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No Pumping. Boils Water. Use with Nespresso® and SS Coffee Capsules. Travel Bag, EcoPress, AC Adaptor, Battery, Car Charger & more!
Automatically pumps and pours coffee for you into detachable drinking cup. Boils Water anywhere you go. Operates from one button. Powered by removable lithium battery. Use Nespresso® Capsules or your Espresso Grind.
Automatically pumps and pours coffee for you into detachable drinking cup. Boils Water anywhere you go. Operates from one button. Powered by removable lithium battery. Use Nespresso® Capsules or your Espresso Grind.
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Shipping of NowPresso Underway


All the NowPresso stock has been consolidated and is making it’s way to various countries. We believe all our paperwork and certifications are in order to get through various worldwide customs.

The NowPresso Portable Espresso Machines have cleared China and Hong Kong customs.

NowPresso packages prepped and ready to ship in Hong Kong
NowPresso packages prepped and ready to ship in Hong Kong


As stated in our last update the team encountered a more challenging process than expected when dealing with global HS classifications and customs regulations to clear the NowPresso for worldwide shipping to all backers: being a World First Portable Espresso Machine with a lithium battery we had to provide a lot of explanation and extra documentation.

Because of these unforeseen delays we are covering all duties and taxes to make sure that the NowPresso’s arrive to everyone as quick as possible.

We underestimated the delivery time and certifications process.

Please excuse any inconveniences this may cause, we are doing everything we can under our control to get the NowPresso’s to you at this current and final stage of the NowPresso team’s first product launch.

For transparency’s sake, we are sharing the timeline of shipping provided by our freight forwarder.

Dates starting from November 2017
Dates starting from November 2017

The above image shows the timeline of the staggered shipping currently underway.

The green sections are the NowPressso’s journey from China with customs processing, and paperwork holdups as the shipment makes it’s way to Hong Kong.

The purple section shows where the shipments have been consolidated by our freight forwarder and have been booked on flights for breakup and the final distribution in the countries and regions named on each purple section.

The “Outbound ROW” mean Rest of World--meaning, all countries/regions not included in any of the other shipping categories.

Why are the shipments staggered?

It is peak shipping season so cargo leaving Hong Kong is not in its normal abundance; we did not plan for this as, we expected we would have shipped by end of October. Thank you for your patience.

You may be contacted by the freight forwarder once your orders are ready for delivery. 

The shipping method we are using for many of the orders is known as direct injection.

This is where we consolidate (see images above) shipments and then, once the bulk order arrives at the country or region of distribution, it is broken up and prepared for delivery to each individual address.

Because of this, we are unable to provide tracking numbers at this time.

You are all now one last step closer to receiving the NowPresso! Thank you very much for your understanding and patience. We truly look forward to you receiving all your NowPresso rewards!

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    1. XSPROFIX Creator on

      @Adeem: Hello Adeem, please know we are doing our best to get you your tracking number. Right now we are awaiting your AWB (air way bill number) from our freight forwarder as we are on a waiting list to get the machine on the next plane. Because this is an extremely busy time of the year planes can only carry a certain amount of lithium batteries. Once we receive your requested tracking information we will forward it on to you. Thank you for your understanding and support so far. I hope you continue having a great week!

    2. Adeem on

      I haven’t received any updates regarding my shipment yet. Saudi Arabia.

    3. XSPROFIX Creator on

      @Morgyn Hastings: Hi Morgyn, yes you are correct, we can confirm this. You should be receiving your NowPresso Rewards before the end of this week or at the beginning of next week.

      Please refer to our latest update to ensure you have the best first time coffee experience with your NowPresso when you receive it:

      We hope you continue having a great week!

    4. Missing avatar

      Morgyn Hastings on

      Hi There,
      If I read the shipping timeline correctly, the Australian deliveries should either be in or thru AU Customs. Can you confirm this?

    5. XSPROFIX Creator on

      @Reiner: Thank you very much Reiner! We truly appreciate the support

    6. XSPROFIX Creator on

      @Fernando Jasso: You're very welcome Fernando! Thank you, we truly appreciate it!

    7. Reiner on

      So proud of how you run this project. Very professional!

    8. Fernando Jasso

      Thank you for the transparency you have ran an awesome kickstarter campaign

    9. Ryan

      Thanks for the fast response. I look forward to finally receiving it.

    10. XSPROFIX Creator on

      @Ryan: Hi Ryan, apologies for the timeline being too small, we tried to make it as big as possible for the update. Orders from Singapore can expect delivery before the end of the month. I hope you continue having a great week!

    11. Ryan

      The timeline is too small to see. Singapore shipping period soon?

    12. XSPROFIX Creator on

      @Ade: You're welcome Ade! Thank you for your support!

    13. Missing avatar

      Ade on

      Thank you for the transparency!! This is such a good news. Hoping that it takes only over night shipping from HK to Taiwan. :D haha