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The Starchildren came looking for the home of rock music, only to find it outlawed. Fight back in the RPG of rock & roll revolution!
The Starchildren came looking for the home of rock music, only to find it outlawed. Fight back in the RPG of rock & roll revolution!
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Another Restless Year

Posted by XIG Games (Creator)

Hi again everyone; it's 2019 now, just 52 years until the Starchildren make their landing. And it's also the year we'll be bringing Velvet Generation to you. It's been a while, so let's catch up on what we've been doing and what's coming soon.

Test, Test...

We've been testing the hell out of the system, both at home and in convention test sessions. Our house band, Goats in the Dark*, got its start in the dead malls of South Euclid, Ohio and – after some rough encounters with the law and local yahoos – is on the move to the big city. We'll have some session recaps from our game up on the Kickstarter soon.

We also took Velvet Generation to its second Metatopia. In 2017, the system was in its incredibly early stages and we were still coming up with the fiddly dice stuff. A year later, we had a game in full beta stage, and we ran a few groups through the process of building their own bands. Metatopia is a great creative community for spawning new ideas and refining new ones, so we were able to make huge improvements in just a couple days with their help.

* The Blades in the Dark reference was unintentional, but entirely appropriate.

The Demo Tapes

Our original plan was to release The Demo Tapes preview in December 2018. That's (obviously) been delayed a bit, but for a good reason. The feedback we got from our Metatopia playtest sessions was way more useful than we expected, which caused us to go back and redesign a couple things in the system. That redesign process is now mostly complete, so we're back on track to put the preview out soon.

When we do release The Demo Tapes, it will be a playable game in its blind playtest stage. There will still be some things to fill in between that and the final edition, but we want to open it to you as soon as possible to hear what you think. It will be available in PDF for free to anyone who backed the Kickstarter at the Welcome to the Revolution level or higher. Anyone who didn't back at that level will be able to buy it and get both The Demo Tapes in PDF and a discount on the release version of Velvet Generation.

Beyond The Demo Tapes, we're also going to be dropping excerpts here and on our backer Discord server to give you a glimpse into what we've got in store.

Conventions & Events

We're setting up our convention schedule for 2019 too. Gencon and Metatopia are two that we'll definitely be at. We're writing this update from Midwinter (though that's a bit late notice, of course). If there's a local con that would be good for the Velvet Generation crew to check out, let us know and we'll see if we can make a plan.

Speaking of Gencon, we're in the planning stages for our Velvet Generation events, and we'll be asking for your feedback soon, so keep watching this space.

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      I backed at a level that says I should have got an invite to the Discord channel but never got it. Can I get an invite resent to me?