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A kinetic optical illusion sculpture, with a new kind of limited edition — I will make however many people want in the next 60 days.

I've been mixing the arts and sciences for about ten years — I hosted 'Time Warp' on the Discovery Channel, to try to get people excited about science, I take scientifically-inspired photography exploring the limits of human perception, and I design kinetic sculptures based on perceptual and physical principles. Moore Pattern is the first piece I'd like to try to manufacture for all of you.

It is a simple play on words: originally made as a wedding gift for my friend Jordan Moore and his wife Emilie, a moiré pattern is a type of interference pattern, generated here by two of the same shape placed backwards and rotating in opposite directions. When seen from far away, it looks as if one shape is moving in an impossible way. Trust me, the video helps...

I find it a meditative and relaxing piece in my apartment, where my test prototype has been running smoothly and continuously for about 5 years; and so I figured some other people might want one as well. Either for yourself, or someone you care about. For a more meditative video of the piece, check the original video.

The entire project is open source. You can see a spreadsheet of all of my expenses, download the 3d drawings, or even the 3d model to make or modify the design yourself.

If I'm going to work on something, I don't want to artificially limit the number of people that can enjoy it. So, instead of doing a limited edition of a certain number, check this new type of limited edition:

I will make as many as you guys pre-order in the next 60 days, as long as at least 100 of you want one (that's when the economics become viable). If not, no biggie. They each cost $150. I'd love to make 1000 or 10,000 or 100,000 of em, whatever people want. Let's do it!

By donating $150 to the campaign you are pre-ordering one Moore Pattern sculpture to be delivered to your door, ready to run in less than 10 minutes.

This work was inspired by the wonderful works of David Roy and Arthur Ganson. More pictures and info available on my site.


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    Your very own Moore Pattern kinetic sculpture! Comes with its own AC adapter! Ships anywhere in the US (International please add $20)

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