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A kinetic optical illusion sculpture, with a new kind of limited edition — I will make however many people want in the next 60 days.
A kinetic optical illusion sculpture, with a new kind of limited edition — I will make however many people want in the next 60 days.
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Moving ahead, progress in China, etc...

Hey everyone -

I've been out of town for the last month so haven't been able to send out an update... so here it is quick and simple:

Found a great shop in China called Sino Sales that will be manufacturing the entire sculpture, instead of going to all the separate shops and then having to put them all together. This simplifies things a bunch from my side. I've been working with them on making a full prototype and then making final changes before sending them out.

The main issue right now is the motor: trying to find one that is essentially silent, runs for years, is easy to replace (stock, not from surplus etc) and doesn't cost $30. AC timing motors do the job so we're trying to find the best match, but are going to spend another 1-2 weeks trying to really line that up before going into the production model.

Here's a video of Randy, the head of Sino Sales, giving a walk through of an earlier prototype of the piece. You'll notice some differences etc but this is just to give you a feel for the process I'm going through with them right now. It's a back and forth until we're all happy with the production process and finished quality. I'm learning a lot about it myself...

Hoping you are all well and I'll update soon when this goes into final production!




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    1. Missing avatar

      Aram on July 17, 2011

      I'm pro-made-in-China. I like the idea of reducing global poverty with the money I spend.

    2. Jeff Lieberman 2-time creator on July 15, 2011

      Hi Robert -

      I appreciate your thoughts on the matter, and I justified my position based on two primary factors.

      The first is that I haven't been actively differentiating between manufacture places - this is just personal, but I don't value things made here more, humans are making them one way or another.

      The second is purely economic. If I produced this in the US (from the shops I asked for quotes) there would be no KickStarter campaign, because the piece itself would cost about $200, which means I'd have to double the price. I'm not trying to make money off of this, I tried to make it absolutely as inexpensive as possible to get it to as many people as possible; and I just couldn't see any reason to double the price to keep it local.. there'd be many less people with the work!

      Thanks for the thoughts robert!

    3. Missing avatar

      robert on July 12, 2011

      Think the project is great, but would have preferred it been sourced in the United States. I take pride in things made here and value them more. This prejudice is similar to how I root for Americans to win sporting events. Sure you have your reasons, but expected the work would be created here. Intrinsic value is in the eye of the beholder. I will try to get into the Zen of it!