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A revolutionary shooter game where you shoot actual Touch-Reactive darts at your touchscreen device, to take down epic digital targets!

A revolutionary shooter game where you shoot actual Touch-Reactive darts at your touchscreen device, to take down epic digital targets! Read More
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Using Interactive Touch Darts and Challenging Apps for iOs, Android & Windows, SNIPE perfectly integrates physical with digital to bring the action back to shooting games! 

The Media got us Covered!

Take your pick where to read about SNIPE:

Gizmodo , AppAdvice , DigitalTrendsToyNews , GeekTime , MacTrast , DUDEIWANTTHAT , Cliqist , BlasterLabs , (Italian) , (Hebrew) , and more to come...

Let’s be honest, we all like games that innovate. Since as long as anyone can remember, both kids and adults have loved to play shooting games. Computers and consoles brought us a different variety, one in which joysticks, a mouse or a touchpad replace toy pistols or rifles. Even if a gadget is used to represent a gun, the lack of an actual projectile makes for a very different experience. Now that touch-screens seem to have reduced the dimensionality of shooting games even further, SNIPE brings a brand-new experience to the arena. We are combining the very best of two worlds that, up until now, seemed to be mutually exclusive to each other. We have the technology ready and it can be in the palm of your hands, if you decide to back us!

UPDATE: Watch our demo testings on a Touchscreen TV

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The app presented in the video is a simple HTML mockup we've created just to test the Touch Darts. We also used this chance to determine once and for all who will win the World Cup - Brazil or France (in our bet France won).

  • We Are Innovators: With SNIPE’s patent-pending Touch Darts and designated multi-platform game apps, you can turn your tablet into a limitless shooting playground, where your blasting skills truly count. SNIPE offers both the tactility of physical shooting games and the endless possibilities only computer and console games have to offer, making for a truly unique, one-of-a-kind experience.
  • We Are Shooters: From kids to adults, we all love to play shooting games, whether we are using a toy gun to blast our (mostly) innocent friends or playing within the exciting digital war zone generated by the latest console game. Mobile touch devices have changed the game. Suddenly, we’re being inundated with one-dimensional game apps that only require one functional finger and an admittedly long series of quick swipes to become a pro.
  • We’re Blending Physical Elements with a Digital Playground: SNIPE is all about the perfect blend of digital and physical elements within one revolutionary shooting game. The idea is simple: you use one of our SNIPE Blasters or another commercially available blasters to shoot SNIPE Touch Darts at your tablet while it’s running one of our SNIPE apps (scroll down to learn more on SAFETY). Thanks to your tablet’s touch sensors, the physical impact gets translated to exploding targets, accuracy ratings, game scores and more! 
  • We’ve Made SNIPE Cross-Platform: Best of all, we’ll be providing a multitude of free SNIPE Apps for iOs, Android and Windows Phone, all of which are uniquely tailored for SNIPE Darts! From the get-go, you’ll be able to shoot at a pyramid of cans, shatter moving bottles, challenge your friends in a duel or simply practice your sniping skills. Stretch goals include many more games, so start backing!

We're offering a variety of rewards from $5 to $10K! From a BIG, genuine, THANK YOU to a CRAZY one-of-a-kind BOOT CAMP Training in Israel, instructed by ex-IDF soldiers (!). Oh, and all the regular rewards you all expected:

To your right you would find the rewards section, where you'll see more awesome rewards for you real SNIPE Maniacs!

Innovation is the cornerstone of our project and the next few paragraphs should please the technophiles among you! Here are some of the features that make the SNIPE Touch Darts so exceptional:

SNIPE Touch Dart
SNIPE Touch Dart
  • Conductive Materials: Unlike any other foam dart, SNIPE Darts are made of a unique electro-conductive foam body, which is attached to a special touch-reactive rubberized suction cup. Together, they create the ability to interact with capacitive touchscreen devices.
  • ‘Free-Falling’ Mechanism: Our innovative suction cup tip has tiny air pores that give SNIPE Darts the capability to stick to the tablet’s screen for less then 2 seconds, before detaching and falling to the ground automatically. This is just enough time for the touch sensors to recognize the impact, and for you to shoot your next shot towards a clear screen.
  • Spiral Body Design: A unique spiral design distinguishes a SNIPE Dart from all other foam darts, so you’ll never mistake one for the other. Oh, and don’t worry, the SNIPE Dart is extremely durable, with a range of up to (an astounding) 30 feet if the right blaster is used. 
  • Patent Pending: A patent on the SNIPE Dart’s innovative technology and functionality was filed worldwide. This means you’ll be buying a truly unique product so you can boast to your SNIPE-less friends and we can get in some extra cash by gleefully suing imitators!

When the idea of SNIPE was born, we had one major concern – is it even safe to shoot toy darts at tablets?! Well, during our tests, we did our best to generate at least some physical damage, but we didn’t even manage to destroy or hurt a single touchscreen device!

As our beloved physics high school teacher always told us, momentum is the result of mass and speed. When a projectile hits a static object, most of its momentum is transformed into impact force. Due to their light weight and their super-soft tips, SNIPE Darts have an impact force of no more than 0.05 Newton, which is 20 times weaker than what the weakest commercially available screen is designed to handle!

The EGG Test:

  • Assumption: If it won’t crack an eggshell, it will never harm a tablet!
  • Method: We shot 10 SNIPE darts from each of our blasters and from several commercially available blasters (Jolt™, N-strike™ and others).
  • Target: An egg. No animals were hurt in the process.
  • Distance: 0.2 to 4 meters.
  • Result: Nothing! Zilch. Zero. The eggs were left unharmed. We boiled and ate them afterwards, though.
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Do you own one of those crazy blasters with a velocity faster than 38 m/s? Use our calculator to be sure you can still shoot at your tablet without it being harmed! (Read more on the safety tests here).

You’ve probably guessed it by now (mainly because we’ve been telling you since the first paragraph): SNIPE is opening a new world in touchscreen gaming (yes, we like to repeat Important Things)! The free SNIPE apps that we supply here will be the first of many iOS and Android applications to come. Currently at Alpha testing, our first four SNIPE Apps will feature many different game modes, authentic sound effects, life-like graphics, and awesome options. Our apps and blasters are designed to give you an accurate shooting experience from 0.5 to 2.5 meters far (up to 7 foot) when playing with a 10'' or smaller screens.

The apps that will be available at the SNIPE kick-off are:

  • SNIPE THE CAN: Yeah, you probably all know this famous shootout practice, but we’re bringing it to your living room and you don’t even need real cans! Just hit the targets until the pyramid is fully destroyed. 
  • SHATTER THE BOTTLE: This is your chance to test your rapid-firing skills at moving targets that shatter to pieces when hit! This is how it goes: the bottles appear on the assembly line at changing speeds, and you have to break them all! 
  • BLAST THE METAL: This app will test your shooting instincts even more than Billy the Kid would have! Your mission? Shoot rapidly-appearing metal targets before they vanish from sight! 
  • TARGET-TREE DUEL: This is you against your sworn enemy in a shootout between good and evil! Challenge your friends in a no holds barred heads-up shooting game to determine who’s the boss! 

Of course, we will be creating many more SNIPE apps along the way, but we always listen to our fans and love to get their feedback, so please don’t hesitate to contact us with any game-related ideas, concepts or visions you might have! (

Although SNIPE Darts are compatible with many front-loading blasters, there isn’t a better blaster to play SNIPE with than one of the SNIPE Blasters! 

  • SNIPE Single-Fire Blaster: Firing a single dart at-a-time with a great medium-range accuracy, this blaster generates an awesome SNIPing experience to begin with.
  • SNIPE Rapid-Fire Blaster: With a rotating multi-dart barrel, which holds 6 darts at a time, this is the ultimate weapon for SNIPE games. 

Easy loading, quick dart release, accurate aiming, and medium-range shooting are the SNIPE Blaster features, which were designed to perfectly enhance the SNIPE gaming experience.

SAFETY FIRST – We’ve tested many docking stations, tablet stands and other products that will hold your tablet at an angle of roughly 90 degrees and most of them will safely hold your tablet while playing SNIPE. However, because we are always striving for ultimate coolness, we also offer two SNIPE Mounts tailored specifically for SNIPE gaming needs:

  • The SNIPE Table Mount: A simple, adjustable stand which will hold your smart device at a perfect angle to play SNIPE on a table, floor, closet, chest, the head of a dinosaur or any other flat surface.
  • The Koala Wall Mount: This one is produced by our friends at 'Dockem' ( It’ll attach, detach and reattach to your wall without damaging it. Also great for erasing all evidence of a marathon gaming session just before your boyfriend, girlfriend or parents get home!

Simply place your tablet – any tablet, any size – on any of our SNIPE Mounts and have a blast!

With every $10K we get beyond our pledge goal, we'll create another cool game for SNIPE! Of course, we'll also add crazy new hardware to the SNIPE brand, to extend SNIPE's gaming features (coming soon...)

SNIPE is The Future...

We foresee a world full of touchscreen devices and as the technology of capacitive touch-screens evolves from year to year, so will the technology of SNIPE. Rumors of touchscreen surfaces, walls which will feature integrated touch monitors, high-end touchscreen TVs and related upcoming technology abound, which means that the scope of SNIPE gaming is poised to expand. We intend to continue to develop and improve SNIPE products as touchscreen devices evolve. This way, SNIPE will remain on the cutting edge, and be able to interact with the latest touchscreen technology. Also, our apps will always be compatible with various platforms.

Launching new gaming hardware onto the market is a complicated process. Factories require minimum order quantities – often thousands of units – and retailers need to see demand before they allocate shelf space for products they haven’t seen or used before. Additionally, standardization/quality testing and liability insurance is needed, amongst other things, before actual sales can start.

Project SNIPE Time-line: 

From launching day to supply of goods
From launching day to supply of goods

This is where you guys come in: thanks to the buzz we’ll be generating and your pre-orders, we’ll be able to bring our products to life within the space of just four months! That’s right: this Kickstarter campaign has the power to push forward all aspects of the SNIPE vision, from marketing and sales to product quality and user experience. So help us by pledging to reap one of our rewards, and enjoy SNIPE before anyone else!

How your money is going to be invested:

  • Finalizing the SNIPE Touch Dart product file
  • Taking the SNIPE apps from 'proof of concept' to the app stores
  • Producing molds and purchasing raw material for mass production
  • Completing the PCT patent filling process
  • Activation of product liability insurance & product standardization 
  • Mass production of the SNIPE Darts
  • Packaging & shipping of the Kickstarter rewards
  • Marketing & PR, to place SNIPE in the global market
  • Reaching toy distributors around the world

If you believe SNIPE is crazy cool too, it will be very helpful if you could share this Kickstarter page with your online network, by simply clicking on any of the above links!

You Can Become a SNIPE Game Designer!

Imagine a world full of FUN game applications for SNIPE Darts to interact with… Now imagine that you have created one of these apps, thereby gaining eternal fame! With our GAME DESIGNER KIT you can become an integral part of SNIPE and express your vision for SNIPE games.

Founded in January 2012, XnTouch is an Israeli toy company who specialize in creating interactive toys that enhance the gaming experience on smartphones and tablets.

Our first product - Fruit Ninja™ SliceSword - was created in partnership with Halfbrick Studios and was recently launched exclusively for online purchase within the e-store of the top-selling game Fruit Ninja™ ( 

SNIPE was born out of the frustration of playing boring shooting games with our smartphones. We started it up in the hope of bringing the excitement back to shooter games. We are working hard in collaboration with top-notch engineers and experienced manufactures to ensure our well-designed products are of the highest quality and meet the highest market standards.

Please meet our team and join us in our passion to change the face of mobile shooting games for good!

Sean is an entrepreneur which participated in a number of start-ups before he decided to pick up the glove and establish XnTouch. 

Liran has been a passionate innovator in the field of mobile games & app-toys for the last couple of years.

Idan is an experienced technophile, with a broad background as a team leader at growing tech industries.

Stewie is a senior business administrator and an experienced advisor in companies from the import/export industry.

Ronen is the CEO of our partner company, Quattro-D, who specialize in industrial design and mass-production of innovative tech products.

Alon is the head of the design department of our partner company, Quattro-D, with years of experience as a Master of Fine Art.

Thank you Kickstarters for your support! 

We really appreciate your help with this project...


The SNIPE Team.

Risks and challenges

Challenge #1 – Taking the prototype into production:

Our biggest challenge would be to take our prototype and to get it into manufacturing in reasonable costs. Quattro-D, our collaborator, is well experienced in this part of the work. We are already in contact with the right manufacturers but things can always come up on that side. This is why we tried to keep things simple, and the only thing that we manufacture our own is the Dart itself. For any other part of the work we have at least 3 different potential suppliers. The lead time we have from our suppliers is 4 weeks for the molds and another 3 weeks for production. We gave ourselves 13 weeks so we could do the process twice and still meet the obligations to our backers.

Challenge #2 – Developing apps to a new world of user experience and interface:

SNIPE apps are different, you need to play far from the screen and we don’t want you to return to the device again and again to reactivate it. The second related UE and UI issue is the targets size. We want it to be challenging from the one side but possible to hit from the right distance on the other. To solve the first part of the challenge we are working in two directions. First, you could always hit certain places of the screen to do the most common actions. Second, we are checking out the possibility to merge voice or camera based control methods, those ones are already on the market and advance rapidly.
The second part of the challenge would be solved by testing, before developing and app level we make a simple graphic video of it and let different players to shoot it using regular darts (so we wouldn’t have to wait until production is over). We are also planning on sending those things to our backers, and ask for their opinion about what is challenging and what is impossible.

Risk #1 – A change in the touch screen technology:

Touch screen technology is evolving. This is why SNIPE is developed now and not 5 years ago. Our biggest risk is that the market would change and start using devices which the SNIPE darts wouldn’t work on. Right now, this risk seems unreasonable, as capacitive and optical touch devices are the major trends and both are getting even more sensitive over the years. So actually, we hope we could make smaller dart tips in the future. To stay on the safe side and not be surprised, we are in contact with two major players in this industry so if such a change would begin we could be fast enough to find a new solution for it.

Risk #2 – Country related legal limitations:

Countries tend to change their regulations on toys from time to time. Raw materials could become forbidden and you need to face new custom regulations.
Our method of thinking in this way is to follow the big companies as they are always aware of those regulations before they apply. The dart size, speed and shape would be similar to how others makes them and the raw material is taken from the medical accessories market, and manufactured by a company based in the US. Of course, it could happen that specific country would have certain regulations. We will still try and ship it to you because usually custom services don’t care about the single consumer.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


  • Choose the package you want, and add ​its value to the amount pledged​.​ ​
    Example​:​ if you pledged for the ​ULTIMATE ​SNIPEr ​PACK, and you ​also want 1xSNIPE RECRUIT, change the amount from $70 to $ ​95​. ​We will contact all our backers after the project is funded to verify exactly which packages they want. ​For international shipping you only need to pay once.

    Last updated:
  • Trust us on that one. 1st, ​the rewards contain ​a lot of darts, and ​some even include an ammunition belt​ so you won't need to pick darts until each level is completed. 2nd, our apps are designed based on the amount of darts you have, so when ammunition is over you have just enough time to re-gear.

    Last updated:
  • SNIPE Darts are compatible with most capacitive touchscreen devices (Tablets and Computers by Apple, Samsung, Sony, Lenovo, Dell, HP, Asus and Microsoft).
    The SNIPE Apps will be developed for Android, iOS and Windows 8.

    Last updated:
  • As mentioned, our darts should work with most front loading Blasters that shoot regular Nerf foam darts. We've personally tested it with Jolt™, Triad EX-3™, Nitefinder™ and Firestrike™.

    Last updated:
  • SNIPE Darts and Apps work with any tablet stand/mount/docking station known to man.

    The cool thing about the SNIPE Mounts is that they can hold any tablet in any size in an angle of roughly 90 degrees to the ground, for you to enjoy a perfect shooting experience.

    Last updated:

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    SNIPE BOOT CAMP – This crazy reward is for the true combat soldiers among you! We will fly you to Israel (if it is legal for you to even visit this country) for a week of boot camp training by ex-special forces! YOU WILL BECOME THE ULTIMATE SHOOTER! Hone your body into a lean, mean shooting machine, practice your sniping abilities, learn how to control the combat field, visit a secret Israeli military base, and get the ULTIMATE SNIPEr PACK. No doubt about it: this will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will turn you into a much better SNIPEr than your enemies (read everything about the specific program on our website -!

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