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Automatically pumps and pours coffee for you into detachable drinking cup. Boils Water anywhere you go. Operates from one button. Powered by removable lithium battery. Use Nespresso® Capsules or your Espresso Grind.
Automatically pumps and pours coffee for you into detachable drinking cup. Boils Water anywhere you go. Operates from one button. Powered by removable lithium battery. Use Nespresso® Capsules or your Espresso Grind.
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Challenges Encountered BUT Solution Found

Posted by XSPROFIX (Creator)

Over the course of this campaign we have been taking everyone’s feedback seriously and felt we have done a quick job to adjust the product based on all your input. 

To refresh how we’ve adapted since the launch of the campaign, we added the following to the rewards and a stretch goal: 

  • EcoPress capsule recycling solution (update #2), 
  • 12v Charger (for cars) added as a reward for all backers 
  • NowPresso Stainless Capsules (update #6
  • The name change to NowPresso (update #5

Due to popular demand from all of you on Kickstarter, who wanted to use your own espresso grind with the NowPresso - we had been working around the clock to find a solution so that all of you can use the NowPresso with any grind you would like. 

We found a workable solution: the reusable stainless steel capsule. 

And, we began working with a company that led us to believe they owned the patent to be able to develop one for NowPresso.

However, very recently the rightful patent owner contacted us with some surprising information: 

If we were to continue the development of the NowPresso Stainless Steel Capsule, we would be infringing on their patent. 

Infringing on someone else's creation is not the NowPresso way. It is not how we work. It is not our style. And it's not something anyone should tolerate. We want to do the right thing and we also want to be transparent.

Because of this we immediately shut down all development of the NowPresso capsule and have instead entered into collaboration with the rightful patent owner of the capsule design - SealPod

Just this morning we tested the SealPod capsules and are happy to report they work perfectly with the NowPresso.

SealPod reusable capsules are readily available worldwide, you can find distributors in your region or get them online here.

So, in the end, we cannot offer the NowPresso Stainless Steel Reusable capsules as a stretch goal. 

With that said, you will still be able to use your own Espresso Grind with the NowPresso via the SealPod solution.

What a journey this campaign has been, it is hard to communicate the stress we experienced when we found out we were being misled because we had already promised you all the ability to use the NowPresso with your own grind. Fortunately, SealPod is looking forward to working with us. 

Thank you all for your understanding and support, if you have any questions, please add them in the comments below. 

We still have 5 days left in the campaign and any help to get the word out about the NowPresso would be greatly appreciated. 

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Thank you all, 

Your NowPresso Team!

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    1. XSPROFIX Creator on

      @Ade: That's great to hear Ade. Via this link you can find out where you can purchase yours:

    2. Missing avatar

      Ade on

      Ah~ cool, SealPod is a Taiwanese company. I hope I can easily get them here locally.

    3. XSPROFIX Creator on

      @Ade: Thank you for your support Ade! Yes we will definitely create a video. Once it's ready we will post it on our campaign page.

    4. Missing avatar

      Ade on

      Thank you for the transparency and update!! I feel confident in your project. Will you make a video of SealPod working with NowPresso?? :)