizing and been messed around - I must admit I am not happy that I have still not received. In fact I am extremely upset and will not be using Kickstarter again after this experience

    6. Missing avatar

      Cloudkicker on

      I would like to exchange the pants. Size 36 is far too large, seems like I will need size 30 or you simply sent too large pants. Where to send the return?

    7. Missing avatar


      @A.H. 14 days is standard so it's far from ridiculous.

    8. Missing avatar

      A.H. on

      "Exchanges must be issued within 14 days of you receiving your X Suit. "

      14 days exchange period is ridiculous. What if I'm out of town/country when the suit arrives?